how to lose weight in a month How often in our life does it become necessaryUrgently put yourself in order? It does not matter whether it's a holiday trip, a wedding, or just an approaching vacation time. Each of us probably wondered how to lose weight in a month? And the long search for various diets begins, experiments on themselves, failures and other "joys". This is not surprising, because there are thousands of diets and exercises in the world that allow you to lose weight in a short time. But almost all of them give a temporary result. So how then to lose weight in a month, so that the weight does not come back, how often does it happen? First of all, we need an action plan, and it must be clear. It is the plan that will help to minimize the probability of failure, the main thing is to follow it rigorously.

First point: motivation

Yes Yes. It is motivation that comes first, not sport or nutrition. Why? Yes, the simple fact is that without sufficient motivation, all your actions will be useless. It is from the desire and willingness to go to the goal, the final result depends. Sit down and think carefully, why do you even need it? Why do you want to lose weight in 1 month? The answers to this question can be a great many, but the most important thing to remember: you can not lose weight for someone. Many girls decide to go on a diet to please the young man. And this is a big mistake. After all, you, first of all, like yourself, and then to others. Therefore, sitting on a diet, think carefully about your motivation. Is it enough to break away from the computer and go to work on yourself?

Point two: accept the facts

It is necessary to accept the fact that already from thisthe moment you lose weight! And this means that you will have to work hard and hard on yourself to lose weight in the allotted month. Perhaps, in something it will be necessary to step over yourself, overcome your laziness and unwillingness. There should be no more excuses and excuses. You have already made a step on the path, and there is nowhere to turn. You are what you are, and you will be better! lose weight in a month

Point three: the regime of the day

However strange it may sound, but without the regime youyou will not achieve significant results. So it's time, as a child, to make a schedule for yourself, which will cover your entire day. You can keep a prepared schedule in a diary or a notebook, but it's best to duplicate it and hang it in the most prominent places for you. Now a lot of opportunities to beautifully arrange the schedule with pictures and programs. Do not be lazy, make the daily routine bright and colorful. So you just pay attention to it once again. You will be pleasantly surprised how long it will take to work on yourself if you plan your day correctly. Probably, it is not necessary to remind that the graphics should be adhered to exactly, because in fact it was compiled.

Point four: food

This, perhaps, is one of the voluminous points of ourplan. It does not matter which way you decide to lose weight: diet, separate meals, calorie counting or something else. The main thing is that from now you need to rebuild your eating behavior. What does this mean? And here's what:

  • Meals should be frequent (every 3-4 hours).
  • The size of portions should be reduced by half.
  • Caloric products should be replaced with less "rich" analogs (for example, instead of mayonnaise, use sour cream or yogurt, instead of sausages and sausages - chicken breast, etc.)
  • Be sure to eat at least 3 fruits or vegetables a day.
  • Revise the cooking methods: grill without butter, season vegetables for soups on water or do not pass anyway, bake in the oven or cook for a couple.
  • Use pasta as little as possible and preferably from hard varieties.
  • When eating, do not read, do not watch TV and do notsit in front of the computer. Nothing should distract you from the process. Then you will understand when there will be a feeling of saturation and it's time to stop. Typically, a person takes 1-2 minutes to mute hunger, and about 5 minutes to quench it completely.
  • Refuse snacks on the go. In the modern rhythm of life, this is a fairly common habit, which harms the figure.
  • Prepare in advance! This will save you from the temptation to grab that pechenyushku while preparing dinner.
  • Be sure to drink at least 8 glasses of clean drinking water. Water helps the body to remove toxins and toxins from the body, and also improves skin condition and maintains its elasticity.
  • Make sure that your diet is sufficientcellulose. It is fiber contributes to rapid saturation, and also helps to adjust the work of the intestines. As an additional source of fiber is perfect bran. By the way, this is an excellent breakfast - bran, a few nuts and a glass of yogurt or milk.
  • Keep a food diary. This is a very convenient way to analyze your diet and adjust it. Writing down everything that you sent into your mouth during the day, whether it's a bowl of soup or a tiny slice of apple, you can control yourself and your habits.

to lose 10 kg per month

Point five: the movement is harmony.

Of course, without sport anywhere, and even more so if you decided to lose weight in just a month. Many now will certainly wrinkle the nose and begin to look for excuses. And all of them, as a rule, are standard:

  • There is no time, I have work, school, children, home, etc.
  • I do not have the means to buy a subscription to the gym;
  • I'm too tired, I come late;
  • I'm not athletic, I do not get

It's familiar, is not it? And now all your excuses will fly to the side, and you will not have a chance to escape from physical exertion. Let's start:

  • To keep yourself in shape enough to perform elementary gymnastics. You can do this at any time, when there is a free minute.
  • If you do not look at the forum, on social networks,less chat on the phone and do not do a dozen not very important, but the usual things - it will free up about an hour of free time. For the whole hour you can do a qualitative and complete set of exercises for all muscle groups. Another time can be spent for 1 lesson in the pool or for jogging. In general, for any physical activity
  • Even at work you can study. Office work? Nobody interferes with straining and relaxing the muscles of the press and buttocks, while you carry out the next assignment of the authorities, sitting at the computer. Do you work as a seller? Bow more often and crouch, stretch on the upper shelf, walk around the hall. When there is no one near by, you can always make several corners of the hull, feet and turns. The main thing is not to forget!
  • Is there no way to buy a subscription? Do not need. Arrange a gym at home. To do this, you only need to buy dumbbells (you can use plastic bottles 1-1.5 liters), find a rug, rope, shorts and desire.
  • If you get tired at work, then youonce necessary. It's not about hours of exhausting workouts in the hall, but about elementary stretching and relaxing exercises. For example, bodyflex or yoga will be excellent assistants. They will help relieve stress after a long working day and restore strength for home affairs.
  • Even if you are busy all day at hometroubles and children and suddenly forgot about the sport, it does not matter. After all, you can already in bed make several lifts of the body and legs, to work out the muscles of the press, thighs and buttocks.
  • Do you think that you will not get anything done? And, in your opinion, all the famous athletes were born flexible, fast, plastic and trained? By no means. To achieve something, they had to work on themselves. Rarely something turns out perfectly from the first time, but this does not mean that it will not work at all. The main thing to regularly try, and the results will be!

If you do not like gyms, fitness centers andhome loads, sign up for the dance. Especially good for slimming latino, oriental dances, strip-plastic, etc. Do you like discos? Go with your friends to clubs and try to spend more time on the dance floor. You not only get a lot of positive emotions, but also burn a huge amount of calories! Well, how, you still have excuses? Maybe you still think how to lose weight in a month without straining yourself? That's the same. Use every spare minute for classes. Walk on foot to work and back, walk in the evening. It's enough to pass an average tempo of about 5 km per day, and you'll notice the effect! It's about 1-1.5 hours walk. Agree, not much at all? how fast to lose weight in a month

The sixth point: rest and sleep

Despite the fact that this item is at the very end, itplays an important role. If you do not fully rest and sleep, the process of losing weight will slow down or stop. Without sufficient night sleep a person becomes sluggish, apathetic, the energy level decreases, as the body is forced to save energy. Try to sleep at least 7-8 hours. Set the time for you to go to bed every day. For example, at 23-30. And do not break this item of the daily routine. Then in the morning it will be easier for you to get up, and during the day you will remain cheerful and full of energy. As you can see, in order to put in order the figure, you do not need much. Just a desire and a competent approach. Fulfilling all the recommendations you can even lose 10 kg per month! But it certainly depends on your initial weight, as well as on the clarity of the instructions that you have just read. And remember, this is not a temporary measure - it's a way of life! We advise you to read: