how to remove ingrown hair Despite the large number of safe andpainless methods of getting rid of hair on the body, which are offered in specialized beauty parlors, many girls prefer to remove vegetation at home using a razor, epilator, wax. As a result of incorrect actions, a new problem arises, which is much more difficult to deal with - it's ingrown hair. And if you do not pay attention to it in time, then in the future, a fairly strong inflammation can begin. The fact that after the procedure under the skin remains a small piece of broken hair, which is difficult to climb through the coarsened layers of the epidermis. The stem starts to bend sideways or down, rather than sprout, which leads to irritation of the hair follicle, reddening of the damaged area, itching. how to remove ingrown hairs

Ingrown Hair: Ways of Troubleshooting

To date, you can apply forremove ingrown hair in beauty salons or do all the necessary manipulations yourself at home. In the first case, with the help of special equipment, the master will process the inflamed zone, which not only saves you from the problem, but also prevents further ingrowth. Of course, after the first procedure, a miracle will not happen, you will have to visit the salon at least three or four times, and in no case will you continue to use a razor, machine and other similar devices that damage the skin. In the future, if your budget allows, it is better to remove vegetation by means of photoepilation or laser hair removal. To remove the ingrown into the skin of hair, you can also do it yourself, using modern cosmetic products that are sold in regular stores. For example, if you encountered a similar problem earlier, apply immediately after hair removal or shaving to the treated area, special sprays, gels, creams, ointments. There are many drugs that are suitable for sensitive areas with increased sensitivity. Now you do not have to suffer with inflamed armpits, which causes a special discomfort in the summer, when due to the heat there is increased sweating. The same goes for the bikini zone. So, how to remove the ingrown hair? To begin with, you will need to steam your skin properly, to make it easier to clean it from the corn cobs. Take a ten-fifteen minute warm (but not hot) shower or bath, then apply a usual scrub to the problem area. You can use it as a store tool, or cooked with your own hand, adding, for example, ground coffee beans to the shower gel. After peeling, lightly wipe the skin with a soft terry towel, then apply moisturizing cream to make it easier for the hairs to sprout, otherwise they may recur. If a few days after the procedure the tips of the rod appeared on the surface, do not immediately pluck them with tweezers. Such vegetation is better to be removed in the next time in the usual way, so that early time not to injure and so exhausted skin. However, this method is suitable only if the area has not yet inflamed, not festered, and the hairs do not grow too deep. Otherwise, you can aggravate the situation (carry the infection, cause irritation). Such a mechanical effect on the damaged area should be avoided, so that then there are no scars left on the skin. In some cases, experts recommend applying to the inflamed areas special funds for acne, especially if a serious process of suppuration begins. Treat the skin four to five times a day to achieve a positive result. On the second day after these procedures you will notice how the swelling will decrease, the pain will disappear. After that, you can start to do peeling. To reduce the inflammation and allow the hairs to germinate on their own, make compresses from medicinal herbs in the morning and in the evening. Chamomile, nettle, burdock, celandine, yarrow - this is just a small list of plants that will greatly ease your suffering. Pour two tablespoons of any herbs with a liter of boiling water and leave to boil for fifteen minutes, then start making lotions. If on the second or third day the tips of the rod do not approach the surface, then you will have to resort to more radical and serious methods. Deeply ingrown hairs will have to be removed in the usual old Russian way - with tweezers and needles. Pre-store a bottle of alcohol, peroxide, iodine, several bands of plaster. Remember that in no case can you use perfumes, colognes, deodorants to disinfect tools and skin, since they contain a rather large amount of harmful substances (dyes, fragrances, fragrances, oils, etc.). Wipe the needle, tweezers and a site where you will make a puncture moistened with alcohol, then proceed to the procedure itself. Your main task - to send the hair up, but not to dig it. Pick up the rod in the middle, then gently pull toward you. As soon as the head of the curl appears, stop immediately. If after a few days no changes occur, you will have to repeat the entire process. Before the procedure, it is recommended to make a small warm compress of herbal infusions to soften the skin. After removing all the hairs, do not forget to apply antiseptic on the wounds, then seal them with a bactericidal plaster. removal of ingrown hair

Common errors in the removal of ingrown hairs

Very often, the fair sexbegin to squeeze out the ingrown stem of the hair, thereby complicating the situation. Remember, the greater the impact on the inflamed area, the wider the area of ​​suppuration. In addition, in this case, this process will be much faster. If you do not want to go after scars on your legs and pustules on your armpits, take a little patience. Otherwise, the consequences will be the same as after follicle. Once you have found a similar problem, immediately try to eliminate it. If it comes to suppuration, do not use hard wads, razors, scrubs.

How to avoid ingrown hairs

First, remove vegetation with the help ofshaving machine only after taking a shower or bath, when your skin is still soft and steamed. Do not do this procedure on dry. Use special foams, shaving gels, which you can borrow from your young man. Secondly, do not forget to change the blades in time. Old razors start to pull out hairs, besides on their surface there can be such quantity of various bacteria that to you and did not dream. Most devices have a special indicator, indicating that it's time to change the cassette. Therefore, as soon as the ribbon has changed color, immediately run after the new machine. Third, do not rush during shaving, do not apply pressure to the skin, remove vegetation in the direction of its growth. And in no case do not conduct the blade on the same site more than twice in one procedure. After removing the hair in the bikini area for the first two days, wear a non-synthetic, not tight fitting underwear. If you do the opposite, you will have to constantly fight with ingrown hairs. We advise you to read: