Meaning of a beard diet in green foods Ksenia Borodina is a well-known socialitelioness, as well as the "immortal" leader of the sensational television project with an ambiguous reputation of "Dom-2". Xenia has always been famous for its sharpened figure, beautiful forms and a harmonious body. But the long-awaited pregnancy and the birth of a beautiful daughter added 15 kg of excess weight. For a secular person, this is always a strong blow and a big trouble, as for any skinny girl, whose joy of motherhood is upset only by the unbearable extra pounds.

The history of the appearance of the Borodino diet

Before the stellar girl a global question arose: how to restore the previous dimensions? Ksusha almost 24 hours a day was in front of the camera lenses. The new "image" of the young mother could scare half of the fans. It was urgent to take radical measures. The girl needed to come up with something effective and quick - and the famous diet of Xenia Borodina appeared. Until now, it is not clear until the end how the now sensational diet of Borodina saw the light and who developed it: the TV presenter herself or one of the famous dieticians of Moscow. The main thing is one thing: the glory of the diet deservedly earned not due to a well-known name, but solely because of the effective results of weight loss. For a week of diet Ksusha Borodinoj it is quite real to get rid of 5-10 kg. The diet invented by Borodino is not nonsense. On all the famous cucumbers, many people were offloading days. This scheme of nutrition is also called a diet for weight loss of the abdomen. She promises it minus 5 kg in one day. But, unlike the real cucumber diet, Ksyushin's principle of nutrition has some changes. Her menu allows you to consume vegetables green and greens. cooking vegetable soup for weight loss

The positive and negative aspects of the diet

Everyone who is solved with the help of dietarynutrition to lose weight, meticulously examines each of the proposed techniques, analyzes its pros and cons. The diet of Xenia Borodina has five strengths.

  • The first plus is the availability of a large number ofchlorophyll in the diet. This element is found in the green parts of some vegetables and herbs (avocado, cucumber, olives, lettuce, parsley, spinach, some cabbage, rhubarb, zucchini, green onion, Bulgarian pepper green) and effectively helps to reduce body weight. Scientists from the University of Michigan this fact has long been proven. Thanks to their discovery, the so-called "green diet" appeared. It was designed for very obese people who are obese. Borodin somewhat modified it and more adapted to our modern way of life.
  • The second plus is vitamins. Without them, no proper nutrition can consider itself as such. In the issue of diet, vitamins are given special importance, because the goal of any such method of nutrition is to reduce body weight, but you also need to think about health. And green vegetables these very vitamins are rich and even very much. For example, green bulgarian pepper - the record holder for the vitamin C contained in it and in addition rejuvenates the body with phytoncides, useful citric and tartaric acids. Already in the yellow and red pepper these substances are an order of magnitude smaller. Similar "achievements" are famous for many other green vegetables from the menu of Xenia Borodina.
  • The third plus is the low calorie content of dishes fromslimming Ksyusha. In addition, the diet contains vegetables that have a negative calorie content: spinach and cabbage. The unique diet of Xenia Borodina is pleasant in that hunger is almost not felt, and the daily intake of calories does not exceed 400 kcal.
  • The fourth plus is satiety. For the excellent satisfaction of hunger, we must again thank the green vegetables. High content of coarse fibers in zucchini, avocado, cabbage, zucchini, etc. allows a person to feel a sense of satiety faster. A cucumber helps to reduce appetite. This main component of the secular lioness menu is 96% natural water. It fills the volume of the stomach, which, in turn, sends certain impulses to the brain, and the person realizes that he is full.
  • The fifth plus is an amazing result. 100 volunteers with overweight were tested. 92 of them in the first week said goodbye to the extra 5-10 kg. But the most important thing is that at the end of the entire course, weight does not begin to recruit rapidly. It remains at the desired level. Proof of this is directly the star-studded TV presenter, who admits that she does not mind being pampered with a piece of cake or other pastries, but as she has a shortage of time to visit the gym, she has to keep herself in amazing form only thanks to her own nutrition program.

But the Borodina diet does not consist only of advantages. Like a medal, it also has a downside, that is, its minuses.

  • The first negative is a monotonous food. Although such a minus can be safely appropriated to any diet aimed at reducing weight. Therefore, one should not sit on a monotonous diet for more than two weeks. Whatever vitamins are saturated during this period and how useful the rough fibers are, this is the same food every day! The organism needs a variety and a break even from the most useful vegetable. Hence the first rule: the maximum number of dietary days lasts two weeks, then a mandatory one-week break.
  • The second negative - very fast weight loss. Doctors are not tired of saying that rapid weight loss can turn out to be a real stress for our entire body. Therefore, to monitor yourself is necessary. With fast weight loss, a break of 1-2 days is possible, then you can continue dietary meals.

the use of spinach is possible in any quantity

The many-sided diet of Xenia Borodina

The fact that Ksyushina's technique is effective and helpsto lose weight to young mothers, it is now clear. Mighty chlorophyll is able to restore the normal production of estrogens, regenerate the reproductive system of the recently given woman, moderate the growing appetite, change the metabolic rate and increase the production of milk for infant feeding. However, Xenia Borodina is due not only to young mothers who are eager to return to their former form, but also all "slaves" of a bad habit, such as smoking. And again for this is to thank chlorophyll. The abundance of green vegetables in their diet is able not only to deal with the terrible consequences of cigarettes, but also helps to quit smoking. This side of the diet for Borodina was no less important than the wasp waist. For a long time Ksusha persuaded herself to leave a bad habit in the past, but each time she broke down. Now she answered not only for her health, she had the meaning of life - her little princess. Borodina had another powerful stimulus. Chlorophyll magically removes almost all the shortcomings of the female appearance caused by smoking. It removes an unpleasant odor from the mouth, due to the rapid regeneration of tissues, the skin becomes younger, and the body is tightened, inflammation goes away, immunity grows stronger, the state of the intestinal microflora improves, the wounds and ulcers heal faster. And most importantly, there is a cleansing of blood at the molecular level and strengthening of cell membranes, which gives the skin a healthy hue. On this positive properties of chlorophyll does not end. After all, it not only easily eliminates harmful influence on the body from smoking, but also helps to destroy the root cause of these problems - smoking. In America, chlorophyll is available in the form of tablets and acts as an additional means in the fight against smoking. Xenia took as a basis all this information and decided to follow the example of the inhabitants of the West, replacing tablets with the natural content of a unique component, and made green vegetables the main constituent of their diet. the results of the xenia beard diet can be observed after a month

Approximate menu of the Borodino diet

Everyone can make and paint himselffood intake. It depends entirely on personal preference. The main thing - just stick to the permissible amount of kcal per day. A sample TV presenter's menu looks like this: Breakfast. 2 small fresh cucumbers and 2 rye crumbs, which can be replaced with dried rye bread or three grain loaves. Drink everything green or, in the form of a rare exception, black tea without sugar. You can drink a glass of mineral water. Dinner. Vegetable soup, which must be prepared from any green vegetables. Vegetables can be mixed in any ratio. Those who are hard to completely abandon the salt, you can slightly podsolit. For the soup, the following vegetables and herbs are suitable: avocado, cucumber, lettuce, artichoke, spinach, olives, rhubarb, parsley, dill, cabbage, zucchini, green bell pepper, green onions, as well as celery, beets and radishes. Dinner. Salad of four fresh cucumbers and greens. You can fill it with a spoon of olive oil. Cucumbers can be replaced by cabbage (200 g), Bulgarian pepper (4 pcs.) Or avocado (2 pcs.). For a salad of greenery, you can take dill, parsley, spinach, green onions, lettuce leaves and beet tops, radish, celery. During the day, you need to drink tea without sugar, pure or mineral water.