causes of furuncles in children Furuncle - an ailment that can occur ina person at any age. However, it is especially unpleasant when it appears in children. To treat boils in children is necessary at once, tk. The running problem will be much more difficult to eliminate. And the consequences may not be most harmless. But it's better to prevent the disease. Therefore, you need to know what is the boil and what are the reasons for its appearance in the child. Furuncles are inflamed and purulent abscesses on the skin. Their size can vary significantly. Cases were recorded in which the boil reached a size of about 7 cm. Most often, a furuncle appears on the areas of the child's body, which have hair. The hair follicle becomes inflamed and a purulent nodule is formed. But pus appears not immediately, but somewhere on the second or third day. Then the abscess sprouts and becomes bright red, and even later - the intense purple. Approximately on the fifth or sixth day the furuncle of a child bursts, and the pus flows out of it. On the site of the nodule, a sore is formed, which brings a lot of unpleasant sensations, so it is better to treat before the onset of this stage.

The main causes of furuncles in children

The causes of this disease are diverse. However, you can identify the most common.

  • Decreased immunity in the child due to incorrectpower supply. A lot of diseases occur in children and adults precisely for this reason. Good immunity is the fundamental basis of all aspects of health! Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure that children with food receive the necessary vitamins and minerals. It is necessary to carefully monitor the diet to maximize its balance. In the "hard" for the body of the year (in spring and winter), the child receives far less nutrients than he needs. Therefore, it is necessary to give vitamins additionally.
  • Insufficient time for children to stay freshair. This factor significantly undermines children's immunity and may become one of the causes of furunculosis in children. Do not neglect street walks, and you will significantly reduce the chances of the disease appearing in the child.
  • Non-observance of the basic rules of personal hygienechild. In the normal normal state, the microorganisms that cause furunculosis are harmless enough. But they become harmful in conditions that arise with insufficient hygiene. The skin of children is quite thin and prone to the appearance of various microcracks and scratches. A furuncle can arise because of the ingress of microorganisms into these microcracks and sweat glands.
  • Postponed common infections, frequent overwork or hypothermia. These factors can also affect the appearance of furunculosis, tk. significantly weaken the child's body.
  • treatment of furuncles in children

    Treatment of furuncles in children

    Treatment of furuncles in a child has its ownfeatures that you need to know. One of the main rules: do not try to treat yourself, scratch or squeeze the boil! This is especially dangerous for the abscesses on the head. Opening the inflammation can lead to infection. The head is an extremely sensitive place (especially in an infant). A dissection of boils on the head can lead to the emergence of purulent meningitis. Do not forget about the need to visit a doctor. It's dangerous to treat a boil yourself! Only a doctor can determine the true causes of furunculosis and prescribe a treatment that will not harm the child. At the initial stage, treatment is usually limited to the use of external agents: ointments with antibiotics, solutions, etc. At later stages of the course of the disease, treatment involves certain surgical intervention. The doctor can open the boils with a special blade, so that the pus will come out. The process is under anesthesia, so the child will not bear it too hard. As a rule, the incision is not immediately sewn. It is applied a sterile bandage, treated with a special solution. Do not cut the furuncle at home. The reason for this is not only unsuitable conditions regarding sterility, but also the lack of necessary knowledge and skills. you can make a wrong incision and cause harm. Treatment of furunculosis also implies a general increase in the defenses of the body and an increase in immunity. As mentioned above, it is necessary to lead a correct way of life and monitor the diet. It is recommended to exclude all sweets during an exacerbation of the disease. After the treatment is completed, you need to limit the consumption of harmful products. Do not run your child's health. If you notice any signs of illness, immediately lead him to a specialist.