how correctly to use a voice-frequency cream Tonal cream is an ideal foundation for make-up,regardless of the individual skin type. He should always be in a cosmetic bag, even if your face without make-up can be safely placed on the cover of some glossy women's magazine. Because of violations of the menstrual cycle, even on the ideal face, a pimple may pop out, and insomnia associated with deadline usually "makes happy" the girls with a dull complexion and peeling. Coping with all these imperfections will only be of high quality. How to use a foundation to always look perfect?

Harmful for the skin tone cream or how to avoid unpleasant consequences

Regular use of the tone by cosmetologists is notrecommended. Mineral oils and oil products, which are part of the mass- and mid-market creams because of their cheapness, clog the pores and, with prolonged use, cause the appearance of acne and comedones. They are poorly washed out of the skin, especially ultra-resistant compounds. Due to the fact that the supply of oxygen to the upper layers of the epidermis is disturbed, early wrinkles appear and the sebaceous glands work. Conclusion: saving on buying a foundation is extremely undesirable. To reduce the negative effects of the constant use of tonal funds to a minimum, use the exfoliant regularly. "Pull out" the remnants of cream and dirt from the pores you can only refresh the skin with the help of a scrub with large polymer particles or enzyme peeling. Once or twice a week, cleanse your face with a washing gel, then apply a small amount of exfoliant to it. Massage the skin with your fingertips for 2-3 minutes, then rinse with plenty of water and pat the face with a towel. If you have enlarged pores that are especially prone to clogging - pay attention to the packaging of the cream when you buy it in the store. It should be indicated that the product does not contain comedogenic ingredients. This means that the cream has a light and non-greasy texture, not provoking the appearance of "black spots" on the nose, forehead and chin. Carry thermal water with you and sprinkle it regularly on your face - this will additionally moisturize and soothe the skin. The tone will not penetrate the epidermis, if you use a special makeup base. It is a translucent base, which has matting and leveling properties. It lies on the skin with a thin layer and prevents the absorption of the tonal remedy. In addition, it significantly extends the life of your makeup, and this is a big plus. If your face often looks dull and colorless, get the foundation for a makeup with radiant particles - the so-called "highlighter". However, the use of foundation provides some advantages. Residents of megacities, applying a tonifying remedy on the skin, protect it from dust, harmful effects of exhaust gases, hot air of offices equipped with heating systems. Creams with SPF-factors do not "pass" ultraviolet radiation, which is the cause of premature aging. Antibacterial toning means for oily skin treat inflammations and matiruyut, so you do not have to use every hour matting napkins and powder. how to use a foundation

How to choose the right foundation

  • Focus on your skin type

Most skin problems are due toimproper selection of aural and decorative cosmetics. Choosing a cream for a dry type, give preference to moisturizing and nutritional options. The product should contain Shea butter, vitamin E, proteins and lactic acids. Such a cream is usually unusually liquid, because small wrinkles are formed early on the dried skin, and the thick composition "swells" in them and makes them more noticeable. The toner for combination and oily skin is usually released in the form of a fluid, spray or gel. Such textures make it possible to exclude from the composition fatty oils, which are completely irrelevant for the increased activity of the sebaceous glands. Cosmetics for oily skin should have anti-inflammatory properties to dry pimples, pustules and small inflammation. Usually on their packaging it is indicated that the cream contains tea tree oil or gammamelis extract. Pencils-sticks and dense creams are designed for normal type. Since such epidermis has no particular problems, you can use tonal means of different types and consistencies. If you have this kind of skin, but you usually do not use tone, get cream powder. It is practically harmless and easy to apply.

  • Choose the most appropriate shade of cream

Correct use of a tone that is completelymatches the color of your face. However, to pick up the perfect color, you have to try a lot of money. In order not to become a subject of ridicule due to a noticeable "border" around your neck, go to the store in a tone in the morning. The fact that the tonic means can completely different look in the daylight and artificial lighting. Apply a little tone from the tester with a cotton disc on the bottom of your cheek and look in the mirror. Why not on the back of the hand, as is usually done by sales consultants? Because "to wear" a cream you will be on the face, and not on the hand, where the skin color can differ significantly. A cream that seems to merge with a face, but has a slightly yellowish tinge in the light of store lamps, is most preferable. Be careful: it should be a light yellowness, not an orange tone. In order to make sure the correctness of the choice, just go out. If you still miscalculated with the color of the tonal remedy and chose a too dark variant, buy a tone of the same brand, but two shades lighter. Before applying to the face, simply mix two peas of different colors on the palm or a special palette. The pigment can also be "softened" by diluting the tonal with the usual day cream. how to use a foundation cream correctly

What do I need to apply the cream on my face correctly?

