tan at home The swarthy body is beautiful. But not all of nature was awarded with olive skin. And if in the summer with this defect you can perfectly handle on the beach, then in the cold season, sunburn becomes an unattainable goal. But is this goal inaccessible? And is it possible to get a spectacular tan at home, when drifts and blizzards are on the street? Can. And you will need much less time than in the summer, when for weeks you achieve a pleasant swarthiness, substituting the body for the sun's rays.

Types of tan in the home

Autosunburn. This is perhaps the simplest way to get dark skin color. But, before applying self-tanning on the body, listen to a couple of tips on how to use it. Otherwise, you risk getting an uneven shade on the skin, and instead of proudly showing a fresh tan, you will be forced to hide the body from others.

  • Before applying self-tanning, make sure that you havethere is no allergy to the remedy. Apply the cream (or spray) to the elbow bend and wait for the reaction. If the morning skin is not covered with a rash, and looks quite healthy, you can safely use this tool.
  • Do not rush to open the tube. Before you give the skin the right shade, you need to do a body peeling. This allows you to achieve a more even and persistent color. Therefore, take a scrub for the body, and march to get rid of dead cells! Just do not immediately afterwards apply self-tanning. Allow the body to rest for 6-8 hours, and only after that, perform the operation "tan at home."
  • So, the test for the absence of allergic reactionspassed on "excellent", the peeling is done. It's time to become a fascinating mulatto. Get your tube with self-tanning and start to apply it gently on the skin. Start with the forehead area. Do not sponge at the same place. Try to apply the cream evenly, and be careful with the eyebrow area. It is there that autosunburn acts unpredictably and can give a shade much darker than claimed. After the spray has been completely distributed over the skin, it is advisable to give the agent a little soak. Do not dress for a while. Do not touch the face (and other parts of the body) with your hand. Stay still. After that, wash your hands thoroughly with soap (otherwise the bright hands of "a-la Negro" are guaranteed to you) and put on long-sleeved clothing (this will protect the skin from contact with other areas covered with autosunburn).
  • Remember that each means has its own timeactions. Some sprays for sunburn begin to give the skin a pleasant swarthy tint only after 4 hours. Therefore, if you did not immediately see the desired effect, do not rush to repeat the procedure.
  • how to give the skin a tint of sunburn in the home Solarium: sunbathing with pleasure. If you are afraid to experiment with autosunburns, you can try to achieve the desired skin tone in the solarium. We advise you to use tanning booths of a vertical type, as they are more modern, and to be more hygienic in them, since during the procedure you do not touch the booth with the body (in contrast to vertical solariums, where a person has to completely lie down in a capsule). With regard to the time of exposure to the skin of ultraviolet rays, it depends on the type of your skin, so before you buy a subscription to the solarium, consult a salon employee how many minutes you will need to give the skin the right shade. If you urgently need to tan, but leave the house in the solarium does not work, do not despair. There are many ways to achieve the desired swarthiness by popular methods.

    • The first way is to tan with manganese. Dilute the disinfectant in a hot-water bath and lie in a pink liquid until the skin becomes dark. Only do not stand after a bath like this, wipe yourself with a towel. It's not even that you will spoil it. It is quite likely that you, wiping yourself, will smear the newly acquired tan. And that's really a pity, it's the bath itself. After a strong solution of potassium permanganate, darken not only you, but also enamel on the plumbing. Therefore, stock up with detergents in advance.
    • The second method is to become a seductive "chocolate"this is iodine. Add it to a bottle of water with a nebulizer and gently apply the water-iodine mixture to the body. Dissatisfied with the shade? Repeat the procedure or try another method to achieve brownness.
    • The third option involves the usualtaking a bath. Only this time we will not soak in the manganese mixture, but in ordinary black tea. Brew large-leaf tea leaves in a large kettle. Pour the resulting chifir into a hot bath, add sea salt - and you can "sunbathe".

    Of course, the best way to achieve a swarthy tingeskin on cold winter days not at home or in the solarium, but at the spa. Warm sea and affectionate overseas sun will cope much better with giving your skin the necessary sunburn. Another nice bonus of this pastime is a good mood. And how else can you feel if, instead of running to work early in the morning, bending under the gusts of an icy wind, do you sneak on the warm sand while drinking a soft mojito? We advise you to read: