hangover syndrome To alcohol in modern society the attitudeambiguous. On the one hand, any person knows for certain that alcohol has a negative impact on all body systems. However, despite this, almost all adults periodically drink alcohol - someone more, someone in less. And the next morning, there is always a payoff for a merry evening - a hangover syndrome. What is a hangover syndrome, absolutely anyone knows, who at least once in his life was carried away and abused by an alcoholic drink. And among people there is a very common, but erroneous error - the hangover syndrome does not happen if you drink high quality alcoholic beverages. However, this is not so. Of course, high-quality alcoholic beverages bring much less harm to the human body than low-quality ones. However, ethanol is also present in quality alcohol. But it is the ethyl alcohol that causes the hangover syndrome.

Types of hangover syndrome

Doctors distinguish two varieties of hangoversyndrome. Of course, these types of syndromes are very similar in many respects to each other, but, nevertheless, they have several very significant differences. So:

  • Post intoxication syndrome

If a person has a post intoxication syndrome,this indicates that on the eve he had largely abused alcoholic beverages. As a rule, this syndrome begins approximately 6-8 hours after taking alcoholic beverages. At the person there are such signs, as the strongest headache, a giddiness, an irresistible feeling of a nausea, occurrence of vomiting, both single, and enough exhausting is possible. In addition, a person suffering from a post-toxication syndrome can feel a strong sense of weakness, trembling in the hands and feet, he may have a perspiration and even increase the overall increased sweating - thus, the human body removes toxins. Such a state can last from a few hours to several days. It depends on several factors: the amount of alcohol consumed, the quality of the alcoholic beverage, the individual characteristics of the organism.

  • Abstinence syndrome

This kind of hangover syndrome is muchworse than just post intoxication. And to distinguish them is quite simple - with the post-toxication syndrome the so-called "drunkenness" (taking a small dose of alcohol in the morning) will only worsen the general condition of the body and the person's well-being. But with an abstinence syndrome after taking alcohol, on the contrary, the person's well-being is greatly improved. Very many people, having discovered this feature, are happy that they have found a fairly simple way out of the situation and are getting rid of hangover syndrome in the same way. However, in fact, such a "treatment" is the right way to such a terrible illness as alcoholism. Therefore, in no case should you try to ease your condition in this way. The emergence of an abstinence syndrome is due to the fact that in the liver of a sick person begins to produce an excess amount of enzyme, necessary for the cleavage of ethyl alcohol. And in the event that alcohol at this moment does not enter the body of a sick person, his state of health will significantly deteriorate. A person will have symptoms such as headache, nausea, vomiting, weakness, emotional disturbance - uncaused tearfulness, irritability or even aggression. As the disease progresses, it may even cloud the mind and lose control over one's behavior. Gradually disturbed sleep (insomnia) and man's appetite, sometimes until the complete refusal to eat. Also, in particularly severe cases, various violations in the work of the cardiovascular system, especially high blood pressure, and the occurrence of the most real hallucinations are possible. Taking a small dose of alcohol can bring quick and significant relief to the person's well-being. Doctors - drug addicts equate this condition with narcotic withdrawal. And it is one of the most vivid evidence that a person develops a real alcoholism. Alcoholism is a very serious disease. First, the alcoholic changes the normal metabolism very much. Because of this, the human body stops coping with the task of neutralizing the toxic products that arise from the breakdown of ethyl alcohol. And, as a rule, even those enzymes that are still being produced begin to break down alcohol, are activated only after the next portion of alcohol is supplied to the human body. hangover syndrome - how to get rid

First aid for hangover syndrome

Despite the fact that the hangover postThe intoxication syndrome, as a rule, passes and without extraneous intervention, it delivers to the person very considerable quantity of very unpleasant minutes. Therefore, it is worth trying to help the body and alleviate the condition of the sick person. How can this be done?

  • Liquid

One of the very important reasons leading todevelopment of intoxication of the body, is dehydration. Ethyl alcohol contributes to the fact that body cells lose water. And along with water, there is a loss of trace elements, minerals and salts. And the sooner a person replenishes this loss, the sooner he will feel better. For this, of course, a sick person should drink as much as possible. To do this, you can use mineral alkaline water, juices, fruit drinks. Do not give preference to sweet fizzy drinks - they will not bring the expected effect. The most optimal option, allowing as soon as possible to help the body with dehydration - is the intake of those drugs that prescribe to people who have faced poisoning - regidron, smektu. These drugs not only very quickly rid your body of dehydration, but also help it to remove those toxins that are formed as a result of the presence of ethanol in the body.

  • Sleep

How banal it would sound, but a dream in similarcases - really the best medicine. If a sick person has such an opportunity, on this day it is preferable to stay at home and just try to sleep as long as possible. Often this measure makes it possible to significantly alleviate the condition of the sick person.

  • Health care

In the event that a similar post intoxicatingthe syndrome manifests itself extremely hard - the pressure is excessively high or, on the contrary, low, the person does not stop vomiting or he loses consciousness, it is necessary to call an ambulance team as soon as possible. In addition, in the event that a teenager or an elderly person has encountered a hangover syndrome, seeking medical help is also necessary, because their body is much more vulnerable. In especially severe cases, the patient needs to be hospitalized in the toxicological or even intensive care unit of the hospital, where he will receive intensive medical care. With abstinence syndrome, a person or his relatives should seek help from a narcologist. And do not be afraid of this doctor - because only he can provide really professional help. And remember that the anonymity of a sick person will by no means be violated. Summing up, you can deduce a few key points? If you have a post intoxication syndrome, then it's not so difficult to return to a normal lifestyle. More fluids, a little rest, hot showers and multivitamins - and you're ready, you're back in shape! Take alcoholic beverages as a "hangover" is not necessary - it will very quickly lead to the emergence of an abstinence syndrome, and accordingly, to the development of alcoholism. We advise you to read: