deep bikini It's hard to believe that the procedure for getting rid ofintimate places from the hair is very ancient. It was invented and created by the ancient Egyptians and the ancient Romans. And if now in modern salons a deep bikini is quite an ordinary and ubiquitous procedure, in ancient times epilation of intimate ones was carried out with tweezers and scissors, and the treated bikini zone was not so deep. The drawings and hair coloring were then made with natural dyes. In Europe, hair removal, which was done only at home, arose in the Middle Ages. Naturally, epilation of a deep bikini became popular in the 20th century, as narrow and open swimsuits became fashionable. Today, in the 21st century, epilation of intimate places is a very popular procedure in all beauty salons. Deep epilation of bikini means complete hair removal, both from the pubic area, and near the external genitalia. And most women resort to this procedure regularly, even despite the cost of epilation of a deep bikini in expensive salons. Perfectly smooth and velvety skin of intimate places gives ladies special confidence in their own beauty and sexual attractiveness.

Types of hair removal bikini. Waxing

In general, there are two types of epilation of intimate places -this is a normal depilation and a deep bikini. Some consider these procedures to be hygienic, others - aesthetic. For example, deep hair removal makes it possible to make a real bikini-design afterwards, correcting the hair in intimate places in the form of a picture. From depilation, the procedure for deep epilation of the bikini zone is different in that hair removal destroys the roots of the hair, and when depilation, only their upper part is removed. Doing epilation intimate revenge at home is quite real. For example, wax epilation. Moreover, at home it is she who is most effective. It should be noted that waxing is one of the oldest methods of hair removal. She came to us from ancient Egypt, when everyone knew the queen and the beautiful Cleopatra was removing unwanted hair (including from intimate places) in this way. After this method of hair removal, a deep bikini can easily be forgotten for three weeks. When waxing, unwanted hair is removed with the help of various cosmetic waxes. This procedure is suitable for a variety of hair types. The only recommendation is to wait until the hair grows, as their length should reach one centimeter. It must be remembered that the best effect is achieved when the hair has the longest length. The minimum hair length for wax epilation of the bikini zone is five millimeters. bikini deep

Epilation in the salon. Process and preparation

Generally, wax epilation of a deep bikiniit is recommended to do all the same in the salons - the cost is not so high, and the quality of you, no doubt, will please. This procedure in the salons is the simplest and the least painful. Wax epilation has its own name - waxing. During this procedure, a special preparatory lotion is applied first to the skin area. And it is done this way: a cosmetic wax is applied to the bikini zone, which should be hot (almost 60 degrees) or warm (40 or 50 degrees). The wax thickens, gradually cooling down. Warm wax enters the hair follicle, envelops it and freezes. As soon as the wax cools down, special strips of paper are applied, which are removed along with the wax and hairs by a sharp movement. As a result, the hairs are pulled out together with the root and dead skin cells. At this point, you can feel a slight tingle. Of course, the best evidence of how the bikini depilates, reviews. If you are afraid of this procedure, you can get acquainted with reviews on Internet forums or consult with friends. It will not hurt to learn about other ways of epilation of intimate places. By the way, many of them are practically painless. For example - laser hair removal, epilation with a depilator and nozzles for bikini zones, elos-epilation and photoepilation, which is done only in salons. It is best to get full information about the deep epilation of the bikini zone: a description of the procedures, reviews, tips and recommendations. Although, in order to accurately choose the best method of deep epilation for you, it is best to consult with an experienced specialist before the procedure. Because, choosing for you the method of epilation, the master will always take into account the stiffness, thickness and even color of hair. So, the right way to choose the method. It is recommended not to sunbathe and do not take a hot bath before epilation. Pubic hair is cut to 5-7 millimeters, and you also need to take a refreshing shower. Deep epilation of bikini is performed in the supine position on the back. Necessary tools must be treated with a disinfectant. Hands also disinfect or protect with gloves. After a deep epilation in the bikini zone, a moisturizing, softening or healing cream should be applied to the skin. Sometimes special almond oil is used instead of it, which has high softening properties. Since the skin at this point is very irritated, it needs time to restore its functions. It is recommended to cancel for a while and visits to the solarium, and sunbathing.

Epilation at home. Cold wax

If this procedure is carried out periodically andcorrectly, the hairs become softer and softer and gradually thin. There is a gradual almost complete disposal of intimate places from unnecessary hairs. And this is another plus in favor of this procedure - wax hair removal is more than compensated by the absence of spending on more expensive or, conversely, very inexpensive ways of deep epilation of the bikini zone. After all, the former are practically as effective, and the latter, if compared, are almost ineffective. In addition to hair removal at home with hot and warm wax, there is also a method of cold wax. At the same time, cosmetic wax is used, which can be simply heated in hands. The undoubted advantage of this method can be attributed to the fact that cold wax is very convenient to take in any trip and independently conduct the procedure until the next visit to the salon. Cold wax is usually sold in tubes. It looks like ready-made strips of non-woven fabric or cellophane. Such strips are easy and easy to warm up in the palms of your hands. After that, warmed up strips of wax should be quickly pressed to the desired area of ​​the skin and one sharp move to break. Deep epilation with cold wax will save you from unnecessary hair for four weeks. It is believed that this method of hair removal is most suitable for epilation of the zone of deep bikini and legs. However, wax epilation of the bikini zone also has contraindications. These can be the following factors: various skin diseases, individual intolerance of ingredients that make up cosmetic waxes, various forms of herpes, infectious diseases, varicose veins and diabetes. In carrying out this procedure, in no case can not touch warts and large moles on the skin. deep bikini epilation

On the benefits of salon procedures

Generally, self depilation is soIntimate zone is fraught with unpredictable consequences. And it does not matter what the depilation is done - wax or epilator. First, doing it yourself is not very convenient. Secondly, to use a depilator or wax strips you must first learn and practice in the gentle places. Thirdly, you still are not an expert to determine exactly which depilation is more suitable for you. However, many women before the visit to the salon are stopped by elementary shyness - after all, exposure of intimate places to strangers. That's why they torment their multi-stage adall zone of a bikini with a depilator or wax, and even pull out the hairs with tweezers. But you do not hesitate to visit the doctor? Hence, treat and salon procedure properly. In general, this embarrassment is called false. Still, professional hair removal will be much more effective than hair removal at home, even if you do everything right. In addition, salon procedures are usually less painful than independent hair removal with wax and even a depilator. And the master's abilities are incomparably greater. So think before you experiment on your body. Do not forget about contraindications, having decided on a deep epilation of the bikini zone. In the end, health is more important than the desire to look fashionable and sexy. Remember, a woman is endowed with the ability to remain beautiful always and in spite of everything. We advise you to read: