causes of thinness While most people are trying to findways to reduce your weight, there are also people who can be difficult to gain weight. In the people there is a saying "Not a horse's food". That's just such people and suffer from a shortage of weight: they seem to eat enough, but do not get better. The question of weight gain is mainly of interest to people with rapid metabolism. This category includes mostly boys and girls in adolescence, since at this time calories are consumed most actively. Meanwhile, it is worth noting that it is not difficult to gain weight in a month. It all depends on what weight gain you want to achieve. To get a positive result, you should pay attention to the diet and your diet. It is desirable not to skip meals and include high-calorie foods in your daily diet. But this does not mean that you need to run to the fridge or to the store, picking up a bunch of high-calorie, but not nutritious food. you want to gain weight, not to swim with fat. You need to eat foods that help you gain muscle mass and enrich the body with nutrients. Following the tips below, you can gain weight in a month without too much stress and unnecessary costs. to add weight should be more often eat

Eat to gain weight

Eat and eat often. Despite the fact that everyone must comply with this rule, this is especially true for those who are trying to gain weight. "There are often" means that you should eat 5-6 times a day little by little and be sure to get from the food you eat nutrients. In your diet should not include unhealthy food and sugar, you need to consume a lot of protein and carbohydrates. Of course, getting better, you want to get a healthy body, and not a thin trunk with a belly. Your snacks during the day should be nutritious. Suitable nuts, dried fruits and seeds. Eat sandwiches made with peanut butter or other nut oils; make a filling for sandwiches from lean slices of turkey or chicken breast with the addition of caloric cheese or avocado. You could buy nutritional supplements that promise weight gain and muscle growth. But some of these products may contain hidden ingredients that may be harmful, or compounds that have not been studied and pose a health hazard. Even if you consider that drinking carbonated drinks and coffee is a good way to gain weight, it is harmful to health. Better include in your diet protein (protein) cocktails or just drink milk 2-3 times a day. Regular use of whole milk for a month will help you gain weight. exercises for recruiting mass

Products to help you gain weight in a month

Whole eggs. This is an inexpensive food, enriched with protein, vitamins A, D, E. Oil. Oil will help increase your weight. But the consumption of oil should be in moderation, otherwise it will hurt your heart. Tuna. Vital fatty acids of tuna contain a lot of "healthy" fats, which not only help with weight gain, but also help maintain physical health. Natural fruit juice. A useful and nutritious way to gain the desired kilograms - drink 100% fruit juice, which is enriched with sugar and natural nutrients. Bread from whole wheat. you can eat healthy food and gain weight by eating whole wheat bread, a piece of which contains about 69 calories. Peanut butter. A pasty product that is spread on bread. This will give you about 192 calories, plus it has a high protein content. Cheese. One serving of cheddar cheese contains 69 calories. Cheese - concentrated milk, so it is rich in protein and calcium, fat and, of course, "cheese" calories. Olive oil. Adding extra fats when cooking is a simple way of adding calories. Therefore, olive oil will do you the right service. Bananas. One banana contains about 100 calories. Not only are these fruits rich in carbohydrates and nutrients, they are also great for snacking, and they are always convenient to take with you. Yogurt. Natural low fat yogurt can give you as much as 118 calories. Include it in your daily diet, and the desired weight will be typed faster. Oats. A plate of oatmeal is the perfect nutritious breakfast. This product contains a lot of fiber, which provides the body with vital substances. weight gain results for the month

Do exercises to gain weight

Strength exercises. To increase weight, you need to focus on aerobic exercise and strength exercises, which are designed to load many muscle groups. Here are some of them:

  • Begin to develop the muscles of the chest with dumbbells.
  • Begin to run in the mornings or evenings. You can also do cycling or walking.
  • Hang on the bar. This will help strengthen the muscles of the hands and abdomen.
  • Strengthen the muscles of the thighs and buttocks: do squats and alternately then stand on your toes, then go down on your feet.

By doing such exercises, you build up muscles,"Burn" unnecessary fats and, of course, will have an excellent appetite. In addition to doing the exercises, stay still. Follow the rule: the energy consumed must be less than the incoming energy. It will be very useful for you to just lie on your favorite couch near the TV. You can take food with you, but keep in mind that it should not be greasy. The best food is iron, meat (beef), fish, apples, bananas, peaches, walnuts. Sometimes getting better in a month is more difficult than losing weight. But still, everyone can do it. Do not "lean" on high-calorie food at once, but increase food intake gradually. Get well and stay healthy!