anti-cellulite massage by banks Cellulite is the number one problem for many women.21 century. In recent years, the beautiful half of humanity has paid special attention to its appearance. Women regularly visit beauty parlors and gyms in pursuit of beauty and youth. At one time science and ordinary people did not know such a thing as cellulite. In the fashion were the so-called "blood and milk" girls, pompous, with pretty, as it seemed, dimples on the body. These young ladies were a symbol of femininity. After all, they were considered capable of bringing a healthy offspring. Now the ideals have changed significantly. Women, if they do not aspire to the parameters 90-60 -90, they still dream of a slender and smart figure. However, I must say that cellulite is not always associated with excess weight. Often, this problem is faced with a fairly slender, and often lean girls. On the other hand, there are quite a few pompous ladies with elastic and tightened skin. Unfortunately, such representatives of the beautiful half of humanity is becoming less and less. There are a lot of reasons for this. This is an incorrect sedentary lifestyle, and irrational nutrition, and stress, and even a bad ecology.

How to prevent the appearance of cellulite?

  • Eat right! It's not a secret that depending on what kind of food we eat, it depends not only on the state of our health, but also on the appearance. First of all, it is necessary to eat correctly. Many of us practically do not eat anything during the whole day, and after work indulge themselves with a dense dinner. This is absolutely wrong. Eat better often, but in small portions. The body must have time to digest the food offered to it, so that excess fat deposits do not form, which lead to cellulite. It is important not only how we eat, but also what foods we eat. The modern food industry can not boast of the naturalness of its food products. In most of them are added all sorts of preservatives and flavors, which, of course, can cause harm to the human body. Try to eat only natural products. Try to reduce the consumption of fried and fatty foods. Fully eliminate from the diet carbonated drinks, alcohol and products, which include a large number of preservatives. Fruits, vegetables, cereals, natural meat and fish are the products that should form the basis of your daily diet. Adhering to the correct diet, you keep your health and attractiveness for years to come.
  • Say no to stresses! Of course, in our hard time, it's difficult to remain calm. Problems at work and in personal life make you experience stress almost every day. However, few people know that feelings and bad mood - this, we can say, is one of the main causes of health problems and, consequently, with appearance. No wonder there is a saying: "Nerve cells are not restored." In addition, stress is often the cause of overeating. This can not be denied. And, as mentioned above, improper nutrition leads to cellulite. Learn to contain your emotions and guide them in the right direction. If you can not do it yourself, you can try to support the body with antidepressants, but necessarily on a plant basis. Well-proven drugs that contain in their composition St. John's Wort. They not only reassure, but also cheer up. Medicines based on chemical components can cause cellulite. Avoid their use.
  • Move more! Of course, not everyone has the opportunity to visit the gym and engage in shaping. However, everyone can find time for a short evening walk. Move at every convenient opportunity, especially if you have a sedentary job. After all, it is because of constant sitting that stagnation in the pelvic area and blood circulation disturbance are formed. Even in the workplace, you can find time for a five-minute warm-up. And even if you stop using the elevator while living in a high-rise building, you will already notice positive results.
  • Look after your body! Regularly pamper your body with various cosmetic procedures to keep it toned. With age, the skin loses its elasticity. This is not surprising. After all, the production of collagen gradually decreases, and this can not be avoided. It is necessary to use scrubs and milk for the body, to make nutritious and firming masks. This will help to avoid the appearance of cellulite.
  • What to do if there is cellulite?

    How to be, if cellulite still appeared? What measures to take? First of all, it is necessary to determine its stage. Perhaps these are only minor signs. But it also happens that without the help of a specialist cosmetician can not do. In the first stage, dimples and tubercles are noticeable only if you squeeze a small area of ​​skin between the fingers. At the second stage of the disease, irregularities of different degrees are easy to see without producing any manipulations with the skin. A more serious stage is not only a cosmetic defect. On the body, not just appear dimples and seals. As a result of exposure to the skin, even pain can occur. This stage requires a more serious approach. Therefore, you can not do without the help of a specialist. We will tell you about ways to get rid of cellulite in earlier stages. anti-cellulite massage at home by banks

    Methods of combating cellulite

    With the problem of cellulite in the homecoping is not easy enough. You can try to fight it both independently and with the help of salon procedures. Without the use of special equipment at home, various rubbing and wrapping can be used to treat cellulite. We offer you a simple recipe available to everyone. As you know, the state of subcutaneous fat cells is beneficially affected by caffeine. It promotes their splitting. It is no accident that many expensive anti-cellulite creams are made on the basis of coffee. We offer a more accessible way of treating cellulite. Independently, you can prepare a very effective scrub. Surely, someone in your family is drinking coffee. After all, many do not imagine life without this invigorating drink. Take a couple of tablespoons of thick coffee. Add here any shower gel that you use constantly. To enhance the effect, you can add a little sea salt and a couple of drops of essential oil, which has an anti-cellulite effect. Typically, for these purposes use essential oils of citrus: orange, lemon, mandarin, grapefruit. The resulting mixture rub the problem areas directly in the shower, previously steaming the skin. You can do this simply with your hands or with a massage brush or a massage device. The duration of the procedure is 7-10 minutes. After such a massage, it is advisable to take a contrast shower and lubricate the skin with anti-cellulite cream. With regard to wraps at home, a very simple and effective at the same time are wraps with red pepper and cinnamon. Take 2 tablespoons of cinnamon and 1 tablespoon of hot chili pepper. Add in the resulting powder 30 milliliters of olive oil. You can use sunflower. Spread a mixture of problem areas - thighs, buttocks and stomach. Turn around food film. To enhance the effect, you can wear warming pants. Do not worry if you feel a slight burning sensation. This indicates that the procedure is in effect. It is necessary to wait 10-20 minutes, then wash off the pepper-cinnamon mixture with warm water. Skin slightly reddens. This is normal. Such procedures will help you quickly get rid of cellulite, especially if you start using them already at the first signs of the disease.

    Vacuum massage by the banks against cellulite

    With cellulite it is necessary to struggle in a complex way. If you add to the use of coffee scrub and wraps from pepper-cinnamon mixture anti-cellulite massage with jars, you can get rid of even cellulite at a neglected stage. Previously, can massage was done only in the salon. At the present time in many shops you can find the necessary equipment for the implementation of this procedure at home. Many people, hearing about a can of massage at home, recall childhood times and glass jars, in which it was necessary to fire to stick to the skin. And then the ugly dark brown spots that remained after such a procedure. Previously, banks treated bronchitis and osteochondrosis. Now the testimony to such a procedure has expanded, and the equipment itself has become completely different. Yes, and in our time there are glass jars. But they are equipped with a special pump and rubber nozzles, making the procedure less painful. More popular and convenient massage with silicone jars. They are very light, they just wash. There are also rubber cans. Before use, they must be heated in very hot water. Under the influence of high temperature, the cans become soft and easily adhere to the desired areas of the body. As a rule, banks for vacuum massage are sold in a set of 12 pieces. The set includes a pair of cans of different diameters: 60 mm, 50 mm, 42 mm, 35 mm, 25 mm, 17 mm. Dimensions may vary slightly. What kind of jar on the diameter to choose depends on what zone you are going to massage. The larger the area of ​​the problematic space, the greater the diameter of the equipment. You can also purchase sets for vacuum massage, which includes 2 or 4 cans. Some sets for anti-cellulite massage are equipped with special magnetic nozzles, which can be inserted inside the jar. With their help, there is an additional health effect on the body. The magnetic field penetrates into the tissue to a depth of 6 to 10 mm. Thus, the efficiency of the procedure is increased several times. The procedure for massage by banks with magnetic attachments is similar in its effect to the acupuncture session. But with this massage there is no mechanical penetration into the skin. There is exclusively an effect of electromagnetic waves on the tissues of the body. massage with anti-cellulite in the home

    Technique of performing massage by banks against cellulite

    Before the procedure you need to take a shower. It is desirable to clean the skin with a scrub. Increase the effectiveness of massage by banks using coffee scrub or wraps with pepper and cinnamon, the recipes of which are suggested above. After showering with a scrub, dry the body with a towel and prepare the body for massage with jars. The skin needs to be warmed up. Massage the skin surface without using special equipment for 5-7 minutes, using cosmetic or usual olive oil. Prepare the jars for anti-cellulite massage. Thoroughly oil them. Banks should slide freely on the body, so as not to injure it. Move along the lymph flow. On the legs - from the bottom up, and on the back - from the top down. Avoid the area of ​​the chest and stomach. Try not to affect the location of the lymph nodes. The mechanical effect on them can cause inflammation. The first massage procedures by banks can be quite painful, especially in cases where cellulite is already in the second stage. Sometimes, if the skin is particularly sensitive, bruises and swelling may remain. However, after the second procedure, discomfort and pain should disappear. Otherwise, you better not use anti-cellulite massage by banks, so as not to harm your body. Due to the action of vacuum massage from the sebaceous glands all kinds of toxic substances are released: urea salts, acetone, and also bile acids. Thus, the effect is similar to that of a bath. After carrying out of procedure of anti-cellulite massage by banks it is necessary to take a shower and to clear a skin of harmful substances. Remember, if you do massage with cans at home incorrectly, it can not only become a consequence of bruises on the body, but also lead to the opposite effect. It's no accident that many people complain that after several procedures the signs of cellulite are even more pronounced. Therefore, it is better to do at least a couple of procedures from an experienced specialist who will teach you the proper technique of massage.

    Contraindications to massage by banks

    Do not forget that massage with cans from cellulite -this is a procedure that has a serious impact on the body. She has a number of contraindications. It is strictly forbidden to do massage by banks in the following cases:

    • in the presence of tumors of different localization;
    • with a tendency to hemorrhage and thrombosis;
    • in the second half of pregnancy;
    • in the presence of inflammatory elements on the skin and pustular formations;
    • with varicose veins;
    • with diseases of the cardiovascular system of different severity;
    • with a tendency to neuroses.

    It is not recommended to do a massage with banks fromcellulite to people in a state of intoxication, after heavy physical exertion, after a hot bath. In order to avoid unpleasant consequences, it is necessary to consult with a doctor before the course of anti-cellulite massage procedures. Correctly performed massage from the cellulite banks will save you from this problem in a short time. After a week of procedures your skin will look smooth and tight, Of course, to achieve good results as quickly as possible, you need to combine this massage with a diet and a healthy lifestyle.