how to behave with a male lion If you happen to meet a man-Lion,then rest assured that it will not let you get bored. This strong, self-confident person is in constant movement, leads an active lifestyle, achieves the set goals and bathes in the general attention. A man born under this sign of the zodiac will never waste his charm for nothing, he needs an audience capable of appreciating his talents. It is attention, appreciation and sincere enthusiasm for his abilities that will help a woman to win the sympathy of the male Lion.

Character of the male Lion

If you think that your lion boyfriend is yourcharacter reminds not of a royal beast, but of a quiet, affectionate kitten, then, for sure, did not have time to properly study it. He will behave "quieter than water, below the grass" only until you touch his self-esteem. But as soon as you decide to infringe on his self-esteem, this "king of beasts" will show you "the sky in diamonds." From a sweet, affectionate guy, he instantly turns into a sharp, arrogant man who will do everything to "put you in your place." And, by the way, all decisions, even minor ones, should be taken only with his consent, or at least take his opinion into account. You can be a thousand times right in your intentions, but if you do not inform Lev about your thoughts and do not consult with him, then quarrels can not be avoided. This man believes that without his close monitoring any enterprise is doomed to failure, that only he himself is able to detail the problem and find the right solution. What to do, then he and the "king of beasts." Most often, male Lions are very attractive and have many fans. They are calm and balanced by nature, nevertheless, perfectly able to relax and "come off" to the fullest. Therefore, meeting with the Leo guy is a kind of surprise, you never know exactly what he will do this time. And for this man to take his girl seriously, it is necessary that she does not yield to him in the strength of character, but she was able to love and adore him. While Leo feels that he is appreciated and understood, he will be a faithful and reliable companion of life. how to behave with a male lion

What women like the man-Leo

Be feminine and sociable - just suchgirls often attract male Lions. If you belong to the category of women that are in the center of attention of others, if you do not have a rebuff from the fans, Leo will necessarily want to get closer to you. And then try not to blunder: you have to learn to behave with this guy so that the desire to win you does not disappear after a five-minute meeting. Communicating with this man, you will constantly "maneuver" - trying to be strong and weak at the same time. Male Lions are very selfish, they need knowledge, like air, that the girl appreciates his qualities - both external and internal. On the other hand, they do not like it when women are too intrusive in their attention, it is capable of alienating them. Despite internal strength and self-confidence, Lions are very vulnerable and are experiencing grievances from people close to them. No matter how arrogantly he behaved during a quarrel, in the depths of his soul this person will suffer from a bad attitude towards himself. With this man it is better not to play with feelings, otherwise he will turn his back on you. If Leo does not feel himself with you in "security", then immediately go to find another partner who is able to cherish and respect his feelings. And therefore, to behave with a guy born under this sign of the zodiac, you need to be careful - he must be 100% sure that you are in his full power. This does not mean that you should literally obey him - on the contrary, weak-willed women only irritate him. But here is the appearance of obedience at the right moment to be created necessarily. There is an old anecdote, perfectly explaining the attitude of the male Lion to his woman: Somehow the lion and the bull were arranged by the men's gatherings. The time is approaching in the evening, the lion zasobiralsya home. The bull says to him:

  • Where are you hurrying, let's sit still!
  • Yes, the wife will worry, we must take time off.
  • Are you reporting to your wife? Even I never do that!
  • Do not forget that your wife is a cow, and mine is a lioness.

Indeed, the lion-man in love admitshis woman an equal partner, he sincerely appreciates her. And this does not mean that the wife of a Leo man must be born under the same constellation (on the contrary, Lions do not tolerate competition). Just a girl, worthy of respect for such a man, should be a strong nature. male lion how to behave

What is the man-lion in bed

In intimate relations the guy-Leo is quitejustifies the name of the constellation under which he was born. This is a real male, macho, the dream of any woman. Lions adore preliminary caresses, they really care about the partner's great pleasure in bed. This partner will tirelessly prove that you will never find a better lover in life. And, right, intimate relations it goes only to the benefit. Despite their sexuality, the Lions are a bit unsure of themselves and never know for sure if a good impression is made on a partner. So do not hesitate to compliment him and assure him that he is a super-man. It will not be difficult for you to say a couple of kind words to him, especially since all of them will be deserved. But in return you will receive a partner who will redouble his efforts in order to make an even greater impression. Try not to show too much activity in bed and not to dominate - Lions love women who can be controlled. All that is required of you in sex with this man is to relax and have fun. And "start" it can your groans and shouts, on them he will understand that he is working in the right direction. But innovation in bed Lions do not particularly like, they prefer proven methods and do not seek to surprise a partner with unusual poses and caresses. The Leo Male is a real gift of fate. But only if you prove to him that you are worthy of love and adoration. He is a wonderful father, a gentle husband and a hot lover who tries to do everything in order that peace and peace reign in his family. And this means that, despite some shortcomings of men of this sign of the zodiac, they should be fought for.