fish oil for children Fish oil ... Few of those who tried it inpure form, can forget this nasty, slightly bitter taste, which he leaves after a long time in his mouth. Even the most cherished candy is not able to kill him, but this is a good source of vitamins.

Why is fish oil worth giving to children?

To begin with, a child at any ageconstantly and actively growing. And for the normal functioning of all organs and systems he needs vitamins. Fish oil contains PUFA Omega-3, which is easily absorbed and has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, the work of the brain and all organs in general (when it comes to a healthy child). Agree that this is important for any organism, not only growing. Also, the composition of fish oil includes vitamin D. It is indispensable for the muscular system and for strengthening the skeleton. This vitamin is able to accelerate growth, improve the immune system and serve as a preventive measure for rickets. Thus, fish oil for children is the best medicine. Surely every mother, whose child visits a kindergarten, worries about the fact that the baby is constantly sick. This causes difficulties at work (well, which employer will like an employee who, instead of performing his duties, is constantly on sick leave?), And it does not respond to the health of the child in the best way. Each infection can cause a number of complications, which will have to be treated long and carefully. Fish oil allows to strengthen immunity and reduce morbidity. This is especially necessary in the off-season, when the deficit of vitamins is felt most. Also, fish oil helps to reduce fatigue, increase attention and efficiency. This is important for a small schoolboy, whose body is under tremendous stress due to changing the daily routine. Especially given the fact that a modern curriculum in schools is a huge load that does not provide for sparing options. Recent studies have shown that children, whose diet contains fish oil, are much less likely to suffer from allergies and upper respiratory diseases, especially asthma. And this problem today, as experts say, is a real scourge of modern families. Naturally, all the elements that are contained in fish oil can be found in conventional products, but, as a rule, their content is so low that it has no effect. In addition, not every family is able to buy only expensive products (and not the fact that these are really quality options) to ensure a normal diet. So taking vitamins additionally, in particular, fish oil, is a must if you want to see your child smart, healthy and active. useful fish oil for children

How to persuade a child to drink fish oil?

Actually nothing. Do not appeal to his consciousness, because of age, he does not understand the importance of this drug. Who wants to eat regularly something nasty, bitter, even if very useful? But the modern manufacturer knows how to turn unpleasant things into more attractive ones. For example, you can find in the pharmacy all known liquid fish oils. But, as already mentioned above, to force a small child to drink it, my mother will have to sweat. It's much easier to buy special capsules. In fact, it is the same liquid fish oil, only hidden in a special gelatinous shell. A pleasant innovation for all parents, as the options to persuade to swallow this wonderful yellow tabletochku much more than to drink a spoonful of a liquid and tasteless substance. Although the babies have no particular choice, and since they can not swallow the pill, they have to croak and obey the will of a knowledgeable mother. Gelatin capsule is absolutely tasteless, and is swallowed easily. The main thing, my mother should immediately warn the baby that it can not be chewed in any case, because the taste of fat does not change with the passage of time. And the baby is waiting, literally, a bitter disappointment. Manufacturers of such capsules are quite a lot, and you will have to choose the appropriate variant by trial and error. When buying, pay attention to what it is fish oil. There are variants enriched with vitamins additionally, but most of them are synthetic and no longer have such a clear benefit to the child's body. Although it is also easy to assimilate. External it can be used to treat various burns. It acts as an excellent healing agent.

Fish oil - carefully!

All that is written above does not mean at all that youyou need to throw everything and then immediately run to the pharmacy for fish oil. Unfortunately, even with the reception of such a wonderful thing, it is necessary to take into account a lot of nuances, otherwise it can bring not so much benefit as open harm. First of all, you must be sure that your child does not have an allergy to seafood. Such individual intolerance against the background of the intake of fish oil can lead to anaphylactic shock or swelling of the larynx. If you notice a rash in your child after taking fish oil or breathing difficulties, you should immediately consult a doctor. Also it is forbidden to take it to children who have stones in the kidneys or bile ducts. Pay attention to the time of taking the capsules. Ideal - during or immediately after a meal. Otherwise, it can cause disruption of the digestive tract (especially for liquid fish oil). Another nuance: fish oil affects the coagulability of blood. If it enters the body too much, it is fraught with new bleeding, which is dangerous for babies suffering from hemophilia. And do not forget that in the reception of any vitamins it is necessary to make seasonal pauses. For example, after a month of regular use, it's worth taking a break (for a month, not more). Do not take it in the summer, when the child rests from educational institutions, and fruits, vegetables and other products in abundance. In general, before deciding whether to give the baby fish oil, it is worth consulting with the pediatrician. He is aware of your medical history, chronic diseases and can tell if it will be really helpful for your child. In addition, it will help to calculate the correct dosage, which will be both safe and useful. essential fish oil for children

When is fish oil required?

As a rule, it should be taken by children attreatment of eye diseases, dry skin and as a prevention of chronic respiratory viral infections. Many experts also note its beneficial effect on hyperactive children. They become more diligent, considerate, remember more. But in any case, take any vitamins is either for the purpose of the attending physician, or after consulting with him. And if there are no contraindications, then the fish oil should be consumed by all the children who attend the DOW. This will help avoid the constant diseases and complications that they can cause. Such prevention is an ideal option not only for the child, but also for the mother. But remember that fish oil is not a panacea and you should not expect supernatural results from it. It is just a biologically active supplement that improves the functioning of the body, but it is not a medicinal product. In any case, the final decision will be made only by you. The main thing is that you know that fish oil has not only positive qualities, but also negative, which must be taken into account.