  • Foam Sponge

This is the easiest way to apply a tonalfunds for a person. Usually, sponge is put into the factory packaging together with a tube, so that it is always at your fingertips. With the help of this piece of foam rubber, the foundation cream is evenly distributed over the face without much effort - simply passing through the skin like a puff. However, the regular use of cosmetic sponge promotes the accumulation of remnants of the cream in it, which are the best "habitat" for pathogens causing dermatological problems. Therefore, the sponge should be washed with warm water and soap about once or twice a month.

  • Own fingers

This way of distribution of a voice-frequency creamsuitable for beginners - it will help them learn how to properly shade makeup. A few drops of the drug apply to the face, then with small pads of the fingers, gently distribute the tone on the massage lines, as if "driving" it into the skin.

  • Flat wide brush

It is applied by master professionals when appliedstage or podium make-up. The brush is used to make the tone lay flat and thin, do not flow into the nasolabial folds and do not slip. Mandatory condition - after finishing the makeup, rinse the rest of the foundation with the brush with warm water and dry it. Not every cream can be applied with the help of a brush - it is better to put aside the dense structures by means of laying aside. Squeeze the required amount of tonal from the bottle into the palm of your hand. The tip of the brush put "points" on the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Turning the brush flat side, with intensive movements, spread the cream over the face. Border the tone on the neck rubbed with your fingers, then handle with a brush for loose powder. how to use a foundation cream yourself

Applying a foundation to your face: the secrets of skill

  • Thoroughly clean the skin before applying makeup

Be sure to wash before you are readymake a make-up. Cleansing the skin with a gel or foam for washing removes you from keratinized cells and particles of sebum. After washing, wipe the face with a tonic. If you are lazy and miss at least one stage, the cream will flow or lie unevenly. After all, to make a make-up was perfect, the skin should be properly prepared for applying decorative cosmetics.

  • Naturalness is right

If the tone looks on your face like a "mask", do nothurry to scold the manufacturer of cosmetics. Most likely, you just apply too thick layer of the product during make-up. Some girls do this consciously, trying in this way to hide acne or "black dots", thereby only aggravating the condition of the skin. Epidermis, being under the thick of "plaster" begins to "rebel", increasing the production of sebum. To make the makeup look natural, mix the tone with the moisturizer in a 1: 3 ratio and spread the mixture over the face.

  • The tonal cream is not designed to mask large inflammations and bruises

Tonal cream is not a magic wand: solve absolutely all the problems he can not. In order to "hide" the bruises under the eyes, bursting sosudiki and subcutaneous pimples use color correctors. Apply them before applying a foundation to damp the bright pigment of the product. Dark circles under the lower eyelids "grease" with green pencil, red spots from couperose - purple, and cover the abscess and post-acne with a thin layer of green concealer. Feather your fingers, apply a foundation cream and powder.

  • Eliminate excess

If you overdo it and applied too muchcream, the situation can be corrected. Blot the face with a damp cloth, then powder the skin with a loose powder. The compact one will not work, because absorbing particles are usually not contained in it, because it is used only for correction of make-up during the day.

  • Stable and tightening tonic means use only for "going out"

Toned cream with lifting effect and water resistantformulas are not suitable for daily use. A huge dose of caffeine and hydrolyzed animal collagen in their composition disrupt the natural metabolic processes in the skin. Over time, from such a "diet" the epidermis will begin to peel and turn yellow. It is correct to use these creams a maximum of two or three times a month, no more. Before going to bed, always rinse the foundation with warm water and a gel suitable for your skin type. At night, apply a rich nourishing cream to prevent the emergence of cosmetic problems due to your addiction to makeup. We advise you to read: