how to whiten your teeth at home The 21st century dictates to women their conditions. If the nails, then certainly well-groomed, legs - on the heels, hair - hair to the hair. Only then is a woman considered a beauty. Although no. About the teeth of something forgotten. A smile must certainly be snow-white. And it does not matter to society that dentists are expensive now, and eventually free is always a problem. Do you want to impress others? Learn to watch yourself at home. That's breaking the modern girl's head on how to whiten your teeth at home and do your own manicure. And if there are practically no problems with the nails (know yourself, update the lacquer coating on time), then not everyone can whiten their teeth. Yes, and at home. Although it is quite easy to do this. You just need to know a few secrets.

Why does my teeth turn yellow?

First of all, it is worth understanding why your teethcovered with yellow coating. Like and clean them twice a day, and toothpaste choose a good one, but the smile is still not impressive. Enemy number 1 of white teeth is everyone's favorite coffee. Yes, it invigorates, yes, after it you want to turn mountains, but a dark liquid, among other things, stains tooth enamel. Not much better with your smile and strong black tea. Therefore, replace all these drinks with mineral water or herbal decoction, and the problem will not be so significant. What else makes your teeth yellow? Ironically, it can be too cold or hot drinks and dishes. Dentists explain this phenomenon by the fact that the tooth enamel reacts very sharply to a sharp temperature drop. Cigarettes also contribute to the piggy bank problems with teeth. Moreover, smokers risk not only the color of their smiles, but also the state of their teeth as a whole. Therefore, it is worthwhile to think about whether it is worth the minute pleasure of your health. how to whiten your teeth at home

Simple tips on how to whiten your teeth at home

So, with the reasons for the yellowing of the teeth sorted out. Now go on to direct bleaching. Just want to say that it's fast and absolutely not difficult. All the auxiliary components for whitening can be found in every kitchen. So throw the fear aside and forward, to a snow-white smile. Nutritional Soda Oddly enough, ordinary soda ash can return the smile to shine and whiteness. Apply a small layer of soda to the toothbrush and gently clean the enamel. Try not to touch the gums, otherwise you can damage them. Remember that this bleaching can be done no more than once a week, otherwise thinning the tooth enamel. Hydrogen peroxide Blondes are sure to come alive after hearing a familiar term. Yes, hydrogen peroxide can not only discolor hair, but also quickly whiten your teeth. To do this, apply a small cotton peroxide on the cotton swab and gently rub the teeth. Do not overdo it, otherwise you will remain without enamel. By the way, dentists are strongly against this method, believing that hydrogen peroxide can severely impair the teeth. Therefore, do not perform such bleaching more than once a month. Activated charcoal In general, our grandmothers bleached teeth with charcoal, but we will not force you to light a fire and burn logs. It is enough to get a pack of activated carbon from the first-aid kit. Got it? Now rub several tablets into powder and gently distribute the black mixture over the surface of the teeth (the gums are not traditionally touched). However, do not expect coal to act quickly. Such bleaching works very well after repeated use. Do not forget that you can clean your teeth with coal more than once a week. Lemon peel You probably drink at home tea with lemon. So the next time you get a lemon from the refrigerator, remove a piece of peel with a knife and grind your teeth. Of course, you should not wait for the immediate effect, but in combination with other precautions (less coffee and brushing your teeth more often) your enamel will definitely become whiter. Strawberries and strawberries Here is a tool that will please all women without exception. Still would! Do not tolerate the astringent taste of soda, choke on the smell of peroxide and wash your teeth of activated charcoal. Know, eat to itself berries and bleach enamel! Of course, it will not be possible to get a snow-white smile quickly, but on the other hand, you can eat more strawberries, motivating it with medicinal measures. By the way, this method can be combined with any of the above. Then your teeth will surely shine like Hollywood beauties. Whitening strips Here you just can not find this tool in your medicine cabinet. You need to buy whitening strips specially, and they are intended to improve the color of only the front teeth (from the canine to the canine). But here you can quickly and without much difficulty return the smile to beauty. Just do not buy whitening strips in the transitions and do not forget to read the instruction before use. We hope that our tips will help you not only whiten your teeth, but also improve your self-esteem a little. After all, in life, at times, treating yourself plays the most important role. Does the girl love herself? The whole world responds with reciprocity. And sometimes it happens that a woman is not sure of herself, she runs like a squirrel, on an eternal circle "work - home - home - work", and nothing pleases her. As a result, all the surrounding people begin to treat her accordingly. So think: maybe instead of teeth whitening, spend time reading books on psychology? Or go to some training? You can just do auto-training. The main thing is to love yourself. We advise you to read: