bruises under the eyes of the cause As you know, beauty can not be spoiled. But bruises under the eyes, the causes of which may be very different, are able to skillfully disguise this beauty. It is about these very reasons that we will talk today. After all, for sure you want to get rid of bruises under your eyes? And for this it is necessary to know exactly why they appeared. Immediately I would like to make a reservation - in any case, for an accurate diagnosis of the causes of bruising under the eyes of a woman should consult a doctor. Independently to establish, why you had such similar "ornament", hardly it will be possible. But the general information to you all the same will not prevent - it will help the doctor to narrow a circle of searches.

Anatomical features of a person

One of the most common causesthe appearance of bruises under the eyes - this is an anatomical feature of the body, as too thin skin under the eyes. And bruises under the eyes can be a consequence of the location of blood vessels - too close to the surface of the skin, and sometimes even in its upper layers. A clear distinctive feature of this cause of bruises under the eyes is constancy. For the first time bruises make themselves felt even in childhood, frightening parents. In the end, everyone agrees that the child is weak and painful. Begin walking on the doctors, trying to find out why. As a rule, this venture does not bring success. And there are hopes that with age everything will pass. But the child grows up, and bruises remain. In the event that a person is faced with this particular cause of bruising, you can hardly do with improvised means. Although, of course, to calm the soul, try still worth it. However, the maximum that you will be able to achieve is a slight clarification. In order to get rid of bruises in this case, you will have to resort to more cardinal measures. As a rule, cosmetologists offer either lymph drainage massage or laser correction. In most cases, such measures are very effective. bruises under the eyes cause

Disturbance of skin pigmentation

In some cases, bruises under the eyes are straighta result of increased skin pigmentation in this area. The reasons for the violation of pigmentation can be very different - more specifically, it can only be set by a doctor. In this case, home remedies can have a very positive effect. All measures should be aimed at bleaching the skin in the eye area. Do not expect to quickly get rid of the bruises of the floor with your eyes - as a rule, it takes at least three months. If you want to get a faster effect, you need to seek help from a cosmetologist. You can try a famous national recipe. Peel and peel on a fine grater a fresh, medium-sized cucumber. In the resulting gruel add a few drops - no more - lemon juice. Stir the mixture thoroughly and apply to the area around the eyes. After about 15 minutes, rinse with warm water and apply your usual cream. The duration of the course of such procedures is no more than 10 days. If necessary, after a one-week break, the course of procedures can be repeated.

Diseases of internal organs

In the worst case, the cause ofbruises under the eyes can be a variety of diseases of internal organs. And often these diseases can be serious enough and represent a real threat not only to health, but also to a person's life. Most often, bruises under the eyes appear as a result of diseases of the cardiovascular system, kidneys and bladder. In more rare cases, the presence of diseases of the endocrine system is possible. Any ways to eliminate bruises under the eyes, even the most modern and expensive, in this case will be completely useless. The only way to get rid of bruises is to eliminate the underlying disease. And for this, accordingly, it is necessary to consult a doctor who diagnoses the disease and prescribes the appropriate treatment.

Age changes and weight loss

Unfortunately, time is not an ally of the femalebeauty - the older a woman becomes, the more difficult and difficult it is to maintain the skin in perfect condition. As the woman ages, the skin around her eyes starts to sag a little, the vessels appear very clearly and the skin acquires a bluish tinge. Such a phenomenon can be avoided if you take care of this problem in advance. Careful care for the skin around the eyes should begin at about 35 years. Well, if you can not avoid this phenomenon, you can get rid of bruises only with the help of plastic surgery. A similar phenomenon can be observed in the case when a woman quickly loses body weight. As a rule, this problem is faced by women who are constantly harassing themselves with various diets. A similar pursuit of harmony can result in the fact that the skin with a sharp weight loss does not have time to contract. As a result - all the same notorious bluish bags under the eyes. And the woman starts to panic - why this happens? Avoid this can only one way - to abandon the radical diets that lead to a sharp weight loss. Doctors believe that the most safe weight loss is not more than two kilograms per week. A more severe weight loss can lead to the development of various complications, sometimes more serious than the appearance of bruises under the eyes.

The way of life of a person

Sometimes the cause of bruising under the eyesbecomes the lifestyle of man. More precisely - the wrong way of life. Do you have bruises under your eyes? And do you remember when you last fully rested? Do not you remember? That's the same ... Sitting behind the computer monitor after midnight, early awakening - as a rule, a modern person sleeps an average of about 6 hours. And this is absolutely inadequate for the body - a dream should last at least 8 hours. Otherwise, bruises under the eyes, decreased efficiency, increased fatigue. And in the event that such a regime of life lasts more than a few months, various nervous disorders are not excluded. Is it worth it to mock yourself and experiment on your health? After all, most likely, if you try to understand why you do not get enough sleep, you will come to the conclusion that most of the time allocated for sleep is wasted. Do not overload your eyes too much. Long sitting in front of a computer and / or TV, e-books - all this does not contribute not only to the health of the eyes, but also to the good skin around the eyes. In all the cases listed above, if bruises appear as a result of an incorrect lifestyle, it is necessary to radically revise it. If you eliminate only the very consequence of this lifestyle - bruises - you will not be able to achieve any effect. why under the eyes of bruises

Mechanical damage

Sometimes bruises appear as a result of traumasoft tissues. Because of the mechanical effect, there is a hemorrhage into the soft tissues - the so-called hematoma. In this case, the bruise most often occurs under one eye. But in the event that the blow fell to the bridge of the nose, bruises could appear immediately under both eyes. In this case, measures should be taken as soon as possible. The scheme of action is as follows:

  • Cold

The first thing to do after receivingtrauma - apply something cold to the affected area. Ideally, it should be ice, but you can take advantage of the fact that there is at hand - cold foods, wet cloth or at least a cold thing. The cold should be left for about 30 minutes. Then it must be applied to the damaged area every two hours. Such a measure will help narrow the blood vessels, relieve swelling, and reduce the area of ​​hemorrhage. And accordingly, and the area of ​​the bruise. In no case it is impossible to warm a bruise - this will only worsen the situation in times. Warming up can only begin on the second day.

  • Address to the doctor

And be sure to ask for helpto the doctor-traumatologist who will direct you to the ophthalmologist if necessary. Very often even a low impact can lead to serious eye injuries. Therefore, it is worthwhile to exclude such an opportunity. In addition, the doctor will tell you how to deal with the bruise. After all, in the event that the bruise is not treated, it will "flaunt" about 10 days. Of course, bruises under the eyes - this is a good reason for the disorder. However, instead of lamenting this, find out the cause of the problem. We advise you to read: