beautiful evening make-up If you believe statistics, the happyowners of the eye color of the sky are much less likely than beautiful women with brown or green eyes. It is believed that the blue eyes - this is a generous gift of nature itself. However, even such luxury can easily be spoiled if it is wrong to apply makeup. There are general recommendations that will help create an ideal evening make-up for the blue eyes. In this case, a properly selected palette of shadows is very important. Their color should be selected depending not only on the type of make-up, but also on factors such as skin condition, color appearance and selected clothing. evening makeup eyes

Evening make-up for blue eyes

Correct application of make-up on eyes is impossiblewithout general preparation of a skin of the face. Therefore, the first thing to start with is its purification. For this purpose, a delicate scrub, which massages the movements on the skin. After all procedures on the face, apply moisturizer. The second stage is an easy tonal basis, which is distributed with a brush, sponge or just fingers. Most often blondes suits the shade of ivory. Following the basis is powder. It is applied to the area of ​​the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. It is necessary to avoid getting powder on the lower eyelid, as this will make the look look inexpressive and weight it. The finishing touch is the powder of bronze shades. For make-up of eyes, it is necessary to apply matte dense shadows of light shades on the mobile eyelid. To visually "open" the eyes, the selected shade should be several tones lighter than the skin tone of the face. This technique will greatly transform the eyes and make them extremely attractive. Light shadows should be held under the eyebrows. This will accentuate their bending. On the upper and lower eyelid, where the line of eyelash growth passes, matte shades of shade of the sea depth are applied. This rich color is perfect for holiday and evening make-up, because it is able to highlight the eyes and even with the light of the lamps will make the look incredibly tempting and attractive. Directly above the shades of blue color, it is necessary to draw a strip of transition matt tone in the size of half a centimeter. A transitional tone is a color that is 2-3 tone below the natural color of your skin. Apply this tone with a thin cosmetic brush and then carefully shade. With the help of a beveled brush it is necessary to emphasize the outer corner of the lower eyelid with frosted shadows of the color of the sea depths. It was the turn of the mascara. To avoid a glare, do not use lengthening mascara. With such a throw of the eyelid with shadows of dark shades, the eyelashes should not be very prominent. There are a few easy applications in two stages. The rule of evening make-up says that one thing should be dominant. Therefore, for the lips it is enough to choose a translucent pink shine or a discreet peach lipstick. Such shades do not take upon themselves the whole accent. The image is ready. beautiful makeup for blue eyes

Unusual evening make-up for blue eyes

For any output, the most idealan option is the make-up of Smoky eyes, born in the US, and later recognized by fashion women all over the world. This method of applying make-up in the translation into Russian has a beautiful name "smoky look" or "look with povolokoy." Blue-eyed women are very suitable for pink, blue, blue, gold, beige, brown, and purple. But if for a "quiet" evening makeup or official reception it is enough to choose 2 shades of a close color and use only them, then for a youth party you can afford the most incredible transformations. For this makeup will need cosmetics with an unusual texture - with the shining of the atlas, its overflow and flicker. Quickly give the image of a festive look will help any shiny pigments - they can be used instead of padding or mixed with shadows. A great way to really shine and become the queen of the evening is the use of rhinestones in make-up. To the image was beautiful and skillful, it is necessary that the color of the rhinoceros should echo with the shadows and the clothes chosen. For those who are not ready to take such radical measures, but still crave riot of colors and emotions, it is possible to recommend wide arrows, "puppet lashes", underlined eyebrows and juicy color of shadows. Lipstick should fit the image perfectly.