causes of urinary incontinence in children Urinary incontinence (enuresis) is a problem with whichabout 80% of parents of preschool children and 10% of parents of those children who are 7-10 years old are involved. The opinions of pediatricians on this score agree in one: urinary incontinence in children up to 5-6 years is not a disease, but the result of immature work of the brain department, which is responsible for "switching on" the function of monitoring the bladder. It is noticed that children often urinate in bed at 3-5 am, as it is at this time that the human dream is the deepest. If a child urinates at night, it simply does not realize the processes that occur in his body, and up to 6 years of talking about problems of a physiological nature is not worth it. 97% of all cases of urinary incontinence in preschool children are exclusively psychological. Only 3% of children can not hold urine for organic reasons (inflammation of the sphincter, etc.). This means that parents need to pay attention to the psychological atmosphere in the family, to find out whether a small person is experiencing stress among peers, whether jealousy is inside him (for example, in connection with the emergence of new family members). visit doctor

What should parents do if the child urinates in bed more than once every 3 weeks

  • Do not drink before going to bed. If the baby drinks tea 3 hours before bedtime - it will be a normal time to go to the toilet before going to bed and stay dry at night.
  • If the preschool child is going through about the night involuntary urination, then support it, explain that mom and dad, being at his age, were also sometimes described.
  • Say that there are many people in the world who experience night incontinence.
  • Ask the baby to delay urination during the day. If a small person can tolerate, the night incontinence is the result of inner experiences.
  • If the baby complains of pain, burning sensation when urinating - show it to the pediatrician - he will tell you what to do if not only bedtime incontinence causes trouble.
  • Talk with the caretaker in the kindergarten,that your baby needs a special approach in organizing a day's sleep. The educator should in no case advertise the problem of urinary incontinence to other children, cover the mattress with oilcloth while other pupils. If the actions of the caregiver become an additional stressful point - go boldly to the manager, complain to the district department of education.
  • do not give the child before bed a lot of fluids

    What not to do

  • In no case can you shame the baby. Children who are concerned with urinary incontinence are under tremendous stress, and if even the closest people scold them and shame them for not being able to control them, then the children can even fall into a deep depression and for many years lose their confidence in their relatives.
  • Do not share experiences about the nighturinary incontinence with friends in the presence of the kids themselves, experiencing such a problem - this will greatly offend them and make them worry. Better discuss the problem of enuresis where children will not hear your conversation.
  • Do not talk about the problem of urinary incontinence in the presence of other children, who then can tease the child, mock him.
  • Do not delay the visit to the doctor if you are worried about the behavior, mood and health of your children.
  • Remember! Urinary incontinence is more often a psychological aspect, which annoys both children and parents. Only love, mutual trust and warm relations can solve the situation with "night puddles". If you support children in every way in their desire to wake up dry, then with your common efforts you will definitely achieve the goal!