what to say to the guy that he fell in love Once everyone falls in love. It's time this comes in guys and girls. There was a man who lived, and rrraz - and fell in love. Well, if he immediately responded reciprocated. But this does not always happen. And what should I do? Well, you need to attract attention to yourself, when the girl is not familiar with the object of her sighs, it's understandable. And if familiar and friendly? Or even meets, but realizes that just like a young man? Do not say directly to him about your love, in fact! Somehow this is not very worthy to look like. Yes, and you can push away with such assertiveness. So it's better to try to fall in love with him when talking. But what to say to the guy that he fell in love? Maybe there are some magic words? In fact, all men are different, and a universal key to them can not be selected. One and the same phrase someone is on guard, someone will leave indifferent, someone will stir up, and someone will really make you fall in love. So there are no magic words. But there are techniques of conversation that can awaken a strong emotion in a young man. However, you need to use them skillfully. what you need to tell the guy that he fell in love

What should be the conversation that makes the guys fall in love

What does it take for a guy to fall in love with a girl? She needs to be a bit mysterious, charming, witty, interesting ... Well, and so on. In general, people fall in love with an image that corresponds to their idea of ​​the ideal. And this ideal can be anything. It all depends on the individual taste. It we to what? This we mean that before you think what you need to say to the guy so that he falls in love, you must at least imagine what kind of girls he likes. Let's say a young man is breathing unevenly to "bad" girls, and we will begin to present ourselves as a pay-girl. Or vice versa. And what happens? Never mind. He will simply lose interest in us. The same pshik will come out if the guy is drawn only to independent young ladies, and the girl begins to rant about her helplessness. Either he loves to be a patron, and she keeps repeating that she does her best. In short, the same phrase can cause both love and rejection. So first we try to learn as much as possible about the person, and then we are already developing a strategy of talking with him. To start a guy you just need to talk. And then give him the opportunity to talk about himself as much as possible. It is easy to interest a man if you inform him that we have similar interests. Well, who would refuse to discuss his hobby with a like-minded person, advise her something or learn something new! Even an out-and-out silence will surely come to life and begin to ask about your favorite business, to explain, to argue. It's enough. We are more interested in him than just a friend. Then it will be easier. The topics for communication are a lot. Only for now let the young man speak mostly. And we will listen more, sometimes inserting the necessary cues. At the same time, in order not to become a boyfriend as a result, several rules should be observed.

  • If the guy is frank and shares someexperience, do not pity him out loud. Otherwise, you can claim to mommy, vest, friend in a skirt - anyone. Only not on your girlfriend. Few of the men are able to fall in love with one that frankly regrets them. With such a young lady guys feel weak nesmyshlynyshami that for the stronger sex of death is like. No, you can show empathy. But always trying in passing to advise, encourage and express confidence in the ability of a young man to overcome everything.
  • If a young man uses some kind of rudeslang, do not try to imitate him. Not that very soon he will cease to perceive us as a woman at all. And then already what phrases do not choose, about any falling in love will not have to dream.
  • When a young person starts excessivelyboast (and he will do it without fail), do not cringe before him, choking with delight. But do not try to sharply upset. It's better to point out with warm irony that he has crossed the border a bit.
  • And finally, if we want a guy to fall in love,it is necessary to remember firmly - to talk with a young man must be kindly, calmly, in a low voice. Arrogance and shouting will either be alienated or angry. We need a man in love, not an enemy, right? Well, how to talk with a young man who needs to fall in love with, we have already figured out. Now let's move on to what topics you need to touch and which phrases to pronounce better. that the guy fell in love

    Themes and phrases that help fall in love with a guy

    Assuming that most menconquerors by nature, we can conclude - the less a guy knows about our feelings, the better. Therefore phrases like: "You are my only and best" in our case should not sound. No, to hint to a young man that he likes, it is possible and necessary. However, it should be done as if between deeds, letting him know that there are other suitors. Only talk about it directly, they say, for me there is a whole herd of boyfriends running around, do not. It is better to say something abstract. For example, something like "here today one interesting acquaintance invited me to the cinema. But the movie is not very interesting. You did not look? ". Sometimes, as if by the way, it's worth mentioning that we need male help or advice. For boys there is nothing more pleasant than to look strong and authoritative in the girl's eyes. Of course, the one that needs such a friend, for them is a particularly attractive object. That's just too often do not need it. The young man decides that we are uninteresting to any one of the strong half of humanity. Otherwise, why would we always complain about the lack of help? It will be more appropriate to say that there are guys who will always come to the rescue, but in some matters they are ignorant. And you, they say, you understand this. A good way and a compliment to tell the guy, and to distinguish him from a number of others. By the way, about compliments. Men are incredibly popular with praise. She raises their self-esteem and helps them feel important and strong. This must certainly take advantage and in the conversation must be taken into account. That is, from time to time insert the phrase approval. But only they should always be in place and not be like flattery. Let's say a guy told about something interesting or did something qualitatively. And we in the answer: "Listen, you know so much and such clever! I would never have thought of this! "And" You are so good at it! I would never have been able to do it. " And so on. Do not praise the young man at every turn for everything. He will take it for fawning and hypocrisy. Nothing annoys men so much as hypocritical ladies who can not be trusted. By the way, trust is one of the time-tested ways to the hearts of men. The guy should see the girl's sincerity and her openness to him. For this, one must sometimes talk about the hidden things and disclose to the youth some of their secrets. It can sound like this: "You know, I did not tell anyone this. But you can. You will not tell anyone! ". I must say that in the most intimate secrets to dedicate a guy is not worth it. It is not known how the relationship will develop further there. And there is no need for him to be aware of all that has happened and is happening to us. In order for a man to fall in love, one must sometimes show his discontent with one or another of his actions. At the same time, you can not read morals or reprimand. Strong sex can not stand the spirit when someone tries to lecture or reproach him in something. It's better to just show grief and say something like: "You know, I do not like it. Only a close-minded, ill-bred and rude dick can do this. I think you're not like that. If I made a mistake, then I will not have to meet again. " If you add a tear to this phrase - the effect will be stunning. Firstly, the guy will understand that we have firm principles. Secondly, he will notice the indifference to himself. And finally, thirdly, the young man will see before himself a real woman, in which one can not help but fall in love. Of course, some conversations in order for this to happen are not enough. In the questions of love and love, there are many nuances. Here everything plays a role - and appearance, and the inner world, and a variety of interests, and the charism of the girl. The ability to correctly say something - just one of the factors that affect men's feelings. But one of the most important factors! And you need to use it skillfully, thinly and to the place. We advise you to read: