make-up for blondes with green eyes Scarlett Johansson, Amanda Bynes, AnnaLinnMcCord, Renee O'Connor - all these girls are united not only by world fame and excellent taste, but also blonde hair, green eyes and expressive facial features. These beautiful ladies became known for their talent, artistry, graceful grace and the ability to be different. Today - a sexy warrior, tomorrow - a quiet domestic girl. For such experiments, it is not necessary to constantly repaint your hair and get out of the cupboard old school uniform. The fact that high-quality, professional make-up can change any representative of the fair sex beyond recognition, understand even men encountered with such transformations. Cosmetics are the secret of successful women. And really, the main thing is to learn how to choose the right palette, do not be afraid to experiment with style, follow the advice of cosmetologists and learn new things in the fashion world. Who knows, maybe a few years later, the style icon will be yours.

Green-eyed blondes: color taboos on cosmetics

Before you start applying makeup,carefully check the contents of your cosmetic bag. And if there are blue, blue or silver shadows over there, send them immediately to the garbage or tell your friends. Such tones suit perfectly only the gray-eyed beauties, but not you. Also, contrary to popular belief, not all blondes are turning pink. An incorrectly selected shade can make the girl's eyelids painfully swollen, as if she cried all night into a pillow. Choose warmer and more gentle options that will emphasize the beauty of your bottomless green eyes. Blonde ladies should be careful about podvodke or pencil. Black items are only needed when a girl makes a smoky make-up or tries to sound like a vamp. In day and evening make-up, you can use gray and brown tones. The same goes for carcasses. Another mistake that blondes often make is the combination of a poisonous pink or red-burgundy lipstick and a dark pencil. This image looks too defiant, plus a bright accent on the lips, distracting attention from the green eyes. make-up for the green eyes of blondes

Basics of daytime make-up

Classic daytime make-up for blondes withGreen eyes do not allow the use of too bright and variegated colors. Everything should be laconic and restrained, and others should not see a ton of powder and a kilogram of carcass on the face of a beauty. So, in the beginning the girl should put a tonal basis, then a powder of the same color to fix the result. To make the cosmetics lying down exactly, and not lumps or spots, it is necessary to first clean and moisturize the skin. Do this at least an hour before the procedure, so that the cream has absorbed. Remains are removed with a cotton swab or a dry paper towel. After the base dries, you can begin to make-up your eyes. Draw the outer corners in a brown pencil and lightly shade arrows. The inner part of the mobile age is painted with light shadows, the outer part is darker by tone-two. In this case, you should choose peach and sand tones, which will emphasize your dignity and hide the small flaws. From above, walk a little fluffy brush to smooth the transition. With a cotton swab, wipe the eyelashes so that they do not leave any crumbling cosmetics, and only after that you can lightly color them with mascara. If you have thick eyebrows with long hairs, they should also be put in order. So, comb them with a brush, tint with shadows or a pencil (only not black or gray), apply a fixing gel. Otherwise, during the day, they can become very disoriented, which will ruin the perfect makeup a little. However, be careful with the amount of the fixer so that the hairs do not stick together, as if you only wet them with water. Natural blondes are much easier to paint, since their eyebrows do not differ too much in color from the hair. Krashennym same ladies have to contrive to hide their secret. If you do not have time to go to beauty salons, you can lighten the hairs at home. To do this, you should purchase a special liquid and apply it for two minutes on the area above the eyes (a specific time is always indicated in the instructions). Dear gel can be replaced with hydrogen peroxide, which also copes well with the task. However, care should be taken so that the liquid does not get into the eyes. The product is washed off with a usual tonic, after which a nourishing or moisturizing cream is applied to the skin. You can start your lips to the last. Powder slightly skin, then apply beige, light pink or peach lipstick, on top - a colorless shine. A pencil in daytime make-up is acceptable, but it's better to draw a contour with a thin, barely noticeable line. make-up for green eyes for blondes

Club make-up

Evening makeup should emphasize allthe dignity of the girl with whom she was endowed with nature: chiseled features, beautiful blond locks and witch's green eyes. These women are better to give preference to gold or copper colors, which look good with muted lighting. Everything must shine: skin, lips, hair. Therefore, you should choose pearlescent shades and powder with flickering particles. However, be careful when choosing such a cosmetic, as this option is not bad to look only at young girls with perfectly smooth skin. If you have mimic or age wrinkles, it is better to still make a matte make-up. For green eyes, blondes make-up artists sometimes pick up ordinary dark shadows without sparkles and flicker effect. This allows you to change the planting, incision, the shape of the eyelid, and also make the look more expressive and interesting. If you chose bright shades, the lipstick should be less noticeable and not attracting attention. Conversely, the smoky make-up simply obliges the girl to separate her lips. In this case, give preference to red or burgundy shades. Do not be afraid to experiment with screaming colors, because the main task - to turn from a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly.

How to learn to make beautiful makeup

Girls should remember that the face should notbe more than three or four shades, otherwise it's a mauve ton (in other words, a bad taste or bad taste). Representatives of the fair sex who do not know how to combine colors, it is best to buy small sets of a well-known brand. Usually manufacturers put in such boxes perfectly combined among themselves variants of shadows, powder, blush and lipstick. Determine what is best for you, either a good cosmetologist or an experienced sales consultant will help. Do not feel sorry for the money to visit a professional master or purchase samples, because only by trial and error you can develop your own individual style. It will also be nice if you enroll in a makeup artist's course, where you will be taught how to apply cosmetics, how to best distinguish eyes, lips and cheekbones, who smells like make-up and other similar things. Perhaps in the future this will not become your profession, but a hobby will turn into. But you will always be irresistible, while you do not have to constantly spend money on trips to beauty salons. It's not for nothing that Coco Chanel argued: "Not every woman is born beautiful, but if she does not become that by the age of 30 - she's just stupid."