Diet for nursing mothers Breastfeeding a newborn baby -this is the real mystery that happens between mother and her child. This is the unique moment when an invisible connection is established between a woman and an infant. And therefore nothing should overshadow this magic. However, everyone knows that babies have the property of being sensitive, and absolutely everything. They can be subject to any influence from outside. For example, allergies. Often it appears due to the fact that any provocative substance or product is in the milk of the mother. And this is not surprising, because the composition of breast milk directly depends on what the mother consumes. In order not to provoke the risk of developing various allergies in a child, the mother must adhere to a special diet. This is a hypoallergenic diet for nursing moms. It will help not only to avoid allergies in the child, but will also ensure that everything will be fine with the stomach and intestines. He will avoid problems such as bloating, colic, increased gas production, diarrhea or constipation. Are these arguments not enough to start using a hypoallergenic diet today? About what it consists of, will be told further. forbidden foods in feeding

What is prohibited for nursing mothers?

The main essence of such a diet is to exclude fromthe ration of the nursing mother all those foods that can cause the baby allergies. The thing is that there are so-called allergen products. They often provoke various rashes, itching and other unpleasant phenomena. This is the basis for a hypoallergenic diet. You also need to know that the baby's body, its stomach and intestines are a tender system. He completely lacks microflora in the intestines. To be more precise, it is at the stage of formation. The necessary useful bacteria appear. For this reason, it is so important not to break this delicate balance. What should be a part of a hypoallergenic diet? Purely theoretically, any product can cause an immature organism to have an allergy. However, there is a special category of products that, from the point of view of allergy, are so-called "provocateurs". So, here they are, allergens, which should be forgotten during breastfeeding: chocolate, citrus fruits, seafood, honey, red and orange vegetables, whole cow's milk, eggs, mushrooms, beans, coffee, cocoa, salted, hot, smoked, fatty , confectionery, any carbonated drinks. Here you can add spices, seasonings, sauces, dried fruits and exotic food. In addition, you should avoid all that contains dyes or preservatives. And, of course, about cigarettes and alcohol and speech can not be, because at stake is the health of the child. Quite an impressive list, which, in addition, includes all the most delicious for many mothers. But in everything you need to look for pros. For example, the rejection of these products will not only prevent allergies in the baby, but also help significantly to lose the excess weight that has been formed after childbirth. Double use! proper nutrition with breastfeeding

Products that you can eat mom

What can you eat a nursing mother? During breastfeeding it is worth eating such foods as: rice, buckwheat, boiled poultry, cucumbers, apples, pears, currants, gooseberries, prunes, flakes of oatmeal, potatoes, green tea, mineral water, carbonated broth, sweet biscuits, zucchini . With caution, but still you can eat: green sweet pepper, bread, bananas, apricots, cranberries, watermelon, offal (for example, chicken liver), herbal tea (chamomile and others), rabbit. As for the method of preparation, all food must be made either steamed or boiled. It has already been mentioned that all fried, smoked and other must be excluded. This is how the main products that are part of the hypoallergenic diet look. It is difficult to observe it, but it is possible. Over time, you can enter some new products not from the list, but you need to do this carefully, gradually and in very small doses, so that if you can, then immediately understand what the reaction of the body was. At first, it's better not to take risks. Let the hypoallergenic diet help the child grow up healthy and cheerful. It is especially important to realize that to some extent his health is in the hands of his parents. So why not take advantage of this opportunity? Good luck in dieting! A healthy diet and proper feeding are a happy child and mother.