evening make-up for blondes Wherever a blonde appears, her attention will bealways provided. And it does not matter what she chose today makeup - a calm evening made in bed colors, or bright, emphasizing both the eyes and lips. Blonde beauties make make-up much easier than other women. As makeup artists say, these girls are allowed everything, the main thing - to choose the right cosmetics and not go too far with paints. make-up for the blonde evening

What's in the beautician's blonde

Many modern ladies prefer to have at oncetwo cosmetic bags: small (for everyday day make-up) and large (for evening). In the first one there are simple matte shadows, light blush, usual foundation and lip gloss. She is carried with her in a bag to work, in order to be able to correct minor defects. The filling of the second should be approached more responsibly, since a stylish and fashionable beauty can not do without one or two means. Basis: how to prolong the life of makeup When going to a club or a stormy party, we hope that the face cosmetics will last at least five to six hours, no less. Who wants to constantly go to the ladies' room to wipe the swollen mascara or re-apply the shadow to the eyelids? That's why it's so important to use a quality foundation on a silicone base. Do not forget about the powder, which fixes the result. Blondes with fair skin are suitable for light pink and solid shades. Those who constantly spend time in solariums and on beaches, it is worth choosing an option darker. In conclusion, brownish or bronze blushes are applied to the cheekbones so that the face does not look like an earthen mask. What shadows are suitable for blondes In most cases, shadows are chosen not by the color of the hair, but by the color of the eyes. For example, gray-eyed should not be applied to brown, dark shades, as they make the look empty and cloudy. In this case, cool colors are more suitable. Blue-eyed girls should stop on soft, bedding, but should avoid blue or azure. The only rule that you should remember about - colors should be combined. When applying shadows, do not forget to shade them, otherwise such a makeup will look too rough. Evening makeup for blondes allows the use of pearlescent, silvery, pink tones with flickering bits and sparkles, but only if you are not going to be photographed. Otherwise, the pictures will have glare resembling dirt. How to pick a blonde good mascara In most cases, a double or triple effect is achieved through a properly selected brush, and not the carcass itself. Of course, the composition plays an important role, but it does not affect the elongation and increase in volume. Cheap and substandard cosmetics can be taken with lumps, quickly crumbling and even causing allergies, so you should not risk your health.

  • Large brush

This mascara is excellent for women of fair sex with long or medium rare cilia. It makes them more lush and bulky, while the length does not change much.

  • Straight, with short bristles

Standard brush, which in youthused by our mothers, is universal. It is suitable for all girls without exception. The only thing - it just stains the cilia, without changing their shape and size. It is better to apply paint to blondes if they want to do a normal daytime, rather than a bright evening make-up.

  • 3-in-1

Mascara with such brushes went on salerelatively recently, still some fifteen or twenty years ago about it in Russia did not even hear. As producers promise, this know-how will change your idea of ​​evening make-up. After applying cosmetics, your cilia are twirled, lengthened and get the right volume. And you do not even have to use special tweezers.

  • Two-sided brush

On one side there are denselong teeth, on the other - rare and short. Thanks to this design, it is much easier to use mascara, since you first apply the paint, then - remove the residues. Beauties using such products will never appear on the street with stitched eyelashes.

  • Brush-spiral

Since natural blondes have eyelashes toovery light, painting them is much more difficult. The most common mistake is when the girls apply mascara only to the middle and tips, without paying attention to the roots. This make-up looks disagreeable, as if you have applied artificial hairs to your eyelids. To avoid this, it is best to use a double-spiral brush. It will completely paint the base and slightly lift it.

