how to make jelly gel On the eve of the upcoming holidays before eachmistress is the actual question - what to cook for the New Year's table? Surely you already have your tried and tested recipes for hot dishes, salads, cakes and snacks. Whatever it was, but there is no need to regale guests with the same food every year, because there must be some variety. Today, we propose to study several ways of preparing an appetizing dessert - jelly from gelatin.

Jelly "Slastena" made of sour cream with gelatin

Preparation of this jelly at first glance mayseem complicated, but this is an erroneous impression. Even if you do not have outstanding culinary skills, we guarantee that you will be able to cook this dish. The recipe is very simple and consists of a set of products available to everyone. The only drawback of dessert "Slastena" is that you will need quite a lot of time to wait for the hardening of the jelly layers, which are only three. But the effort spent on cooking will pay off a hundredfold - all guests will be happy! Ingredients:

  • one sachet of gelatin
  • one and a half glasses of ordinary water
  • two 300-gram packages of sour cream
  • granulated sugar
  • 100 grams of homemade jam (we used crimson, but you can take any other)
  • 10 grams of cocoa powder
  • Vanillin, as well as citric acid, put on your taste
  • coffee (always soluble) - 1/3 teaspoon
  • two chicken eggs

Cooking method: This jelly, consisting of three different in color and taste layers, is the perfect festive dessert. Especially it will be pleasant to kids who simply adore sweets. Start the preparation of the dish by pouring the gelatin into the bowl and pour it with cool boiled water (you need about one and a half cups). Let it stand for about an hour, and when it swells, place the dishes on a weak fire and cook with constant stirring. Gelatin must dissolve - only then remove it from the plate and pour into three different cups. Each of them is covered with a lid so that the mass does not freeze, since it must remain in the liquid state. The next step is to prepare the first layer of dessert. Note that according to the recipe you will need 600 grams of sour cream, that is, 200 for each "floor" of jelly, so do not immediately use the entire product. So, pour half a glass of sugar in a deep plate and put the sour cream here, then thoroughly mix everything until smooth. Then add the cocoa, as well as vanillin and citric acid, to your taste. 1/3 of a small spoon of coffee, dilute with warm water and add to the previous ingredients. A few more times mix everything and pour out one serving of gelatin. Whip the food with a fork, and then pour the finished mass over the keram. Put the jelly on the top shelf in the refrigerator and wait until it freezes. This will take about 40 minutes. Now you need to prepare a second layer of dessert. Here the principle of action is the same as in the first case, the only difference is that the composition of the necessary products varies slightly. Mix 200 grams of sour cream with 1/2 cup of sugar, and when it is dissolved, enter the eggs pre-whipped beforehand. Citric acid and vanillin add to the dish, focusing on your taste. Pour gelatin from the second glass all the ingredients and mix them thoroughly until smooth. The resulting mass is distributed over the keramaks, but first check whether the coffee layer of the jelly is stiff. Then put the dessert in the refrigerator for an hour and a half. Preparation of dessert comes to the end stage, where you will need to make the third "floor" of the dish. Take the remains of granulated sugar and mix it with sour cream, this time vanillin and citric acid are not necessarily added. As for jam, you will only need sweet syrup, so if there are berries in it, get rid of them. Now combine it with sour cream, enter the gelatin from the last glass and carefully mix everything, pour over the third jelly layer. Send the dessert to the fridge, but despite the fact that it will seize in about 30 minutes, keep it there for at least an hour and a half. Since jelly only on top will be dense, but inside it will remain liquid. This dish looks very nice in transparent kremankah due to the multi-colored layers, but for lack of such it can be made in a deep salad bowl. To remove the jelly, just lower the bottom of the dishes in hot water, covering it with a plate on top. After turn over the dessert and cut into portions. Consider that it melts pretty quickly! Another little advice on making jelly. If you did not find a jam, do not get discouraged. Make the last layer exactly the same as the first, that is, from the same products. Just replace coffee and cocoa with two tablespoons of beet juice, which will give the jelly a bright colorful color. gelatin jelly

Bulgarian recipe for jelly with gelatin

This jelly for the Bulgarian recipe can be preparedfor a friendly party or a romantic meeting with a lover. Children do not need to serve this dish, because it includes alcohol. Ingredients:

  • packing of instant gelatin
  • 125 milliliters of non-pressurized water
  • natural yoghurt without additives - two liters
  • 100 grams of sugar
  • a little rum (you can use cognac)
  • half a small lemon

Cooking method: We recommend using instant gelatin, as it does not need to be heated and boiled, which will save your time considerably. So, pour the product into a bowl and pour it with water, stir well, and after fifteen minutes strain and pour with boiling water (two tablespoons is enough). Then put on a steam bath natural yogurt, add sugar and rub it well. After combine the finished mass with gelatin and enter into it grated on a fine grated lemon zest and fifteen milliliters of rum or cognac. Mix several times with a whisk of all the ingredients and pour the mixture into shapes that are rinsed with cool water beforehand. Before serving, you can decorate the dessert with chocolate or pour a special syrup. As you can see, it's quite easy to prepare a dish, so we strongly recommend this, especially since soon there will be an occasion - upcoming holidays.

Curd - yoghurt gel

This is another recipe for jelly from yogurt with gelatin and cottage cheese. The dish turns out to be incredibly tender and appetizing, and it's a matter of ten minutes to cook it. Ingredients:

  • 40 grams of gelatin
  • 100 milliliters of not too fatty sour cream
  • cottage cheese - 200 grams
  • two glasses of natural yogurt
  • three tablespoons (large) sugar

Cooking method: First pour gelatin with cold water and let it steep for a while. Then put on a small fire and cook until the condition of a thin adhesive, without forgetting at the same time constantly stir. When the mixture begins to boil, leave it to cool. In the meantime, cottage cheese along with sugar, rub into small crumbs, then pour over ready-made gelatin, sour cream and natural yoghurt. Stir the mixture until smooth, so that there is not a single lump. To do this, we recommend using either a mixer or a blender. Spread the jelly into cups, krepanki or other forms and send it to the refrigerator, but by no means in the freezer, otherwise you'll just spoil the dish. In three hours you can safely start the meal! Preparation of gelatin from gelatin

Sour cream jelly with prunes

Surely such a dessert as stuffedwalnuts prunes, poured whipped with sugar sour cream, a sign to many. We suggest using the same products in combination with other ingredients to make jelly. Preparation of a dish is a pleasure, as it takes a minimum of time and does not require special talents. Ingredients:

  • 1000 milliliters of sour cream (take an average fat content)
  • one handful of prunes (you can put more or less, depending on your wishes)
  • ½ cup of granulated sugar
  • Instant gelatin - one sachet

Cooking method: To prune is not hard and too dry, first wash it, and then pour boiling water. Gelatine is poured into a deep plate, then add not too cold water. The product will swell after fifteen minutes, but if you want to speed up this process, put the dishes in the microwave for a few seconds. Voila, now everything is ready! Sugar sand with sour cream with a fork, of course, it is better to use a blender - then the mass will be perfectly homogeneous and very airy. Put gelatin into it and mix well. As for the prunes, then drain the liquid and cut the product with small pieces, and then spread out the forms. Pour the jelly into the jelly and put it to freeze on the balcony or in the fridge. If you are preparing a dish for a festive feast, then we recommend decorating it. To do this, suitable fresh mint leaves, chocolate, special cream or, for example, crushed walnuts, which you can sprinkle dessert. Now you do not need to puzzle over what sweet dish to cook for the holidays! Use these recipes and your guests will be happy! We advise you to read: