male aquarius help understand Life has pleased you with a meeting with a man,which turned out to be just a real dream of your own, just an embodied ideal. You are so interested in the continuation of this acquaintance, that are full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm, are ready to show maximum initiative, so that you can be more interested in the person of the male that you like so much. You have already switched to "you", exchanged contacts and cute chat about all sorts of things that people usually discuss in the early days of dating. At some point, speech is inevitably about astrology, and you will find out that you like the Aquarius male. "Help me understand and learn it as best as possible, dear astrology!" - mentally ask you, and this, of course, is reasonable and logical. To win the man-Aquarius under the force of not every woman!

Common features of male representatives of the "Aquarius family"

Typical representatives of the stronger sex from the constellationAquarius is very tactful, but endowed with a contradictory character. These are definitely gentlemen, literally to the core of the bones - in relation to absolutely any person, which, first of all, his family and close relatives can appreciate. They are equally characteristic of the manifestations of humanity and justice, friendliness and affability, gentleness and affection. They are characterized by a special unobtrusive charm that attracts people and attracts their sympathy for them. Despite the sociability that is sufficiently sociable, Aquarius is not a friend who wants to be called a friend - he is not scattered by such words as "friendship" and "love." The contradictory nature of their personality is most evident in a certain degree of secrecy, which is so characteristic of a strong half of humanity, born under the sign of Aquarius. They disapprove of attempts to penetrate their soul, give uninvited advice, and this despite the fact that others are accustomed to seeing only the friendly features of their nature. Many consider this behavior to be strange and fix Aquarius status as eccentrics, which is partly justified due to some non-standard thinking, which is manifested most of all in friendly and loving relationships. Communicating with a man, with a certain percentage of observation, you can determine that before you one of the representatives of the Aquarius family, in his dreamy look and slightly absent mind. You may get the impression that your interlocutor is only in front of you physically, while mentally he is hovering somewhere far away. Do not despair - the nature of the man of this sign is endowed with a craving for everything new, unexplored, unusual; and in every woman there is a riddle, which you can captivate the liked Aquarius. Men-Aquarius are very reliable, sensible, resolute and endowed with a certain degree of perseverance in achieving their goals, but, reaffirming the contradictory nature of their personality, can easily abolish the previously adopted decision, never realizing the idea. But this is not because they are inconstant - just at some point, Aquarius understands that such an act will be more correct or justified in this or that situation. Status, social status, wealth will not be the highest priority in the life of the Aquarian man, he will not evaluate himself and others from the point of view of the availability of material wealth. Perhaps that is why they are not characterized by gestures of generosity, and certainly no one will call the man of this zodiac sign a spender. However, he will communicate with an equal share of courtesy and the oligarch, and with the cashier from the supermarket, and with the famous personality, and with the porter of his porch. For him there is no division of people into rich and poor, his criterion for communicating with them is simply human interest. Truthfulness, honesty, naturalness and fidelity will complement the portrait of the one born under the sign of Aquarius. He does not accept deception and feels the manifestation of falsehood in other people, which immediately causes his negative reaction, which, however, is fully justified. His loyalty is manifested in the fact that he prefers to build his life according to his own rules and statutes, without changing himself even in small things. At the same time, there is no desire to oblige other people to observe them, as the only correct ones. how to understand a man of Aquarius

Love of a man-Aquarius

As we have already mentioned, Aquarius is peculiarsome unconventionality in matters of love. In what exactly is this manifested? The boundaries of his love are devoid of clarity and focus - he loves everyone at once. Love, in the opinion of the Aquarius man, is not so much a manifestation of caring for a particular woman, but a concern for humanity as a whole. These are the scales of love from these knights of the air element. But at the same time, choosing a companion of life, Aquarius is more focused on the search for a woman who is like-minded than women mistresses. It is all the more surprising that in her love Aquarius is very unpredictable, always glad to change, constantly looking for ways to get a sip of new feelings and experiences, and all this happens in his most harmonious and natural way. He knows how to charm, knows how to be attractive in the eyes of women, that he perfectly understands and uses it when he wants to win the love of his chosen one, in which he appreciated not only female beauty. For a male Aquarius, it manifests itself not only in purely physical attractiveness, but also a connoisseur of the mental, inner charm of the fairer sex. When he realizes that you can become not only his mistress, but also his soul mate, his friend, you will have every chance to take his heart forever. Men of this sign are by nature romantic and even sentimental. Aquarius will never forget the name of their first love, they are able to carry the memory of her and their bright feelings through life. It would be very nice and touching, if not for one detail: they also compare with the sunk in his beloved all women who appear in his life in the future. Not all ladies are ready to take this calmly and remember that his first love as an opponent can not be any more. To be jealous of that girl from the past you do not need-now you have him in his life, and this is much more important. Since it's about jealousy, remember once and for all one thing that can overnight destroy the relationship with a male Aquarius. Under no circumstances, never and never cause jealousy in him! These men react only one way - they will leave your life, breaking your love relationship with him. Rivalry for them is a thing from a parallel universe. They prefer to remain friends only without talking, rather than enter into an intricate love relationship with three unknowns. Always remember this and do not allow jealousy in your relationship.

Male-Aquarius - what is he like in sex?

Casanova from the constellation male Aquarius is notit will turn out. They gallantly give the initiative to the love bed in women's hands, in it you will not meet the desire to occupy the leading positions in carnal pleasures. But this has its pluses: the Aquarius man will loyally suffer forced sexual abstinence, caused, for example, by your temporary separation from him. This, of course, can guarantee its fidelity, as well as the fact that for these representatives of male sex is attractive not just as an act of physical love. Aquarians enjoy the very fact of owning a beautiful and beloved woman. Of course, for women with a big sexual appetite, all this will be a bit boring, but you understand how valuable that you are seen not only as an object of sexual desire, but also as a person. They treasure you not only because you are interested in bed, but also because you are interesting as a person. Women with approximately the same intensity of temperament in sexual terms, of course, properly appreciate this attitude to themselves. man aquarius help understand tips

Aquarius as the head of the family

The contradiction of the nature of Aquarius is manifested andhere. The desire to preserve independence and freedom goes hand in hand with the desire to be cared for. So it turns out that the often occurring need in him for communication with a kindred spirit sometimes goes against the desire to feel free from all obligations. Such a game in one gate is not for every woman to meet understanding and support. But with hysterics, tears, and even more scandals or attempts to cause a flash of jealousy, you will not achieve any positive result. Such actions cause irritation and even more unpredictable reactions in male Aquarius. Take it as it really is, and then a miracle will happen - your beloved and beloved Aquarius will prove to be the most gentle, affectionate, charming and attractive man who once turned your head. To his children, he manifests himself so constantly, he is very sincerely interested in his children and participates in their development and upbringing. Your children will always feel the adoration and support of their father-Aquarius.

The plan to capture Aquarius in captivity

If a man-Aquarius realizes that you are startingbuild on his account matrimonial plans, then at the same time try to escape by flight. Do not let him understand this, on the contrary, do everything to help him feel completely free around you. Do not forget to periodically show your independence. You can, for example, inform that you are planning a trip for a couple of days, but without mentioning the destination and purpose of this trip. To men of this sign, this kind of behavior of a woman only adds to the attraction: do you remember how all of them are unexplored and mysterious? But, having arrived, be sure to tell him about how the trip was going, about new events and emotions. This will warm up his interest in you, including as a source of new information. Do not forget to mention that you went to the company of your girlfriends or one: to cause jealousy of any man, especially this sign, does not make sense. Deciding to finally and irrevocably catch in his networks this lover of freedom and tireless researcher of the secrets of the world, accept as a reality that now and forever you must be a mystery woman, a woman who is like-minded, a girlfriend who is able to be independent and respect the needs of her chosen one -Warming to protect your freedom from encroachments. It is this that should be the ideal woman of Aquarius, and he will not have a chance to avoid his happiness in your future family life. Although he may not even know about it yet. how to understand a man aquarius tips

I do not want to be a lady of the sea, but I want Aquarius to be my wife

To the institution of marriage, male Aquarians areskeptically and negatively. They show a truly unrivaled fantasy, finding new and new ways that save him from the networks of family life. To lose hope is not necessary, all the same sooner or later they themselves come to the idea that it is necessary to settle down. But the siege and expectation are long, you need to be patient, calm and confident that you will succeed. Adjust yourself to the positive, after all, because you love him sincerely, which means that you will be able to wait for your time. Prepare yourself for the fact that he will receive an offer from his amazing Aquarius at a very unexpected moment for you, perhaps that not even the most, in your opinion, suitable. But for Aquarius everything is logical and explainable - all his friends have long been married, someone even managed to do this twice, many children were born. Your Aquarius is also emotionally ripe for such a difficult step in his understanding and more than a serious decision. Help him not to change the hard-won decision you have in his power - just keep supporting him with a sense of freedom and inviolability of his personality. Tell him that the stamp in the passport can not change anything in your relationship. This is an empty formality, which is necessary only for his children to bear his name. In this sense, the conclusion of the marriage union, from their point of view, is fully justified: responsible Aquarians understand the importance of such an event as the birth of children, they have a willingness to engage in their financial provision and upbringing. Unlike other representatives of zodiac signs, the role of the father frightens men-Aquarius much less than the role of the spouse - is this the brightest sign of the contradictory nature of these amazing men?

Summing up the "research"

Now you know exactly what constitutesyour charming man, born under the sign of Aquarius, representative of the elements of Air. If you still claim that you need it like that air, now you have all the tools at your disposal, using which you have all the chances to understand your Aquarian man as quickly and as quickly as possible. This will help you better prepare to become for him the most beautiful, amazing and unsurpassed woman in life. Is not this the dream of every woman in love? You have studied all the strengths and weaknesses of your enchanting Aquarius with which his stars endowed, and can use this knowledge for the benefit of your future family happiness. Of course, we have described quite averaged features that characterize the representatives of this sign of the zodiac. Many personality features are formed in us by our parents, the environment, education, profession imposes its imprint. But we still recommend choosing tactics and strategy for winning the hand and heart of your beloved "air" man, based on those personal characteristics that the stars gave him from birth. You have a difficult, but such an exciting task: you must now always be independent and mysterious, sociable and interesting, exciting and active. But are not we ourselves trying to become so for ourselves? And here there is also an excellent chance to lure a man in his network that attracted your attention and became dear to your own heart. Perfection and growth itself, and between cases fall in love with a man he liked and become his real muse - this should be sought, is not it? It is worth acknowledging that the relationship with the Aquarius man indirectly contributes to the development of such primordially feminine qualities as charm, skill and desire like, interest and captivate a man, in a word, bewitch him. Is not this one remarkable and beautiful? You get the opportunity to fully enjoy the process of seduction and "taming" the representative of Aquarius chosen by you. Of course, we are sure that this will not only help our recommendations, but also your own female attractiveness, coupled with women's intuition. We wish you to achieve your cherished goal in record time and not only to understand your man as best as possible, but also for the whole life to keep the desire to understand, accept and love him the way he is, appreciate all the good qualities of his character that are inherent in him and do not accentuate attention to some shortcomings.