ovarian cyst Despite the fact that modern medicine hasa fairly high level, often people, especially women, still prefer to use the recipes of traditional medicine. However, traditional medicine can do harm if its recipes are used uncontrollably and illiterately. Most often folk medicine is used in gynecology. In this article we will talk about a disease like the ovarian cyst, treatment with folk remedies that gives good results. However, one can not ignore the fact that treatment with folk remedies is advisable only if the woman's cyst is functional. Physicians treat cysts as functional cysts, which are amenable to therapeutic treatment - medication, without surgical intervention. Physicians refer to this type of cyst follicular and cysts of the yellow body. As a rule, such cysts resolve within two months at most. Otherwise, surgical intervention is almost inevitable. Simultaneously with the traditional treatment, which is prescribed by a gynecologist, it is possible to test the treatment of the ovarian cyst with folk remedies. However, in no case is it inadmissible to completely abandon traditional treatment, hoping only for traditional medicine. And, in addition, before using any of the traditional medicine, a woman must be sure that she had not previously had allergies to this or that component.

Recipes of traditional medicine

So, what are the means of traditional medicine for cysts? This will be discussed below.

  • Tincture of raisins

Very good therapeutic effect with a cystThe ovary exerts a tincture of berries of raisins. To prepare this tincture, you will need 400 grams of raisins, preferably pitted, and half a liter of vodka. Raisins should be placed in a glass container, filled with vodka and tightly closed. To insist that vodka must be stored for 17 days in a warm place, protecting from direct sunlight. After this, the sick woman should receive the tincture three times a day, about 15 minutes before a meal, one teaspoon. The course of treatment should last 21 days, after which a minimum of three days break is needed. As a rule, after two such treatment courses, the cyst resolves without a trace. However, pay attention to the fact that in no case it is unacceptable to use this recipe if a woman expects a child, or suffers from such diseases, in which drinking is strictly prohibited. And do not rely on the fact that alcohol with this method of treatment is used in very small quantities - it is not enough to cause a sense of intoxication. But in order to worsen the course of a disease, it is enough.

  • Burdock Juice

Another extremely effective treatmentalmost all varieties of cysts are fresh juice of an ordinary burdock. The recipe itself is quite simple - you need to squeeze juice from fresh leaves or burdock roots. You can do this in several ways, depending on your ability and desire. You can grind them finely, wrap them in gauze and carefully squeeze the juice, or you can use the juicer to remove the juice from the raw material. You can prepare the desired portion at once, or you can - just for a few days. Store the juice of burdock in a glass container, tightly closed lid, and certainly in the refrigerator, no more than one week. Take a burdock juice sick woman should every two hours, two teaspoons. Of course, except for the night time of the day - it's definitely not worth it to start the alarm clock. The course of treatment should last at least one month - after that, always go for ultrasound. As a rule, the cyst either resolves completely, or significantly diminishes in size. If the cyst began to decrease, but has not yet completely resolved, the course of treatment after a one-week break can be repeated one more time. By the way, this prescription of folk medicine very effectively improves skin condition - fine wrinkles are smoothed, if there are any rashes on it, they almost completely disappear. But in the event that a woman has any problems with the stomach - gastritis, or even more so a stomach ulcer - from using this drug should refrain. The juice of burdock can be replaced without any problems and loss of treatment effectiveness by an ordinary gruel made from young burdock leaves. To do this, you just need to twist the fresh leaves of the burdock in the meat grinder. Take it must be exactly the same scheme as the juice of burdock, one tablespoon. Store finished raw materials in the refrigerator, no more than three days. And in any case not in metal dishes.

  • Acacia tincture

Not less effective in different speciescysts and acacia flowers. For treatment it is necessary to use alcoholic infusion of acacia flowers - both fresh and dried. 500 grams of fresh, or 300 grams of dried inflorescences, pour half a liter of vodka, only in a glass container, place in a refrigerator and insist for about three weeks. After the specified time, tincture must be carefully filtered. Keep it during the course of treatment is also necessary strictly in the refrigerator. Take the tincture is necessary according to the following scheme: the first day - one spoon during breakfast and dinner, the second day - one and a half tablespoons during breakfast, lunch and dinner. The third day - two tablespoons 5 times a day. After this - one day break and a repeat of the treatment regimen. The full course consists of 5 similar cycles. After the end of the course of treatment, ultrasound treatment is necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of this traditional medicine. If the positive effect is expressed sufficiently significantly, it is necessary to repeat the course of treatment. As a rule, after the second course, the largest and "capricious" cysts resolve. By the way, the combination of this method with the previous one gives a much more effective result even in very neglected cases. But again - in no case should we forget that this remedy is inadmissible for pregnant women, as well as for those who have any diseases in which the use of alcohol is strictly prohibited.

  • Herbal preparations

No less effective in promoting resorption andvarious herbal preparations. So, for example, the following infusion cysts of small sizes dissolve in about three weeks, many surprising doctors - gynecologists. To prepare this miraculous infusion woman will need 1 tablespoon fresh or half a tablespoon of dried raspberry leaves, as well as one tablespoon of nettle. Raw materials must be crushed, placed in enameled dishes and pour one liter of steep boiling water. The dishes should be tightly covered with a lid, wrapped in a dense terry towel. It must be infused for at least three hours, after which it must be carefully filtered using gauze tissue. Take this infusion is necessary for one hundred grams, before each meal, but at least three times a day. The reception of this remedy should last at least one month, after which it is necessary to visit a gynecologist and make an ultrasound examination to know exactly whether this method of treatment helps. In the event that the cyst has started to decrease in size - to resolve, you can safely continue treatment. Take a five-day break and repeat the entire course one more time.

  • Coniferous tincture

Not less useful with different cysts and tincturefrom needles. And you can use both pine and spruce needles. Preparing the infusion is very, very simple - just chopped pine needles - five tablespoons - place in a thermos, pour one liter of steep boiling water and cover. To insist the broth is necessary for one day. Take the broth should be as follows: the first day - in the morning, on an empty stomach, three tablespoons of infusion, at lunch, before meals - half a glass of broth, in the evening before going to bed - another half of the broth. So take three days, after you take a break 2 days, and again repeat the above scheme. There should be 7 approaches in total. As you can see, if a woman has some kind of ovarian cysts, treatment with folk remedies can be quite effective. However, one should never forget about traditional medicine - always visit your doctor on a regular basis and follow all his recommendations and appointments. We advise you to read: