jelly cake broken glass This section is dedicated to all jelly lovers. The procedure for making dessert is very simple: just buy a special dry powder from the nearest store, dilute it in warm water and send it to the refrigerator. One of the important advantages of the dish is its low calorie content, besides, the product perfectly cools on a hot day. So why not make it yourself? To dessert does not seem too boring to the readers, we suggest to give it a completely new image - we use jelly for a cake called "Broken glass". If there is a children's holiday in your house, then the recipe for food is especially useful. No baby will refuse such an easy and sweet treat. Today, there are a lot of different options for dessert. It is made on the basis of milk, sour cream or cream. Some housewives add a shortbread or cracker to the cake, others do without it. To make the product acquired a piquant flavor, you can enter a few pinch of vanilla sugar or essence. Especially delicious dessert is obtained with fruits and fresh berries. As you can see, there is something to choose from. We hope, at least one recipe from the proposed below will take a worthy place on your holiday. Let's study all the subtleties of this jelly miracle.

Cake "Zheleika" with sour cream

We suggest starting with the simplest - this recipevery economical and, most importantly, easy to prepare. In most cases, "Broken glass" is done with the addition of cookies, but we will discard this ingredient in order to reduce the calorie content of the dish. If you have planned a hen party, be sure to serve dessert. I'm sure his friends will be delighted with him. The cake is very light and moderately sweet, in addition, it has a cooling effect. So now the heat will not be terrible for you. Ingredients:

  • 420 milliliters of fatty sour cream
  • three packs of jelly with different flavors
  • cup (without top) of granulated sugar
  • 23 grams of instant gelatin
  • vanillin
  • 220 milliliters of cold pasteurized milk

Cooking method: First you need to make jelly, because it will take quite a long time to freeze. Carefully read the instructions given by the manufacturer on the package, then proceed as described. Usually, to make jelly, just pour the contents of the package into cold or warm water and stir well. If you use a product with different flavors, naturally, they need to be poured on separate bowls. Do not put jelly in the freezer, otherwise spoil it. Send the dishes to the uppermost shelf in the refrigerator. When it freezes, remove it from the mold and chop it in large cubes of the same size. The recipe for a mouth-watering cake is nearing completion: heat the milk with minimal heat and gently pour gelatin into it. While the ingredient is being dissolved, place the indicated amount of sour cream and granulated sugar in the blender bowl, and then enter vanillin. Turn on the appliance and whip the mass, then pour the finished gelatin into it and mix again several times. Fruit jelly transfer to the dishes, covered with food film. Add sour cream and thoroughly work with a spoon, so that the colored cubes are evenly distributed throughout the form. Put the product in the refrigerator and wait until it is sufficiently cold. When you are going to serve the food on the table, remove it and gently pull the edges of the polyethylene. Carefully remove the jelly cake, get rid of excess film, then cut the "Broken Glass" into large portioned pieces. We hope that your friends will appreciate the recipe. cake jelly broken glass

Dessert of jelly with canned peaches

We offer a more satisfying version of a tender jellycake. This time, we'll complete the recipe and add a little sandwich cookies and canned peaches, which will give the product a juicy, rich fruit flavor. For preparation of a dish, it is recommended to use not simple, but instant gelatin. The latter product swells much faster, besides it will not have to be dissolved, which will save time. Ingredients:

  • Raspberry and strawberry jelly - one packet each
  • 480 milliliters of sour cream of average fat content
  • 1/2 two-hundred-pound pack of shortbread cookies
  • a small bag of gelatin (about ten grams)
  • 190 grams of peaches
  • ten grams of vanillin
  • 100 grams of sand

Cooking method: Usually the cake recipe starts with the mixing procedure, but not in this case. The first thing to do is to make jelly. To do this, pour both kinds of dry powder into different bowls, pour a little warm water, mix until completely dissolved and put it on the last shelf in the fridge. Wait until it freezes, only then remove the dessert from the mold and chop it into large cubes. "Broken glass" can be made from any jelly, the only thing, it should be combined among themselves according to taste characteristics. For example, if you want to make a cake with berry ingredients, then just use them. For example, raspberry jelly will perfectly match with strawberry, cherry and currant, and orange - with other citrus. So change and improve the recipe for yourself. Once everything is ready, boldly accept the rest of the ingredients: gelatin soak in water, after about ten minutes, when it swells enough, put it on a quiet fire and lightly heat it up. Regularly stir the mixture until the product dissolves completely, then remove it from the plate and leave to cool. With peaches, drain excess juice, and chop the fruit into medium cubes. Cook the biscuits into small pieces. Now in a deep bowl, combine sour cream, plain sugar, a few pinch of vanillin, beat the future cream with a mixer. If there is a blender, you can use it. Continuing to work with the device, gradually enter chilled gelatin, pouring it with a thin stream. As a result, you should get a lush, homogeneous mass. Pour the cookies along with the fruit. Add jelly, then gently mix. The resulting mass is laid out in a smooth dish, which must first be covered with a plastic bag or special film. Subsequently, it will be much easier for you to get the "Broken Glass" from the form. Take him to the refrigerator, wait at least four to five hours, until he grabs enough. Only after that you can serve dessert to guests. To remove it from the dishes, lower the bottom in hot water for 30 seconds, then cover with a flat plate on top and turn it over sharply. Cut the cake into portions and call everyone to the table.

Jelly cake with two kinds of jam

The following recipe can rightfully be referred to children'sdishes. After all, almost all babies love sweets: you must agree, it is difficult to find a child who is indifferent to sweets, cakes and cakes. However, not every mother is able to devote sufficient time to baking, so many prefer store products to home products. However, the dessert, which will be discussed right now, will not take you much energy. "Broken glass" with fruit jam on milk is prepared very quickly and simply. Ingredients:

  • 60 grams of currant jam
  • the same amount of peach jam
  • 95 grams of plain sugar
  • several plates of instant gelatin (you will need no more than 45 grams)
  • vanilla essence - eight grams
  • slightly less than three glasses of pasteurized milk

Cooking method: This recipe is considered more useful than the previous ones, because in this case jelly is used natural. Dry powders that are sold in shops are stuffed with all sorts of dyes, emulsifiers, so if you plan to make a cake for your child, then the proposed dessert will do just fine. We added currant and peach jam, if you want you can take a product with a different taste. It all depends on your preferences. So, first spread the jam on two different bowls. Then bring the water to a boil and dilute the fruit mass with it. Plates of gelatin, too, distribute in separate bowls and soak them, leave for a few minutes. Then heat on the stove and mix with the jam, stir well, so that the ingredient completely dissolved. Note that the currant and peach mass in no case is mixed - strain it through the cheesecloth and put it in the refrigerator for freezing. Children's dessert "Broken glass" is prepared from three types of jelly, two of them we have already done, so let's take the last one. So, put a pot of milk on the stove, turn on the cooking zone to minimum and heat the product. Pour sugar into it and cook, with periodic stirring. Do not let it cool down, enter into the dishes pre-prepared gelatin and a little vanilla essence. Stir well with a spoon until the liquid is perfectly homogeneous. Pour it into the dishes in which you plan to serve the cake, and put it to freeze. Attention: jelly must be cold. Now remove the fruit mass from the jam and chop it into cubes. Put them in the milk mixture, stir and send to a cold store. Dessert looks great on any holiday, so cook and surprise your guests. jelly cake broken glass recipe

Cottage cheese-jelly dessert with cream and gentle pudding

The jelly cake itself is incredibly airy andlight, and in combination with the curd mass and pudding, real perfection is obtained. Sugar is recommended to add depending on your personal preferences, otherwise the dish may seem either not sweet enough or, on the contrary, too cloying. Therefore, the amount of this ingredient specified in the recipe is considered conditional. To save precious minutes and do not waste time on the dissolving of gelatin, take a quick-dissolving product. Ingredients:

  • 490 milliliters of cream
  • sugar or powder - 25 grams
  • 700 grams of small cottage cheese (choose a product of medium fat content)
  • thirty gram packet of gelatin
  • four kinds of different jellies in powder
  • 75 grams of vanilla pudding
  • a cup of milk

Cooking method: As professional chefs say, perfectly mastering the art of cooking, you can create a masterpiece from almost any dish. Sometimes it is enough to replace one or two ingredients, and the result will be simply stunning. We think their words are worth believing, because today the world knows a lot of the most unexpected recipes, from unusual salads and ending with original desserts. It is about the latter that we are talking today. On the agenda is an appetizing fruit jelly cake. Add cottage cheese to it, and you will see that the dish will play with new colors. First of all, make jelly, the order of its preparation is indicated on the package. The only nuance: you need to take half as much water as the manufacturer advises. The resulting mixture is poured into different forms and put to freeze. When she grabs, cut it with squares and for a while put in the refrigerator. Now gelatin soak in warm milk, while it swells, take care of the rest of the products. Put the sand, pudding, curd mass in the bowl for the blender, pour the cream here and turn on the device, turn the ingredients into a homogeneous dense mass. After 30 minutes, enter into it gelatin, if necessary, warm it up a little in the microwave. It remains to assemble the product: lay the cubes of multi-colored jelly on the bottom covered with food film, on top of 1/3 curd-cream cream, then repeat the same procedure exactly. The only drawback of this dessert is its long hardening time. However, it's worth it, a spicy, light and insanely gentle cake excellently raises the mood, cools and gives you a lot of fun. "Broken glass" is recommended to all admirers of sweets that do not like to cook. It is enough to mix the ingredients and send them to the refrigerator. Everything is simple, but very tasty.