  • Round brush

In this version, girls should be stoppedwith thick and long eyelashes. The round brush will not only apply the paint evenly on each hair, but also give the blonde a look of expressiveness. Lining: Do blondes need arrows Blonde beauties make-up artists do not recommend using black pencils and liquid eyeliner, even for evening make-up. Draw arrows can be gray, brown, green and even blue flowers. As for the line itself, it should not be too thick and long. Another small secret, which is constantly used by experienced make-up artists, will help make the eyes more expressive. In this case, you will not look too provocative and vulgar, if you decide to allocate more and lips. So, instead of shadows, apply a shimmering powder, draw a sand-colored arrow, and make up eyelashes with brown mascara. Go for the eyebrows: nothing superfluous If you are a blonde by nature, then it can be seen right away. In this case, the color of the vegetation on the body and face will not be too different. Krashenyh same beauties in most cases just give out not overgrown roots, which are not put in order in time, and the same arc-shaped strip above the eyes. That is why it is so important to lighten both strands and eyebrows at the same time. When evening make-up is done, you should first comb the hair, so that they do not fray, then paint a little with a light brown pencil or shadows of the right color. Do it better with strokes, rather than with one solid line. At the end, a special fixing colorless gel is applied, which will not allow the eyebrows to become disheveled. Lipstick for evening make-up: brightness, saturation and violence of colors Actually, evening make-up for blondes includes a number of rules that should be followed by blonde beauties. Firstly, in no case can you choose faded, bedding tones, since they merge with the color of your skin and your hair. Girls using yellowish-violet shades, with muted lighting, look inexpressive. However, red lipstick should not be used if the lips are too thin.

  • Lady-haired lady

Such beauties should use saturatedcoral colors. This lipstick slightly increases the lips, while the teeth of the girls look more white. But the burgundy in this case should not be used, since it adds vulgarity to the image.

  • Honey (wheat) lady

If you belong to this category, then youIt is necessary to stop the choice on beige-pink lipsticks. By the way, when creating an evening make-up for blondes, makeup artists always take into account accessories and attire in which the girl plans to go to a restaurant or to a party. Therefore, first think about what you could add colors, if you, for example, use pink or peach hues.

  • The ash-haired lady

As for the girls who dye their hair inashy color, then they were much more fortunate. Whether it's daytime, or evening make-up, for blondes there's no difference what tone of lipstick will be used. The main thing is to constantly try something new and not be afraid to experiment with the style. evening make-up for the blonde

What should you avoid blondes this year?

The tonal basis should not be very different fromcolor, even if you make an evening make-up. Otherwise, you will achieve the effect of a severed head, when the arms, neck, and neckline are different from the face. If you decide to take such a desperate step and use a dark cream, apply it to all open areas of the body. Not everyone knows, but extensions have long gone out of fashion. By the way, men never liked the long cuffs in their eyes, which did not look very natural. Only a few masters cope with the task posed perfectly, the cost of their work while not every fair sex representative will be affordable. In extreme cases, you should get a good and expensive mascara, and not stick to the face of artificial hairs. But here, not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. Sometimes fashionistas put so much paint on their eyes that eyelashes stick together in two or three thick scraps. Such mistakes makeup even schoolgirls are unforgivable, not to mention the adult and successful ladies. By the way, traces of mascara need to be wiped before leaving the house, which, unfortunately, many people forget. It is unacceptable to sort through the number of shadows, otherwise they will just begin to roll down in the folds. Very roughly look lips, surrounded by a pencil, the color of which is very different from lipstick. So it was customary to do it fifty or sixty years ago. In the twenty-first century, harmony is valued in everything. And makeup in this case is not an exception to the rules. The fact that the units know how to apply blush, you can guess by looking at the painted girls in the club. In most cases, they make quite prominent circles around the cheekbones, without shading them at the same time. Two hundred or three hundred years ago in Russia it was customary to rub the cheeks with beets to achieve a healthy blush. The effect, of course, was amazing, but beauty, as they say, requires sacrifice. Now is a completely different time, so it is very stupid to follow such traditions. Those who want to use blush, but are afraid to look ridiculous, should first use peach or pink colors. Pull your lips into the tube, apply a little makeup on the cheekbones, then smile broadly and spread all over with a fluffy brush. Direction - to the temples. To learn how to apply cosmetics correctly, it's enough to spend a day experimenting with the image. Find a picture of the girl with a good evening make-up and try to repeat everything to the smallest detail. In extreme cases, visit the beauty salon and ask the make-up artist to give you a pair of lessons. A little effort and patience - and at the party you will shine brighter than everyone else. We advise you to read: