stupid habits of husbands All of us, that men, that women, we have our own,sometimes peculiar habits. We get along with them and stop noticing them. Well, knowingly they say that habits, they say - the second nature. Nature is nature, and we are quite comfortable with them ... Until these "cute habits" do not start to irritate someone and do not fall into the category of "stupid". Of course, this applies mainly to those who most often encounter them. That is spouses. The silly habits of husbands and wives are often the main cause of differences between them. And they may well become a reason for divorce. Why is this happening? Can not people, meeting even before the marriage, do not notice not very pleasant habits of each other? Can not. They see them, of course. Especially when there are more than one day. It's only at the stage of establishing relationships and falling in love that such habits seem unusual or inessential. But then, in the family life, suddenly begin to callous eyes and even enrage. The result - the cooling of feelings, the decline of sexual interest, alienation of spouses, treason, family breakdown and other unpleasantness of marriage ... And all because of the fact that, for example, a husband likes to eat directly from a frying pan, and the wife can not resist buying another hat . Well, is not it funny? Unfortunately no. Because too often in young families is like. And those who are older, things are not much better. This is a very common problem, familiar to many people. So what happens to us and how to deal with it?

General features of relations between men and women

Our world is inhabited by heterosexual people, and from thisfact can not get away anywhere. Otherwise, probably, it would be unbearably boring to live. At the same time, men and women differ not only in their physical sex characteristics. They differently understand the essence of things and perceive reality as a whole. And therefore can not consider a thing from the same point of view. And this means that the confrontation between men and women is an ineradicable and eternal thing. That's it, this very thing, inherent in nature itself, confrontation and leads to problems in communication between the sexes. Well, for example, take the notorious female logic, over which the representatives of the stronger sex constantly mock. Like, in the head of the ladies there is a continuous chaos, and therefore you can not trust them in any case. Today one is thrown out, another tomorrow, the next day - the third. In a word, unreliable, uncontrollable and unpredictable. I must say that they are right. A true woman in her actions can not match a rigid and limited male logic. She's just thinking differently! More intuitive, more abstract and therefore, from the point of view of men, somewhat chaotic. But this in no way speaks of women's unreliability. In the end, the most important thing in the world - the birth and upbringing of children - is entrusted to the representatives of the weaker sex. So what's the question, who is more reliable in this world ... Well, we're not talking about reliability now. We are trying to deal with the stupid habits of husbands and wives and with an attitude towards them. So, men are irritated by female illogicality. And women, in turn, are male boring and stubborn. Tell me, you tell him, you tell him to shake out the ashtray and wash the dishes behind him - it's all to no avail! And about the removal of garbage and not worth talking about. This is anecdotes tell. Especially he acts on nerves, or what? No, not on purpose. Our men have a brain like that, there are simply no places for ashtrays, utensils, garbage and other rubbish. Therefore, they do not remember such nonsense. And we get angry, irritated, scandalous, believing that they treat us disdainfully. They also think that everything is in order and quickly write down a "scandalous nagger" in the category of hysterics. No, but why, really, scream something? You think, a mountain of dirty dishes and full ashtrays around the house ... The ceiling did not fall from this! That's about the situation with the attempts of men and women to find a consensus in communication. The problem is that we do not take into account the gender characteristics of each other. And we try to make each other think as we think. And this is simply impossible. Fruitless attempts to impose their own view of the world on their own half lead to a cooling of feelings. And such dear to the heart of the quirks of this half turn into annoying, sometimes leading to white-hot habits. End all this can be deplorable. But because of what ?! Let's see, what habits of spouses most often complain about the representatives of both sexes. habits of husbands

Bad female habits from the point of view of men

So, how can we so irritate our faithful?

  • A shyness. Yes, we can not take it away from us. We love to talk. This is a psychological need and can not escape from it anywhere. That's just bothering with talking to men, we do not consider one. Their brains are not able to quickly perceive and analyze the sea of ​​information that a woman can splash out within a few minutes. We chatter, a man does not have time to realize what is at stake. And he begins to get irritated;
  • Aspiration to buy a bunch of shoes and a lot of unnecessaryfrom the male point of view of things. I must say that such actions can not afford all the representatives of the weaker sex. Therefore, they should irritate when there is not enough money in the family. And if you have enough, why not buy something? It's just a hobby. And it's nice, besides;
  • Love to serials. Yes, women like TV shows. Because everything is beautiful there. And then - not very much. Here also it would be desirable sometimes to distract from concoction, the washing machine, dirty plates and a dust on corners;
  • Habit for a long time to meet for a meeting orparty. And no, probably, we will jump out into the street disheveled, with smeared make-up and in a suit that grows old and full! A woman should be a woman. And look like one hundred percent;
  • The habit of grumbling and itching for any reason. Here, men will have to agree. Always displeased with all the lady will drive everyone mad;
  • Habit of asking: "Do you love me?". Yeah ... So it's hard to say "Yes", or what? However, we indeed are often too intrusive and we can ask such a question a hundred times a day:
  • The habit of checking her husband's e-mail, hisPockets, messages and calls on your mobile phone and monitor its actions. It's hard to argue with men here. Total control can not touch and rejoice. And women often get carried away. And to refuse such actions the overwhelming majority of them simply can not. Well, at least it should at the time make it thinner, unnoticeable and do not throw yourself at the pious with a crushing cry: "And what is this Tanyushka (Viktor Petrovich, Claudia Ivanovna) who called you ?!"
  • Well, to which our habits are often complained by men, we have partly understood. Now let's see what habits of husbands are usually murmured by wives.

    Bad male habits from the perspective of women

    So what, as a rule, do husbands blame on their wives?

  • Unwillingness to wash the dishes. Yes, few representatives of the stronger sex are burning with love for this process. Well, it is not clear to them, why wash over the plate, if you can collect a whole mountain, and then ... And then wait for her wife to wash her;
  • Spreading around the house of socks, shirts,wet towels and so on. There is such, truly. In fairness, I must say that not all men are so careless. There are also pedants who carefully monitor that every thing in the house is always in its place. And it is not known what is better - pick up expensive socks and towels or constantly listen to him from the whole tirade of moralizing and reproaches in his own sloppiness;
  • The ability to sit in the toilet for hours. They sit, for sure. And what are they only doing there all this time? Even there are copies that have built themselves in such a cozy place for laptops, books and magazines. That's ... Thinkers, in a word;
  • Forgetfulness towards family memorialsYes, there. Actually, of course, it's a shame when your lover forgot about the date of the wedding. But we have already discussed above about the differences in male and female thinking. Well, we remember all this, but they do not;
  • The habit of bawling at the whole house, if the belovedThe football team scores a goal or, conversely, misses it. No, well, what's wrong? The ball in someone's gate is common! Why so nervous? The answer to this question is given at the beginning of this article. Thinking they have!
  • The habit of wearing the same clothes for decades. And this despite the fact that the wardrobe is full of new things. Here he loves this darned - a patted sweater and battered jeans, and that's it! It is directly ashamed before associates for such outfit of the faithful:
  • The habit of lying for hours on the couch, constantly switching channels of the TV. Lies, lies ... Or maybe let him lie? And then he will run away to the left!
  • Well, that's all for now. I must say that these so annoying habits of the husbands' husbands at the stage of courtship even make it more attractive. "Oh, how cute he is in this old sweater!" Oh, how brave he seems, when he is rooting for his football team! ". And so on. Familiar? It is familiar to many. And these facts can be considered weighty for the decision to break the relationship? It's funny. And it's not funny, because they really are often a reason for the gap. How with them, with these habits, then be? Correct? Do not notice? To be reconciled? habits of husbands

    How to relate to the habits of your half

    Quite frankly, all those habits that wenow they say, the true cause of the breakdown of relations are not. The reason for this is usually the accumulated irritation. When every day spouses find fault with each other's actions, do not expect a good one. If they value their feelings, one should think about their behavior. And, finally, understand that all people are different. And habits only emphasize the individuality of a person. This, of course, does not apply to bad habits. In general, the tendency to criticize other people and try to fix something in them is also a bad habit. No one wants to constantly listen to edification and criticism in his address. The family is not built on the idea of ​​improving another person. On the contrary. Marriage means that the husband and wife accept a friend as they are. And we rush to redo something. Well, he's throwing clothes, well, she's talking on the phone for hours, so what? Would it be better when he drinks, and she changes lovers, like gloves? Is it because of some small household inconsistencies that the family should fall apart? The manner of behavior of men and women is different. Her sex dictates. If a stronger sex starts to engage in women's affairs, eventually, it acquires feminine features. If a girl tries to think and act rationally and logically, sooner or later she will behave like a man. Who needs it? It's a disaster! Yes, let husbands crawl sofas and toss wet towels on the floor! Only at the same time they remain earners and defenders. And let the women hang for hours on the phone, act illogically and behave impulsively. But they remain guardians of the hearth and mothers. Or, in the end, let them sometimes switch roles. Too it is useful. In general, trying to change another person is a thankless task. The more we accuse our loved ones of something, the more they resist. Such resistance in the end can turn into anything: a protest in the form of treason, drunkenness, divorce. But it all started with grumbling about unwashed plates and about the habit of her husband for a long time to sit in the toilet. The family is also a collective. It has the same principles for resolving disputes and drawing up contracts. If the habits of the spouse are simply besieged, you can simply discuss it calmly with him. And to come to some general agreement and agreement. Just do not in such a situation attack your soul mate, blaming a heap of flaws. It is better to try with a friendly irony to draw her attention to certain habits and gently explain why they cause discomfort to others. In principle, you can find a lot of ways to solve the problem. Is your husband throwing clothes around? We'll get a little dog. They like to drag what is lying around in a secluded corner. The wife makes you wait too long, going to a party? Well, we will not wait a couple of times. Let her get to the destination itself! Cunning, you must be. And more diplomatic. And do not fuck like a tank on the front line, which has two options - either from a fighter in the forehead grenade get, or this soldier in the ground to bury. If a person has habits, then he exists as a person. Otherwise it's just a robot. And to live with a mechanical creation is not so easy. And not very interesting. Each of his actions is correct, every intention is predictable. Such a fresh life can rise quite quickly across the throat. Of course, there are situations when the habits of the second half become a drop overflowing the cup of patience. Usually this happens if the relationship between a man and a woman has already worn out. But in this case, and talk about someone's habits is not necessary. They are either absent or of no special importance here. Feelings are no more. So, there are no problems of habits either. Small and not very antagonisms between the sexes - absolutely normal phenomenon. They serve to balance the different poles of the world and contribute to natural harmony. Hence, man and woman are two opposite poles, the method of interaction of which is unchanged. Such a hopeless prospect. And such a wonderful prospect! Because as long as things will be exactly this way, humanity will have chances of love. If you turn everything upside down, the odds are likely to disappear. And we need love so much! So let's look at the inconvenient, but, by and large, simply the funny habits of our halves. We advise you to read: