what are women What kind of women are there? Someone once said that all women are the same. Nonsense! This guy had a poor imagination, and he considered all women only as females. Or he got a scandalous and terrible wife, and he, poor fellow, thus tried to calm himself. Well, or something else ... But this will not happen. Real men know perfectly well that we are all different. And their disparity can unscrew the brains of even the most intelligent representative of the stronger sex. That's to reduce the loss of brains to a minimum, these clever women and divided the female images into categories. There are some guidelines that allow you to adhere to at least some logic in dealing with a weak gender. We without it perfectly exist, and men need logic! Otherwise - confusion, reeling and other troubles. So, let them come up with a classification for us. And we will find out what statuses they have given us.

How do women see men?

It should be said this - all womenthe same! Yes, nothing of the kind! After all, even the animals of the same breed have disparate characters. What can we say about the weak half of humanity! If we were the same, would the men of the king lose their heads in communicating with us? Each of the women at any time is able to throw out such that it will easily drive anyone into a stupor. Including her. What can we say about men, even if they are seven brains in the forehead ... Of course, it's easier for them to divide us into types, in order to have any idea what to expect from a lady of this or that category. Okay, let's forgive them for trying to bring the characters of women to common denominators. What can you do, men, they are men. It is better to see what categories they distributed us. And decide how these categories are correct. From the point of view of men are:

Malvinas Women

These are extremely confident ladiesdictatorial type. Malvins very much like to command and are convinced that everything around will not move from their place without their instructions. These are women who pay special attention to their appearance. Perfect makeup, carefully selected for this or that occasion clothes, a neat hairdress, is their hobby. Poor men! Even in bed, Malvina is trying to maintain the status and can at the most inopportune moment take care of the state of its kind. Why does her partners have a strong feeling that they have sex with a robot. I must say that the Malvins prefer to choose themselves, with whom and when they sleep. They are capricious, overly demanding and capricious. Men are afraid of women of this type - you never know if she'll drag you to bed or go away. Therefore, strong, self-sufficient representatives of the stronger sex prefer to not associate with the Malvinas. But spineless hlyopiki stick to them, like bath sheets. However, Malvin is quite happy with it - you can punish sluts for misconduct regularly and severely. And with an independent man, this number does not pass. He will turn around and leave. And Malvina immediately hates this Karabas-Barabas; what women are like

Type of women - Cinderella

Cinderella, according to her prototype from a fairy tale,the girl is unpretentious and modest. Her diligence passes all reasonable boundaries - Cinderella is ready to plow for days. She does not know how to refuse requests and can work for free. Cinderella will work overtime, sit with somebody's children on weekends, lend money for an indefinite period ... But lie down with a man who needs it - no pipes. On the intimate area of ​​life, the Cinderella's non-repudiation does not apply. There is nothing to catch lovers of easy relations here. Persuading Cinderella on the intimacy is like trying to torture a partisan during interrogation - it's easier to shoot than to achieve something. It can belong only to its prince. The one who will fit in such an image will be satisfied. Cinderella are not conflictful, caring and rather sexy. In any case, they are affectionate and do not oppose experiments in bed. Well, and if the prince bores everything, and he turns off to look for the princess - let go, without making claims;

Type of women - Thumbelina

Thumbelina are lovely women who needassistance and protection. Their cherished dream is to find someone who will solve all problems. In this regard, Thumbelinae are illegible. Will a reliable elf meet? Great. After all, he is young and handsome! Met an elderly fat mole? Too it will go. The main thing is that next to him it was calm and warm. And if there is not yet either one or the other, you can have some "moles" and "elves." Let each of them help at least in some way. Crane, for example, will repair, or buy a new fur coat. Thumbelinae can be of different types, from fragile to fairly solid. At the same time, they always make the impression of little defenseless girls who need a caring and attentive guardian. On the basis of the sexuality of women of this type, it depends on how quickly they agree to have sex with the "guardian". Usually Thumbelina dares on it not at once and only on necessity. They can long drag on time, forcing the "guardian" to serve themselves faithfully. However, if he turns out to be a resolute, strong person, Thumbelina will gladly go to bed on the first evening. It only needs to be taken powerfully by the hand and brought home. Or to the hotel; what kind of sexuality are women

Type of women - Venus de Milo

Oh, Venus of our men are extremely attracted! To this type they include all women who have an amazing figure. The person in this case does not matter. The main thing - a high chest, steep hips, slender legs. If a lady with such a physique defiles along the beach, the male sex, regardless of age, falls into an intellectual collapse. And for a long time remains in this state even after Venus disappears from sight. These sexy ladies are accommodating, tactful and not very much hesitate before going to bed with a new acquaintance. But only on condition that he likes. Unlike Thumbelina, Venus is not ready to go on an intimate relationship with the one who provides them with services. They are goddesses! Men should be happy only from the fact that they are given attention, and not to think about sex, if Venus does not drag herself into the bedroom. Well, when you drag, you really need to be on top. Venus, of course, is good. But they have one significant flaw - the lack of hands. No, they have their hands, but they are meant for manicure and for something else. And that's all. Neither can they cook, clean or wash Venus. Yes, they do not even know how to go to stores, not to do something with their sleek hands. Money Venus better not trust at all - she will go for bread, spend on all the nonsense all available finances, and will not buy bread. To solve such issues the goddess needs servants. Otherwise, the house will have tarar, and in the refrigerator - some hanged mice;

Type of Women - Harpy

Harpies are notorious stinkers. It is notorious, not playing such a role due to circumstances. This Thumbelina, Venus, Cinderella, Malvina, if necessary, can pull on the mask of a bitch. And then for awhile. A harpy of this nature. A man for her is an object that must be avenged for all women's grievances. Arguments about the harpy approximately like this: "There is nothing for a strong sex to scoff at the weak with impunity! Look, they broke up here! I'll show you Kuzkin's mother! "And shows. Sometimes a fist on the table (or on the head), and sometimes - blows on the psyche. This Baba Yaga in a relationship with a strong gender resembles Malvina. Wants - raises a man to heaven, wants - uses and throws out, and then breaks, like a boring toy. And try to resist or just show discontent! Typhoon "Katrin" will be provided. One can not even doubt - Harpy will be able to make a bottle maker from the King. And then he will not regret it. Strangely enough, but the Garpia representatives of the stronger sex for some reason like. Probably, they like to keep staring at Kuz'kin's mother all the time. Or risk the royal throne. Anyway, but about the harpies, they respond with respect and even admiration. Here, they say, what a woman! Any peasant in the position "quietly" will deliver! However, if we consider that men need battles and shocks, then their attitude to the woman Harpy can be understood. Communicating with it, even when it is based on mutual attraction - is an eternal war in which you want to win so much! Sometimes someone from the stronger sex even succeeds. But not for long. That's what women look like from the point of view of men. No, there are still "beads", "paws", "warm pads" and "beautiful ladies", to whom poems are dedicated. But they, according to men, are less common than the above types of women. Well, what can I say? Perhaps, in some ways they are right. But, most likely, they just know our psychology very poorly. We advise you to read: