how to choose perfume What motivates a woman or girl in choosingthe next spirits? In fact - only her inner flair. The main criterion is a feeling of deep satisfaction, which we feel when breathing in a new fragrance. The smell should be in harmony with the type of character and personality of its owner. The woman is refined, has her own taste and style, perfectly orientates herself in perfume, always choosing the one that is right for her. Buying another flavor can be timed to a specific event or to be performed for a specific purpose: attract, charm, seduce, conquer ... True, it is necessary to act subtly and imperceptibly. Possessing a powerful influence on the senses and emotions, the fragrance, however, should not be too intrusive or provocatively harsh. And absolutely does not play any role the fact that your girlfriend uses the same perfume as you. Perfume, mixing with the individual smell of your skin, ceases to be that fashionable aroma, which beautiful advertising tells. It becomes only yours - special and unique.

Change of time of year - it's time for a new perfume!

How to choose perfume? What flavor do you prefer today? What should be taken into account so that the result does not disappoint? The time of the year, the weather outside the window, the style and color of clothes, an event for which you may buy a certain perfume, and just the mood, such a changeable and impermanent that dominates your soul at the time of purchase. Most often, we do not pay attention to these factors and are guided only by the subconscious. And then we lost in confusion the newly bought and not cheap bottle of perfume, which yesterday seemed to like, but now does not inspire ... And how to choose the right perfume? After all, in this, such a truly feminine affair, there are secrets. Let's try to please ourselves. First you need to understand for what time of year you buy perfume, because each season corresponds to a perfume with certain characteristics. The aroma of autumn is spicy, sweetish-tart and mature. A noisy hot summer flashed by, leaving behind a sea of ​​impressions. The long-awaited autumn outside the window. Finally, it was cool and fresh. But not for long, because it will soon be very cold. And we again want the warmth, the soul grieves on sunny days, anticipating the early winter with its bad weather and slush. Autumn sometimes give preference to flavors more "insistent" and "mature" - like aged wine. Let this time of waltzes of yellow-crimson foliage envelop you the spicy smells of cinnamon, vanilla. Perfume, which contains notes of pine needles, citrus, sweet spices, saturated and tart chords, can not be better suited for this time of year. Aroma of winter - warm, exciting and languid. The last foliage flew past, nature froze in anticipation of long cold. It seems that even the sun has fallen into oblivion, only for a brief moment remembering people and giving them a weak ray of light. The winter season will soon visit us. Therefore, for the upcoming season of fluffy snow and Epiphany frosts, prepare a warming and warm aroma full of spiciness and sweetness. Indulge yourself with something exotic: fruit, floral and citrus notes, but in the same "hot" interpretation, exciting blood and making the heart pound faster. Aroma of spring - new, light, fresh. So, on March 8, all women presented tulips and mimosa to all women, the snow melted, the sun grew bolder and shines cheerfully, cheerfully. The best time to buy a new fragrance than spring, just can not imagine. Yes, lovely beauties, now you can safely pick up another perfume. Spring is a time for renewal and rebirth. Complex and "heavy" scents of winter want to be changed urgently to light, invigorating, cool, light, tender, green, citrus smells. They attract more and more. Spirits with such notes refresh thoughts and feelings, raise the mood and correspond to the surrounding riot of nature. The aroma of summer is cool, grassy, ​​light. Here they are, those very sultry days, about which we managed to get bored of the cold winter. In place of the first timid warmth comes the real heat, from which at midday even a dense shadow is not saved. Daylight saving time is a really hot time. Therefore, choose the perfume should be especially carefully and thought out. Sweet, east-wood odors, as well as bright spicy perfumes should be reserved before the onset of cold weather. While warming on hot skin and mixing with the natural smell of the body, they will give a very sharp and unpleasant odor that will make people around you nervous. When the weather pleases with a high temperature and the window is really hot, it is better not to use perfume at all, interrupt for at least one day. Nevertheless, on a romantic evening, do not deny yourself the pleasure of smelling like a flower. Let the summer perfume, smelling of the barely perceptible notes of the sea breeze, cool and invigorating citruses, fresh green leaves and herbs, envelop you with tenderness and feminity, tempting and enticingly exciting mystery. perfumes how to choose

Non-standard approach in choosing a new perfume

The proposed way to acquire perfume is beautifulwill suit absolutely all women without exception. But if you want to stand out and excel, you can apply non-standard methods and choose perfume on a different basis. So, the woody and spicy aroma with notes of spices can harmoniously fit into the image of an oriental girl at any time of the year. Sharp, uninhibited, seductive and sweetish perfumes will perfectly suit the fateful shocking beauty in the winter and in the summer. Even in the heat this smell will seem to the surrounding organic and very sensual, as it will perfectly harmonize with the image of its owner. Elegant and refined blonde can always afford the fragrance of lilac and ringing thin lily of the valley. At the same gentle beauty should not be in vain to worry that she will remain without attention of others. The aroma of the sea breeze, ripe fruit, delicate flowers will further emphasize femininity and refinement, and its barely perceptible trail will make many men turn around. These are the so-called day odors, which are ideal for office or leisurely walks. For the evening it is better to choose spirits more intense and deep, the smell of which can excite the imagination and ignite the passion. By the way, psychologists generally recommend choosing a fragrance, focusing more on character. In this case, the external appearance and style go into the background. An extrovert woman, that is, a cheerful and active optimist, is better to give preference to fresh smells with floral and citrus notes. Individualistic introverts, who value inner peace and indulge in self-contemplation, are more suited to oriental flavors, smelling of spices and spices. Emotionally changeable natures, sensitive and romantic dreamers, prone to experience, you need to choose a fragrance among the aldehyde-floral spirits. But do not rely entirely on such a classification, because women are very contradictory. Today you are a cheerful optimist, tomorrow you try on the role of a manic coquette, the day after tomorrow - divas with a languid look and so on. In a number of cases it is impossible even for oneself to predict the mood for the next few hours, what then to speak of longer terms? But perfume is not chosen for one day, it is used much longer. So, maybe it's worth buying a few perfume bottles? Let all of them be loved, but everyone - in due time. Of course, it is best to choose a new fragrance once a season. So you will get several different perfumes that will correspond not only to the weather outside the window, but also to a particular occasion or your mood at a particular moment. Classic and reserved flavors are used daily - for everyday work in the office or for business lunch. Bright and spicy smells suitable for an evening rendezvous or a dinner party. And gentle, romantic and dreamy spirits save for a long-awaited date or just for yourself.

Where and how to buy?

It's not necessary to buy a whole bunchvarious perfumes and to clog them all tables and lockers. First of all, it is not very profitable, because the spirits have the property of evaporating and exhaling. In addition, over time, they can completely change their smell and even deteriorate. If you prefer to constantly change your fragrance, then better choose small bottles - so you will not only save your money, but you can avoid problems that arise with "stale" scents. But women who simply adore to spray themselves with their favorite perfumes, leaving a trail of their smell in all the premises where they visited, it is better to choose larger bottles. At them perfum certainly will not spoil. It is preferable to buy perfumes in specialized stores selling certified and certified products. Another great way is to order a perfume for catalogs. Only in this case you will be deprived of the opportunity to test a new fragrance. Buying products from catalogs, you need to know exactly what you want and how "these" or "spirits" sound. It is better to refuse to purchase perfume in "unreliable" places. If alongside expensive and refined perfumes are flacons with cheap, incomprehensible origin and with indistinct marking, then you risk spending money on a fake, which not only unpleasantly surprises the odor that is not in conformity with the claimed odor, but can also harm your health. Fake spirits are quite capable of causing allergies or even irritation on the skin, in the places where they were applied. If in one of these stores you see a very expensive and next to her cheap perfume, this can mean two things: either the owners try to satisfy the requirements of buyers of all levels, or this is a real falsification. It is said that France has long since produced nothing, since licenses are bought out by companies from different countries. It is their products and falls on the shelves of most retail outlets. This is indeed so. Even in the most popular and branded boutique, you can be offered an unoriginal perfume. But the risk to face forgery is much higher in a little-known shop that lures buyers an incredibly low price and a mysterious whisper of the seller-consultant: "Oh, yes, we directly import, without cheating!". What will a modern person do? That's right, he will ask you to show the certificate for the perfume he has chosen. Products that have all the necessary licenses are genuine. These goods can be purchased in branded boutiques. It is worth thinking about the origin of perfume, which has no certification, and in fact it is just filled with shelves of small shops. Retail outlets that value their reputation will not sell low-quality goods. So, buying perfume in a proven place, you can be sure that they will be resistant, the aroma will not disappoint, fully responding to the quality of the claimed manufacturer, and the consistency, color and smell will not change after a few days. Therefore, when choosing a new perfume, do not give in to the temptation to save and make a risky purchase. how to choose the right perfume

How to reduce the probability of error?

According to surveys based on a surveyseveral dozen modern women, we can say that we all experiment with the same pleasure and discover something new for ourselves. Going to the store for another bottle of perfume is a pleasant and very exciting event, giving joy to any woman. And there's no need to deny yourself such a trifle. By the way, the stimulus for purchasing the next perfume may not be the urgent need to replenish the collection, but a successful and well-publicized advertisement or the manufacturer's proven name. True, it should be noted that after testing another novelty, we often prefer a well-tested old one, which best matches our style and image. You can sort out just an incredible amount of fragrances, but every time you go back to only one, the purchase of which could take place quite by accident. In order to protect yourself from the unsuccessful acquisition as much as possible, go in search of a new fragrance in the afternoon. At this time, your receptors are at the peak of their activity. Do not try to buy perfume immediately. It is better to break this process into several stages. First, smell a couple of fragrances. The person's sense of smell can not correctly perceive more smells. And no coffee in this will not help. It is better to come to the store the next day and decide on the final. And some women can walk for weeks on perfume boutiques only in order to choose the very one fragrance. Do you know why it is so difficult for them to decide? Prevents the mood. Today it is cheerful and joyful, and tomorrow it has deteriorated or somehow elusively changed. Therefore, too long a choice can disappoint your result. Even if you are determined on the first attempt with a future smell, do not rush to buy perfume. Use the probe and apply a few drops of perfume to the back of your wrist. Walk around for a while, as if trying on a new fragrance, get used to it. So you will understand how it meets your expectations. If at the end of the day you are not disappointed and increasingly bring your wrist to your face, inhaling the smell you like, it means that you can go to the store and buy yourself a new perfume.

Aroma from a beloved man

By the way, the question that tortures more than one hundredwomen and relating to the ability of a beloved man to guess the fragrance for his lady, is still relevant for many. The thing is, how young a man is interested in his companion, does his inner world and character care what he wants and what he expects from a relationship with her, and, after all, how much he is able to understand and feel his chosen one. A man in love can also quite successfully choose the fragrance for his lady, if she is well aware of her tastes and preferences, knows what she wants and what she likes. But this option is more likely for couples already established and established. Most women believe that a man simply can not and does not know how to choose the right flavors. Although there are exceptions, when the spirits donated by the partner, become the most loved. But, as a rule, this, like many other things, depends on the will of the case. And another very entertaining fact: a fairly large number of women prefer the masculine fragrances, considering them more "rich" in sound and character. And you never caught yourself thinking that deep woody notes, tobacco or sandalwood attract far more than violet or verbena? True, still use the male perfume is not entirely correct. Aromas are a whole world filled with a dope of secrets, mysteries and temptations. All that you need to become "his" in it is a drop of your favorite perfume, which only suits you and makes you irresistible. Of course, the search for such a personal flavor can be delayed. But when you find it, you will not regret the time and money spent. After all, only a smell can say more about us than a thousand words. Dare, experiment, look and find yourself! We advise you to read: