green face corrector Before applying makeup, it is necessary to hideminor skin imperfections. These include a red mesh on the cheekbones, bruises under the eyes, pallor, pigment spots and freckles. In general, if you want to look attractive, you have to work hard on yourself. Modern cosmetology has met women. Today, a sufficient number of funds are available, capable of masking minor flaws. Cosmetologists and make-up artists advise using special correctors (concealers) for these purposes. There are several types, and each is used for specific purposes.

What are the correctors for the face?

  • Lilac proofreader - it is he who can mask unhealthy yellowness under the eyes and give freshness to the face;
  • Yellow - will hide black circles under the eyes, hide reddening in the form of spots and even subcutaneous bruises after small ruptures of capillaries;
  • Pink - this corrector gives the skin a natural shade in case of excessive pallor;
  • Green - used to mask the red mesh and all kinds of inflammation, unsuccessful sunburn, fresh scars and abrasions.

In addition to pencil-proofreaders, for masking moreVarious gels, creams and tonal bases are also used. Today's article is devoted to one of these useful tools - a green proofreader. Let's figure out how it works and how to apply it correctly. green proofreader

How does the Green Corrector work?

The corrector is produced in a tube that resembles a lipstick. This tool is used in any areas of the face. There are several rules for using a green proofreader:

  • Never apply the corrector directly from the pencil to the skin, otherwise the product will be difficult to evenly distribute;
  • Use special brushes - they are convenient for shading the corrector;
  • Apply the product by driving, lightly moving;
  • On the rashes, apply the corrector pointwise;
  • The green concealer is never used to mask the bruises under the eyes - this will give a purple hue;
  • If you use a corrector against red acne, then from above powder these places - the effect will be better;
  • Note that when applying the usual daytime make-up, after the corrector does not need to use friable powder;
  • But for evening make-up should be powdered problem areas. So the makeup on the face will look more natural;
  • Keep in mind that too much applicationgreen corrector can play with you a cruel joke: with artificial lighting, the face will look perfect, but when the sun hits the first time, the effect of green (lunar) flickering light will appear.

Just recently a new product appeared on the market -green primer. At its core - this is the same proofreader, only in a more convenient form. This product is available as a make-up base, which is applied to the entire face and allows cosmetics to stay for a long time.

Not quite the usual application of the corrector

Despite the fact that the green concealer is usedto mask the redness on the face, there is an extraordinary way to use it. If you are predisposed to excessive pallor, the following should be done:

  • Squeeze a little moisturizer into the bowl. It is better to take a baby cream with anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Remove a small layer from the corrector and add to the cream;
  • Thoroughly mix everything;
  • Apply on face with soft, massaging movements;
  • After applying the drug, you need to wait 15-20 minutes until it is completely absorbed;
  • Moisturizing cream will serve as the basis for make-up, and the corrector will hide the problem pallor. Green blurs not only redness, but also clearly pale bands;
  • Do not forget that you need a smooth transitionfrom the face to the neck - you can not leave clear boundaries for applying a cream or corrector. Therefore, using the tool, be sure to distribute it evenly with light massage movements, grabbing the neck.

Please note that for the preparation of this cosmeticmixture can only use ceramic dishes. At all, not metal! This also applies to the spatula for mixing. For not having ceramic appliances, use wooden ones. In the green corrector manufacturers add aloe, foliage dandelion and tea tree oil. Therefore, be sure to read the composition on the tube to avoid allergic reactions (if you have any). If you do not already know how to use this tool, be sure to try it out in your spare time. Apply the corrector to different parts of the face, look at yourself in the mirror and under artificial lighting, and at daylight. So you will be absolutely sure that the tool suits you, and avoid problems in the future. green proofreader on face

Facial treatment or how to rid yourself of unnecessary problems

In order not to use correctors and painfully hide the slightest reddening and flaws, you should properly take care of your skin.

  • Be sure to use only that decorative cosmetics that does not cause you allergic reactions;
  • If you have a problem of thin vessels, then to wash your face, use exclusively warm water - from a cold or hot, you may see a mesh;
  • With oily skin, try to cure it - wipe your face with decoctions or use special means. So the appearance of red rashes will be reduced to a minimum;
  • With sensitive face skin, you should not use scrubs and peelings;
  • For a person with a problematic, inflamed skin, consultation of a cosmetologist will be very helpful - this will help to identify problems and prescribe competent treatment;
  • Do not use a green proofreader daily - at least for a weekend let's rest your skin.
  • Do not give up folk beauty recipes, they will help restore face, make it natural and smooth without using improvised means:
  • Prepare a sage broth and mother-and-stepmother (sold in pharmacies), let it brew for 20 minutes. Strain and rub face every 30-60 minutes;
  • You can make a mask of white clay - it is able to tighten blood vessels and reduce the risk of their rupture;
  • Not bad helps honey massage - light tapping with your fingers can remove excess slag, clean the pores.

When the skin tends to develop vascularSetochk not recommended to use frozen herbal decoctions. Yes, rubbing the face with ice cubes, you will give it freshness, but at the same time provoke the appearance of additional problems. Love yourself, watch your appearance. Even the most fashionable costume and stylish hairstyle will not be able to smooth out the unpleasant impression of a neglected person. Therefore, you should not only treat the problem, but also use decorative cosmetics. The most important thing is to choose the corrector from a good, reliable manufacturer. This will be a guarantee of quality. Be sure to practice, learn how to apply it correctly. A little patience, maximum attention and a green proofreader will be a real salvation. In two minutes you can give your face a healthy and vigorous look. Agree, impeccable appearance, confidence in its irresistibility are more expensive than a few minutes of work on yourself.