compliments to men Women are known to be great loverscompliments. And what about the beautiful compliments of a man? Practically the same. Men expect from others the words of admiration and approval not less than women, because they are the same people. However, compliments to men have a slightly different meaning. Some of them men simply do not notice, from some they come to indescribable delight, and some funny and unusual compliments can bring elements of animation and celebration into your life together. Want to inspire your man to exploit? Then this article is for you!

How to make a compliment to a man correctly and how can they not be spoken?

For women, a compliment is a kind ofa dose of joyful emotions, from which she begins to feel much better. Men compliments orient themselves, prompting to action of a certain kind. In the event that a compliment is said by an unfamiliar woman, the man begins to look more closely at her, and if he is told to his beloved, he melts and begins to please her. What compliments do men like most? Those who talk about some of its specific qualities and deeds. All compliments to a beloved man should be justified and concretized - the common and empty phrases of a man are not perceived or perceived negatively. For example, phrases like "You're the best, smart and beautiful!" Most often do not matter to them, while the words "You made very beautiful and strong cornices!" Can lift him to heaven and inspire new achievements. Say compliments to men should be gentle, quiet, heartfelt, if you want to take out of compliments to a beloved man for himself. It is advisable to use the ancient and very powerful method of carrot and stick. It consists in the following: to praise a man is necessary in the event that he does something good. But if the bad ... Then you need to let him feel that it's better not to do it anymore. For example, the husband bothered to finally nail a picture to the wall, but hung it crookedly. To make a comment in such a situation is impossible in any case! And here it is necessary to praise. It's enough just to say the following words: "Oh, how cool you have nailed this picture! And exactly where I wanted to see her ... Only from this angle she is a little lost. Let's raise the left corner slightly! "Husband, of course, will gladly correct the angle, and everything will return to normal. It is necessary to praise him when he tries to help at least in some way. For example, when he carries a bag from a store, it's enough to notice how strong he is and how beautiful the muscles play on his male hands, how he blossoms and feels like a real atlant. And, quite likely, he will start attending the gym instead of lying on the couch with a bottle of beer. Particularly appropriate compliments during intimacy, tk. such a moment is the best of all of the above. What to say in this case is a purely individual matter. Each woman chooses pleasant words, focusing on the character of her man. In general, all the men are left indifferent, even quite innocent, even sometimes funny phrases. Here are examples of compliments to men that are quite easy to make: "How do you do it?" And "Advise me, dure, please!". compliments for men

Avoid mistakes

Some women prefer funnycompliments. However, one has to be careful with this, because sometimes such praise will not only not be pleasant, but will also damage the male self-esteem. Funny compliments must be done sincerely, and then, in an effort to hear new praise, he will try to deliver his woman joy. In general, funny words are the prerogative of a beloved woman and no one else: for other people your man must remain strong, powerful and serious. Sayings like "Dear, you do not seem stupid to me - you are clever!" Will be amusing only in the lips of your beloved. From the rest, he will not tolerate such compliments, because this requires a certain level of intimacy and trust in the relationship. And you should not forget that cool compliments must be done by a man alone, otherwise he can take offense at you. Men like to look in something unsurpassed and help those who like them. However, both types of compliments must be pronounced in relation to the sphere in which he really knows and knows something. God forbid, a man will understand that you are telling a lie or exaggerating something - then you can not avoid a family scandal !. You can not say to men extremely beautiful and flattering compliments - they do not take a crude flattery and treat it very negatively. You can not lisp with men, calling them "kitten", "bunnies", "puppies", although many women think that these words are funny. Therefore, do not forget that every man in the first place is a man of the stronger sex, and such "veal tenderness" does not allow them to feel like heroes and knights, and, therefore, only annoy. Compliments must be formulated accurately and clearly. Vague, funny and even strange words like "You have an original face" can bother him and encourage him to think that he is badly shaved, his nose is too long and so on. And what was meant to be a compliment, will turn into an insulting statement. You need to say compliments in moderation. It's worth starting to say these words often, and the man will stop taking compliments as a gift. As a result, even sincere, whole-hearted praise will be overlooked. Therefore, for a man to appreciate such words and take some actions in order to hear them again, compliments should be said quite rarely, but accurately. And then they will become one of the most powerful means of influencing men. We advise you to read: