how to behave with a male virgin With the Virgo men it is not so easy to get along - aboutEveryone who has managed to face the hard, intransigent character of the representatives of this sign of the zodiac knows this. Authority, intolerance to other people's shortcomings and the desire to play "the first violin" in a relationship often makes the girls weep at night in a pillow. But, despite all these shortcomings, few of the women are willing to abandon the virgin maiden by goodwill. Paradox? Not at all. It's just these stern guys given one incredible quality: they can make their beloved ladies feel like princesses from a fairy tale, who are clothed and pampered. Let not always, let in breaks between quarrels and moralizing, but force. Strict and irreconcilable in everyday matters, in love, a guy born under this sign of the zodiac turns into a real prince on a white horse: he is affectionate, gentle, caring. Few of the beautiful ladies can resist his courtship - the defense is melting with every declaration of love, with every compliment and a sign of sincere attention. Having let into the heart of a person with such an ambiguous character, coping with oneself and getting free is difficult - there is not enough strength or desire. How to behave with the male Virgo, how to cope with his leadership habits and force to accept himself as an equal partner?

The character of the Virgin Maiden

The Virgo man is very hardworking, he strivescreate the ideal conditions for a comfortable life for your family. Having come home after work, he easily will fix a vacuum cleaner or painting of windows instead of deserved rest on a sofa. Just do not expect that he will allow you at this time to relax in front of the TV: if he works, you must work no less than him. Accuracy, pedantry and excessive attention to detail can drive anyone crazy, but if you want to win this man, you will have to develop these qualities in yourself. These men are very punctual and can not stand those who are constantly late and forget about appointments. If for some reason he can not come on a date - be sure, he will warn you about this in advance and detail the cause of what is happening. Another man, Deva, is very conservative in his views on women's decency and honor. Although he sometimes behaves frivolously and can lead to a non-binding affair with a married woman, but to treat such a lady will be with a share of internal condemnation and dislike. Representatives of this sign of the zodiac, more than anyone else, believe that one of the main virtues of a woman is loyalty to her husband. The Virgo guys have an amazing ability to adapt to any situation, they can succeed where other men inevitably fail. With age, they "grow" with the right connections, and even their friends in "pure chance" are people who can help in this or that situation. Nevertheless, these people are very responsible for the notion of "friendship": if they were named by a friend (it does not matter for what reasons), they will sacrifice many to help in a difficult moment. The same attitude is expected and to themselves, and if they do not receive, they are long, sincerely reliving. Men of this sign have an amazing sense of humor, they can make a man laugh even when he has tears in his eyes. This ability often serves as a trump card in the conquest of a lady of the heart - girls adore those who can make them smile and enjoy life. In addition, Virgo is a talented organizer of leisure. For them, it's worthless to come up with an amazing program of rest with friends and realize it. And for a beloved girl, a pragmatic Virgo seems to be able to arrange such a romantic date, about which she will show off her girlfriends for a long, long time. how to behave with a virgin guy

What girls like a man-virgo

In order to conquer the heart of a Virgo man,try hard. If only because his demands for his second half are very great. He is not one of those who are satisfied with the expression "Love is evil ..." - the continuation you know. His favorite woman should be almost ideal, and the list of requirements can be painted on hundreds of pages. The Virgin needs a clever, decent, erudite and hardworking woman who will talk about painting, politics, and culinary recipes. And not only talk! In order to keep this stubborn, you need to have a lot of talent. This is especially true in the area of ​​housekeeping. If you belong to that category of sweet women that you hate to get out, cook and iron your shirt husband several times a day, then get ready: life with this guy will turn into eternal stress. He does not hesitate to accuse you of being a useless mistress and that life with you is a torture for any homo sapiens male. And believe me - these will be the most innocuous words in your address. So, if you really want to charm a man-Virgo, try to show yourself in the best way: keep the house in perfect order, prepare delicious dishes and carefully sort the socks in a special box for laundry. And in general, the more pedantic and accurate you manifest yourself, the more chances to win his sincere respect. Otherwise, this guy just does not get along. But what to do, if neither the hostess nor the scholar can call you? What if the heart is given to a man whose demands go beyond your own capabilities? Do not despair. To be honest, you also have chances to settle in his rational heart forever. Of course, you will have more difficulty, and there will be more conflicts, but if you decide, everything is possible. The main thing is to be a strong, confident woman. After all, if you meet all the ideal requirements, but you can not resist his desire to suppress and dominate, you will soon lose any value in these beautiful, haughty eyes. In order to live with a Virgo man, one must have a strong character and the ability to put in place an idle at a time when he begins to consider himself the center of the universe. It is necessary to be able to cool down the ardor of this "narcissus" in time so that his thoughts and feelings come back to normal. Until the moment comes to realize your own "earthiness", Virgo will plague you with reproaches, most often - unreasonable. And do not be afraid to argue with him! Strange as it may seem, but submissive and forgiving, a megatrained woman will bore him much quicker than the one with a predatory flame in her eyes that will defend her right to independence. how to behave with men virgins

What is the man-virgo in bed

In sex, the male Virgo is inventive and tireless. But ... like any "daffodil", he always needs verbal confirmation of his exclusivity. "Oh, darling, you're the best !!!", "I've never had such a terrific man !!" - you can tell him about it tirelessly, do not miss. Even if these words serve as blatant flattery, you will not make mistakes: on the contrary, after the dithyrambs the Virgo will redouble its efforts and try to prove the rightness of compliments. In general, in bed, the men of this sign of the zodiac are struggling to bring real pleasure to their woman, sometimes forgetting about their own needs. In sex for them, there is no sound sweeter than the groan of an orgasmic woman. Therefore, few of the ladies can claim this man in matters of intimacy. Moreover, the Virgo guys are not too lazy to study erotic literature and are always aware of how to behave with a lady in bed. They know exactly where to look for the mysterious point of the ji, what erogenous zones should be stimulated and in what poses, this or that woman can achieve the most striking orgasm. It would seem that this kind of pedanticism is somewhat embarrassing, after all, sex is not an exact science, it needs spontaneity and feelings. But how much fun these well-read men can deliver to women, yearning for attention and accurate knowledge of the female body! However, do not forget that the partner's cleanliness in matters of intimate hygiene plays an important role for the Virgo man. A neat intimate haircut and the smell of a freshly washed body are the best aphrodisiacs for the representatives of this zodiac sign. Another undoubted advantage of the male Virgos can be considered the fact that they are extremely talkative about their love triumphs. You can not be afraid that after a stormy night of love, the closest associates will learn the details of your sexual preferences. All that was between you and will remain a mystery for two - these guys prefer to save impressions in themselves, rather than spilling them out at all in a row. But if, for some reason, you decide to blacken it in the eyes of friends, then he does not hesitate to repay the same coin. So try to keep your mouth shut even if you are strongly offended by it: irritation may soon pass, and unpleasant talk about your relationship will not abate for a long time. To become unique and unique for the male Virgo is not an easy task, but if you have coped with it, then you will have a bright, interesting life. A person born under this sign of the zodiac will never let you get bored and will love the way it is in movies and romance novels. But in return, it will require complete dedication, loyalty and the ability to cope with conflict situations. And without them, alas, will not work, because the desire of Dev to make his women be perfect incomprehensible and infinite.