how to get rid of snoring Snoring causes inconvenience, both to you, and yoursclose. As a result, there is a need to sleep in different rooms, romanticism will disappear, relationships will collapse. In addition, during the tongue lancing, a temporary stop of breathing takes place and such apnea attacks during the night can be several dozen. Therefore, getting rid of hated snoring is first and foremost a matter of your health, since there are quite a lot of cases when a person dies in a dream due to another long attack of apnea. More often snoring occurs in men, women and children suffer less often. In children, snoring occurs because of polyps in the oral cavity or enlarged tonsils. After treatment, he passes without a trace.

The causes of snoring

The most frequent reasons for snoring are polyps innose, so that air can not freely circulate in the airways. Curvature of the nasal septum and weakening of the muscles of the palate leads to a vibration that manifests itself in snoring. Let's take a closer look at the main reasons why a person can snore.

  • Perhaps you noticed that lying on your back, snoremuch more often If you snore only in this position, then your problem is quite easy to solve: just accustom yourself to sleeping on your side or on your stomach. It is not so difficult to make it as it seems to you. During the civil war in the United States, the soldiers, who were wailing with their snoring fellow soldiers, were tied to their backs by cannonballs. As soon as they tried to rest on their backs, the cores began to cause them discomfort and they turned over on their sides. Nowadays the cannonballs are in great deficit, and therefore you can quite manage the usual tennis balls. Perhaps, at first the quality of your sleep will worsen, but after a few weeks you will develop a conditioned reflex that will not allow you to turn on your back during sleep.
  • Excess weight can also serve as a seriouscause of snoring If you have a fat layer in the neck and throat, it can obstruct normal breathing during sleep by blocking the airways. Try to lose weight - so you not only can get rid of snoring, but also put in order the functioning of the whole organism as a whole.
  • You will be surprised, but alcohol is also able to becomecause of snoring during sleep A person in a state of intoxication relaxes the muscles of the throat and neck, which makes him snore at night. If you notice that you snore just after taking alcohol, then try to reduce the number of drinks consumed. It's simple: I stopped drinking and got rid of snoring.
  • The adoption of hypnotics is the samea frequent cause of snoring, as well as alcohol. Like a forty-degree tincture, a hypnotic helps relax the throat muscles and causes shortness of breath. Try to consult your doctor and choose another way to fall asleep quickly.
  • Another common cause of snoring -an allergic reaction If in connection with allergy your lungs do not get enough air and your breathing is difficult, then snoring will be inevitable. To solve this unpleasant problem, it is enough to avoid allergens, or try to cure your allergic reaction.

snoring how to get rid

How to get rid of snoring?

Any of us, for example, during an allergicRhinitis snored, but what if snoring becomes permanent, disturbing your sleep. How to get rid of snoring in this case? Drug medications are not always suitable, since their action is based on moistening the mucosa, which makes it more elastic. So it turns out that trying to get rid of nasty snoring takes the form of playing one game. Defective night sleep leads to drowsiness and to disability in the daytime. As dryness in the mouth provokes snoring, it is recommended to drink a glass of fresh cabbage juice before the bed with the addition of honey. The snoring becomes quieter, and in due course will pass at all. Sea-buckthorn oil, which needs to be digested one drop into each nostril several hours before sleep will bring a tangible effect after a few weeks of use, this remedy can really help get rid of snoring once and for all. More and more people are inclined to the effectiveness of non-traditional and traditional medicine, especially when it comes to snoring, high fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome. get rid of snoring

If a girl snores

How to get rid of snoring to a girl, because it canbecome a serious problem for the device of personal life? The impact on acupuncture points with the help of massage or acupuncture, provided regularity eliminates the main causes of snoring. After all, oriental medicine presupposes an effect on the whole organism through its active points. By the way, you can do acupressure yourself, you must either study the location of active points, or enroll in courses on acupuncture. It is acupuncture that has become popular, and it is used, including as a folk remedy for stretch marks, by working on points that improve microcirculation and elasticity of the skin. Correctly selected breathing exercises and exercises for vocal cords strengthen muscles, which is especially important for people after 40 years of age, when muscles lose their tone. How to get rid of snoring to a woman? After all, each of us wants to be beautiful and desirable at any age. A peacefully snoring girlfriend of life is unlikely to cause erotic fantasies. Even during sleep, you need to be perfect. For older women, who decided to get rid of snoring, yoga, respiratory gymnastics will do. Significance is the normalization of body weight, with daily dosed physical exercise and the rejection of fatty foods in a couple of months will make you slimmer, life force will increase, snoring will disappear and self-esteem will increase. The reasons for snoring, in which surgical treatment is indicated, is not so much. It is much easier to choose a means of getting rid of snoring of natural origin than going to a pharmacy or going to the operating table. But after the dream became healthy and the long-awaited disposal of nasty snoring came, it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle, to give up smoking and abuse of alcoholic beverages. We advise you to read: