causes of acne in newborns Acne neonates are inflammatorya skin disease that causes parents a lot of anxiety. There is a similar manifestation in a baby not because of violations of hygiene rules, as many people mistakenly believe, but because of too active work of the sebaceous glands. This is a fairly common phenomenon, when in the first months or immediately at birth on the face the child has an acne. Mom's immediately begin to panic, but there is no reason to worry, the rash does not cause any trouble to the baby, in most cases she goes through a couple of weeks, although she may be delayed for a month or two.

Treatment with medicament and folk methods

Acne often does not need anyspecific treatment, as it passes independently for about a month or two. The intervention of a doctor may be necessary only if the patient worsens or if the illness does not last for three months. Do not use any medications yourself. Drug treatment is prescribed only in the case when acne starts to progress. For treatment, such drugs as antibiotics, retinoids, hormonal and bactericidal agents are prescribed. The most effective is benzoyl peroxide, but it leads to severe skin irritations, their drying out. Then follows triclosan, retinoids, and among the antibiotics secrete tetracyclines, trimethoprim, erythromycin. Some must be taken orally, others - only for external use. But in any case, it must be remembered that without the doctor's appointment, using such medications for a baby is just dangerous! The newborn organism is still too fragile to properly perceive such shock drugs for it. Many mothers, after they see the baby acne, are beginning to actively use a variety of oils and creams, not understanding the whole point of the problem. Doing this categorically is not recommended, it will not only not give a result, but it can greatly worsen the situation. Therefore, forget about cosmetics, it is better to consult a pediatrician who, if necessary, will prescribe the treatment himself. And the use of such drugs as desithin, zinc ointment, betapen, is possible only according to the doctor's prescription. They can only dry pimples, but they can not remove them. Doctors often prescribe home treatment, which includes the use of decoctions or infusions of medicinal herbs. Calendula and chamomile are excellent for this, usually such drugs, except for acne, are prescribed for general hygiene. Wipe the baby's face after sleeping, since when the baby is sleeping, it sweats profusely, and this can lead to an increase in rashes. Before starting such home procedures, consult an observing doctor, make sure that the baby does not have an allergic reaction to herbs. medicamentous treatment of acne in newborns

Tips from specialists

  • Do not use fat creams or oils, as the rash will only increase. Do not use various cosmetics against acne for adults, this is strictly prohibited!
  • Do not use different medicines against acne yourself - only a doctor can prescribe this treatment;
  • in no case do not try to get rid of acnewith the help of detergents, as advised by "wise old" grandmothers. You not only do not save the child from the rash, but you can severely damage the baby's skin, and his health, too.

Infant acne is not hygienica problem, as this can be said by others, it is simply too active work of the sebaceous glands. In addition, an excessively sterile environment for the baby is also not suitable, it can cause severe skin irritation. Just wash the baby's face with warm water and baby soap, wipe after bathing with a soft towel. And remember, acne to your baby does not cause any inconvenience, usually it passes by itself for a month, so try not to bother the child with your excessive attention, treatment should begin only after the doctor considers it necessary (usually if the rash does not pass more than three months).

Myths about acne in newborns

The rash, which appeared on the face of the baby,often scares young parents, but instead of showing the baby to the doctor, they begin to consult with many friends, and this can lead to the fact that the disease not only does not recede, but will also move to a more serious stage. Therefore, do not rush to carry out all the "wise" advice, but better consult a specialist immediately. But why do such "helpful" advice appear? All this is due to the fact that today there are quite a lot of unfounded myths about the acne of a newborn. We develop several of the most common, which in many cases only interfere with proper treatment:

  • Acne neonatal appears due to the fact thatMom does not pay enough attention to baby hygiene. This is far from the case, some babies are already born with pimples on the skin of the face, that is, hygiene is completely irrelevant. The appearance of such acne is associated with too active work of the sebaceous glands of the child, which are activated by the hormones of the mother. Such a myth may have arisen from the fact that everyone knows about sebaceous glands, but somehow forget about the role of the hormonal system in their activity. What to do? Do not immediately rush to extremes, constantly wash the face of the baby, injure his skin with various means of care, so you can only make him worse.
  • Acne babies deliver many unpleasantsensations. This is not the case, in the first weeks of life, the baby does not even notice an acne, and the onset of inflammation often begins by the end of the first month, when a child may have problems with the tummy. Parents of his painful condition seems to be associated with acne, although it is not so. Therefore, we can say that the rash is a more aesthetic disadvantage.
  • If the baby has acne in infancy, thenthey will certainly be in adolescence. This statement has no basis. In the formation of acne, heredity plays a big role. If one of the parents had such a disease, then at the teenage age the child may also have it. But the presence of acne in a baby does not mean that acne will bother him in the future.
  • If you start to squeeze out the acne of newborns,then grease them with greenery, then the disease will quickly recede. This is fundamentally a misconception, moreover, a very harmful advice. Extruding acne from the baby will only lead to the fact that the skin will be covered with scars, that is, the appearance of the baby will suffer greatly from such illiterate actions. In addition, acne usually passes its own maximum after six months. If you are very concerned about rashes, it is better to immediately consult a specialist.
  • Acne in an infant requires urgent treatment andadherence to special care. The desire of the mother to quickly help the baby naturally, that's just a panic around the child is not worth it. In no case can not immediately begin to use oils, fatty creams, lotions and stuff, as rashes from this only increase. The maximum that can be done in this case is to wash the baby with the help of a baby soap or apply the means prescribed by the observing doctor.
  • washing the child to treat acne

    Let's sum up the pro acne

    Rashes on the face of a baby can be very scarya young mother, but there is no reason for panic. First you need to make sure that this is not an allergic reaction, namely acne, which is treated with the baby fairly easily. You just need to show the child to a specialist and follow all his recommendations, not the "wise" advice of acquaintances. Often acne rashes on its own in a couple of months, but that squeezed out acne, lubricate them with cosmetics and fat creams can not be categorically. you will only get worse, and on the face may remain scars. Here you can give only one simple piece of advice - have patience.