how to make jelly Sweet brings up the mood - this fact is alreadyhas long been proven by scientists. That is why during the autumn melancholy, a blockage at work or, for example, turmoil on the love front, the hand is drawn to something insanely high-calorie and chocolate. You can eat cakes, cakes, buy sweets - in general, with might and main is gluttony. But there is one dish that raises the mood and at the same time does not hit the figure. Can you guess what it is? Well, of course, jelly! This light and delicate dessert is a real find for sweet tooth. Therefore, we suggest learning how to cook it, believe me, it's quite simple. Especially on the eve of the holidays, the below mentioned recipes will definitely help you, because surely your house will be full of guests. Surprise your loved ones with your culinary skills, and your beloved with a mouth-watering dessert.

Three-layered jelly "Lakomka"

If you do not know how to make jelly, justread this recipe. All actions are very simple and straightforward, so even if you are not a great cook and do not cook too often, you can easily master this dessert. Ingredients:

  • one packing of gelatin
  • water - one and a half cups
  • 600 grams of sour cream
  • one and a half cup of granulated sugar
  • 100 grams of any jam (we recommend raspberry, strawberry or currant)
  • one teaspoon of cocoa
  • Vanillin and citric acid - for your taste
  • 1/3 small spoon of instant coffee
  • two eggs

Cooking method: This dessert consists of three different layers, differing in color. The dish turns out to be insanely tasty and beautiful in appearance, so it can be proudly put on a festive table or prepared for a child for a birthday. So, to begin with, pour into a bowl a half cup of boiled and cooled water and pour gelatin into it. After 60 minutes, heat it on a low heat, stirring occasionally. When the product completely dissolves, remove it from the plate and pour into three cups, tightly covering each lid or plate. This is necessary in order to gelatin not frozen, but remained in a liquid state. The first stage is the preparation of the lower layer of jelly. Stir half a glass of sugar with sour cream (you need 200 grams) when it dissolves, add cocoa powder and coffee, and then citric acid and vanillin. Thoroughly mix all ingredients with a spoon and fill them with one cup of gelatin. Whisk all until smooth and pour into a prepared container. If you want the dish to look beautiful, use a special transparent crockery. Some sources suggest to lubricate the walls of the dishes with a small amount of vegetable oil, but we do not recommend this, since it is possible to spoil the dish with a sunflower after-taste. Put the form on the top shelf in the refrigerator, but in any case not in the freezer. The time of hardening of the jelly is half an hour or 40 minutes. By the way, that the mass turned out without lumps, we recommend that you dissolve coffee in one or two tablespoons of warm water, so it will be much easier to achieve uniformity. While the first layer is solidifying, prepare the second layer. To do this, combine 200 grams of sour cream, ½ cup of sugar and two eggs, pre-whipped with a whisk. Sprinkle a little citric acid and a pinch of vanillin, then add the gelatin from the second cup. After carefully mix everything and pour into the creamer over the first coffee layer, which should be well frozen. Put the dishes in the refrigerator, but keep in mind that this time the jelly will freeze longer than the first time (about an hour and a half). You have very little left. The third layer consists of the remaining sour cream, sugar and jam. As for the last product, you will only need fruit juice, so you have to get rid of the berries. And if the jam is too thick, dilute it with a little warm water - in the end you should get half a glass of sweet syrup. The citric acid and vanillin are not necessary to add to the jelly, act on your own. So, having combined all the above ingredients, put gelatin into them, stir well, pour into the creamer over the second layer of jelly and put it to freeze. The weight will seize in half an hour, however it is only from above, inside everything will be still too liquid. Therefore, keep the dessert in the refrigerator for at least two hours. If you are preparing a dessert for home use with your family, then it is not necessary to use kremanki - you can cook a dish in a shallow salad bowl, and cut it immediately before serving. Jelly quickly melts at room temperature, so, taking it out of the refrigerator, do not delay the pleasure for later, and proceed to the meal. Bon Appetit! Finally we will give one more little advice. If you do not have jam, then prepare the third layer from the same products as the first, but instead of coffee and cocoa, use fresh beet juice (about two tablespoons). The mass will turn out to be very colorful and bright. how to make jelly

Blancmange for true gourmets

You can make jelly in different ways, usingsour cream or cream, milk or fruit syrups. If there is absolutely no time, limit to a few packets of the finished dry mixture - fill it with water, and when it dissolves, distribute on kremankam and let it freeze. So you get an easy dessert. Well, this is an extreme case. Better, of course, to make a little effort, but then enjoy the ideal taste of the dish you cooked. We offer to your court a recipe for another sweet dish for true gourmets. Ingredients:

  • five tablespoons gelatin
  • sugar syrup - 750 milliliters
  • 500 milliliters of raspberry syrup
  • the same amount of orange syrup
  • half a liter of milk
  • vanillin - one package

Cooking method: Sugar syrup distribute in equal amounts in three glasses and in each of them pour a half tablespoons of gelatin. The first cup is heated in a water bath with constant stirring, when gelatin is dissolved, strain the mixture and combine it with raspberry syrup. Take a deep shape with high beads, pour the jelly into it and put it to freeze in the refrigerator. When the first layer is well grasped not only from above, but also inside, for the same technology, heat the second cup with gelatin, strain the mixture and combine it with milk and vanilla. Then cool it a little and pour it into the mold. The final stage is the preparation of the last layer of jelly. Actions are the same as in the first case, but instead of raspberry orange syrup is used. The resulting mixture is poured over the second layer, then put in the refrigerator for one and a half to two hours. When the dish gets well, remove it from the mold. This will be much easier to do if you lower the bottom of the dishes for several minutes in hot water. Then cover it with a flat plate and turn it over. Dessert served, cutting it into portions. how to make jelly gourmet

Milk jelly with bananas and oranges

Many girls prefermilk jelly. They love it for its tender taste and lightness, besides this dish is not too high in calories compared to other desserts. In winter it is very important to consume vitamins, so we decided to add them to a sweet dish. What happened, read below. Ingredients:

  • pasteurized milk - 400 milliliters
  • one package of instant gelatin
  • granulated sugar - to your taste
  • two small bananas
  • the same number of oranges

Cooking method: If you do not want to spend too much time on this dessert, buy instant gelatin, as it swells in minutes and does not take long. So, soak this product in warm water. While it dissolves, heat the milk on low heat - when the first bubbles appear, pour the sugar into it and mix it well. Bring the mixture to a boil, then remove it from the plate and connect it to the gelatin. Beat whisk until a homogeneous, thick mass and cool. Do not clean the dishes in the fridge - just set aside and take care of the fruit. Peel the bananas from the peel and cut into thin circles, then place on the bottom of the prepared crockets or cups and fill with jelly. Place the dishes in the refrigerator on the top shelf for 40 minutes. While the first layer is frozen, peel off the oranges, cut them into small pieces and whisk in a blender. After put the mixture in a bowl, fill it with sugar and cook over low heat, stirring constantly. Note that bring to a boil fruit syrup is not necessary - pour it with gelatin, stir and let cool. After distributing on kremankam and send to the refrigerator. As you could see for yourself, it's quite easy to make jelly! The main thing - do not allow it to freeze, so the dish should be cooled in the refrigerator, and not in the freezer. And to save time on the preparation of this dish, you can use instant gelatin, which you do not need to pre-soak. If you bought this dry mixture, fill it with water (at the rate of 10 grams, that is, one package, for one and a half glasses of liquid) and heat on low heat. With constant stirring, gelatin melt very quickly. Decorate the dish with mint leaves, pieces of fruit, nuts or whipped cream. Cook with pleasure and do not despair, if for the first time something does not work out. The main thing is do not give up and try again. After all, great chefs also became such not immediately! We advise you to read: