moisturizing face mask at home For many centuries, beauty and youthactually were synonymous. During this time, many ways were invented to deceive nature and slow down the aging process, "conserve" itself at an early age. Of course, the main problem for women has always been wrinkles, fighting with them took a lot of time and energy. During this struggle, moisturizing face masks were invented. You can buy ready-made skin care products, but as practice shows, masks and scrubs made at home are no worse. And many people think that the best cosmetics are cosmetics prepared by own hands. In addition, you can control the composition, excluding from it all known allergens, and rid it of synthetic perfumes and fragrances. In addition to everything, for the manufacture of masks at home, it will take very little time and almost any recipe can be customized. And with their regular application, you can get just a super-effect. It is important to remember that before you do any of the procedures below, you need to check yourself for allergies to components. To do this, you need to take quite a bit of the substance-causing substance and apply it to the elbow bend. If irritation or redness occurs, you will need to refer to recipes that do not contain this substance. Do not forget to check all the controversial components! For example, oat flakes for external use can hardly happen an allergic reaction, but honey sometimes arranges unpleasant surprises. The problem is that if you do not have allergies to lime honey, honey of another kind can still cause you unpleasant sensations. Therefore, before using the masks from this substance at home, check all the options. Do not risk your health! moisturizing face masks at home

Recipes for masks for dry skin care

Of course, this is the type of skin that is very important at least once a week, a home moisturizing face mask. Here are the best recipes:

  • From cucumber and sour cream

Composition: not too big cucumber, a large spoonful of fatty sour cream. Grate the cucumber on a fine grater, mix with sour cream. Apply to face skin, hold for twenty minutes. Remove with a cotton swab dipped in warm water. This is the best nourishing mask for dry skin, which also has a light whitening effect.

  • From potatoes

Composition: boiled in the uniform of potato, yolk, two large spoons of milk. Peel potatoes, mash, add milk and yolk, heat on a steam bath to thirty-five degrees, apply to the skin for fifteen minutes. This super-recipe helps to retain moisture, besides it is very simple.

  • From honey and yolk

Composition: two large spoons of any vegetable oil and liquid honey, yolk. Mix all the ingredients, warm up a little on the steam bath. Apply on the face layers, applying each new after five to seven minutes. With the skin clean with a cotton ball soaked in herbal infusion or just in green tea. This nourishing mask is especially suitable for those whose skin is very flaky.

  • From cottage cheese and honey

Composition: a large spoonful of cottage cheese, half a large spoonful of liquid, warmed honey. Mix the ingredients, if the mixture is too thick, add a small amount of milk. Spread a thick layer over the skin of the face. With this recipe, regular use gives you super-results, and is very easy to make at home.

  • Of the seed of flax

Composition: a large spoonful of flaxseed, a glass of filtered water. Pour the seeds with water and boil until the condition of the mush. Cool slightly to an acceptable temperature and apply to the skin of the face. This is the best anti-peeling mask for allergic people who may have a reaction to honey. moisturizing face mask

Moisturizing masks for oily skin

There is a widespread opinion thatowners of oily skin should not use nutritious face masks, but this is nothing more than a delusion. Of course, the best procedure for oily skin is to wipe your face with a cotton ball moistened with fermented milk products. But sometimes it is necessary to diversify such care.

  • From cranberry or lemon

Composition: half a teaspoon of cranberry or lemon juice, one egg yolk. Mix the ingredients, apply on face. This recipe very well removes inflammations and irritations, but do not leave the mask for more than fifteen minutes, lemon and cranberry juices are sufficiently active substances.

  • From yeast

Composition: a large spoonful of dry yeast, a teaspoon of lemon juice. Dilute yeast with juice, apply on face. This is a very nourishing mask, which, in addition, softens and cleanses the skin. With regular use, it provides a super-result for oily skin.

  • From lemon and honey

Composition: filtered juice of one lemon, four large spoons of honey. Mix the ingredients. The finished product can be stored for a long time in the refrigerator. In the mornings, it is necessary to apply it to the skin of the face and neck. This nutritional procedure helps to maintain the youthfulness of the skin. Owners of oily skin are recommended in the mornings and evenings to wash with infusion of burdock, dandelion, birch leaves or St. John's wort. It helps to cleanse the skin of the face. moisturizing face masks

Care of a normal skin of the face

Despite the fact that normal skin requires the absence of excessive care, a good nutritious mask is needed for it.

  • From lemon and protein

Composition: a few drops of lemon juice, egg white. Beat the protein to a steady foam, add juice, mix. Apply to face and wait until the mask is dry, then apply another layer. Wait until it dries and rinse with warm water. This recipe not only allows you to moisturize your skin, but with regular use it also whitens it.

  • From vegetables

Composition: two any vegetables you like (it can be eggplants, cabbage, carrots, zucchini), a few drops of lemon juice. Rub on a small grater of vegetables, apply on face. Rinse off with a little lemon juice. This recipe gives a super-result precisely when taking care of dry facial skin.

  • Of yolk and butter

Composition: a tablespoon of any vegetable oil, yolk. Grind the ingredients, apply to the skin of the face, cover with a towel moistened in green tea. Leave it for ten to twenty minutes. This is the best mask for winter use: on the one hand it moisturizes the skin, on the other - it creates a protective film.

  • From milk and oatmeal

Composition: three large spoonfuls of milk, a large spoonful of any vegetable oil and liquid honey, two spoons of ground Herculean flakes. How to mix the ingredients, put on the skin of the face and neck. Leave for a while and rinse gently. This is a very effective nourishing mask, but it should not be used more than once a week. As you can see, moisturizing face masks are easy to prepare at home. They do not require complex components, waste of time and finances. By and large, you need only their regular application and your love for yourself. In general, self-love is the best and main component of eternal youth. Frown less, smile more often. And then the result will be, as they say, just "super"!