how to make a guy marry It would seem that the very question "how to get a guymarry "sounds a little repulsive. Immediately the images of abnormal, predatory women come to mind, and they are just looking for an opportunity to marry poor, unsuspecting men. It's only in life that things often happen on the contrary: this girl is suffering, waiting and hoping to legitimize a long-standing relationship with her chosen one. Men are not in a hurry with a proposal of the hand and heart - they can endlessly long pull normal relationships or be happy to live in a civil marriage, without assuming formal obligations. Well, they do not want it, and that's all for you! Nowadays, civil marriages are very popular, modern morality allows you to live a man and a woman under one roof and without a preliminary trip to the registry office. But only when making the decision to live together, a woman, as a rule, hopes to get to know her partner better and understand whether she can live with him the rest of her life and whether to give him her hand and heart. For men, this is a very convenient state of affairs when he continues to feel like a bachelor, but has at home and coziness, and affection, and a loving woman. And they often do not intend to change their family status. And it happens that it does not reach the civil marriage, but the candy-bouquet period has dragged on for many years. The man still does not dare to take the next step in the relationship - to offer to marry him. Any girl dreams of marriage, and this is perfectly normal: in us nature has laid the desire to raise children in ideal conditions, when mother and father are in a real marriage and are responsible for each other. It's just for some reason that it's much more convenient for a man to meet with friends for the weekend and spend vacations together, but they are afraid to think of wedding bells. That's the whole story for you! What to do in such a situation, how to reverse the course of events and get the guy to finally get married? In order to understand this difficult issue, let's think: why men resist official relations? how to get a guy to marry

The reasons why men avoid marriage

Though there is an opinion that the word "marriage" is goodaction will not be called, but we know something with you that family life with a beloved man is the height of joy and happiness. In theory, the same should be experienced by persons of the opposite sex. So why are they running away from official relations, like the devil from incense?

  • Of course, the first and most basic reason isfear of losing freedom. They are still young, strong and attractive, and around there are so many pretty girls with whom in the future you can start interesting acquaintances. And if he stops loving you, and if you do not arrange it as a wife, and if he gets tired of you for about five years? Infinite "if, if" .... Any man takes a long time to decide to link his life with a woman, because it literally "puts an end to" his moral and sexual independence. But only by the age of thirty-thirty-five their alleged "freedom" threatens to turn into ordinary loneliness, when after work they come to an empty house-neither their wives, nor their children, nor joyful greetings and embraces. It is at this age that avid bachelors, who are so afraid of losing their freedom, still give up their positions and decide on a legal marriage with their chosen one.
  • If a man lives in a civil marriage witha woman, then everything suits him, and run to the registry office, put incomprehensible stamps in his passport and spend a lot of money for a wedding - for him the top of stupidity. Now in his life everything is clear, easy and measured. So why should he strain and worry that after the wedding the relationship will no longer be the same, if everything is fine now! In addition, do not forget the famous saying: "A woman in a civil marriage considers herself to be a legitimate wife, and a man is a bachelor". He always has a reason to tell his partner: they say, you are not my wife and not an edict! And if he had a stamp in his passport, then the status of the official head of the family would no longer allow him to turn a blind eye to common problems, he would have to look for a compromise solution that suits you both. So if you are mired in "civil relations", then either take the bull by the horns and put the wedding question on edge, or look for a new life partner. Because there is a type of men who can pull relationships in a civil marriage ad infinitum.
  • There are men in life who are afraid to deathThe marriage is due to childhood memories of their own family. Eternal scandals, drinking, insults and even assault. Especially hotly experienced by such situations are the boys, whose mother was the instigator of all the misfortunes (yes, yes, it happens!). Becoming an adult, he understands that not all girls are like his mother, but subconsciously afraid of the development of the same relationship in his own family. Therefore, it is much easier for such men to continue a romantic relationship with a girl indefinitely, not allowing her, as he thinks, to show his "true face" after the wedding. If your man is one of these poor fellows, then your only chance to drag him under the altar is to prove that he will never find a more gentle, affectionate and loving woman in life. As soon as you melt the ice in his heart and let him know that you are not expecting him to quarrel and daily tantrums, he will make you at last a long-awaited proposal of the hand and heart.
  • There is a type of men who are obsessed with their ownwork and career, who do not want to find time for serious relationships with women, especially - on official marriage. They are accustomed from morning to night to disappear in the office, go on long business trips and for weeks do not appear at home. This state of affairs absolutely suits these people and they understand that few women are able to endure permanent separation and life in isolation.
  • In addition, such men, as a rule, financiallyand in any attempt by women to hint at official relations they see only self-interest toward themselves and the desire to dispose of their money. Their financial independence, they also received due to the fact that they learned to fight with competitors, and women, encroaching on their freedom and purse, they refer to this category of "opponents". If you decide at any price to marry just such a person, it is better for you to be financially independent, and apart from an all-consuming love for a partner, find yourself many other hobbies and hobbies. So you will give him the confidence that you need him, and not in his money, and that you are able to live together without taking him off hourly from work. In fact, there are still many reasons why men do not marry, but we have considered the most common of them. Now, armed with knowledge of their basic fears, we will try to understand how to get men to agree to a marriage. how to get a guy to marry himself

    How to get a guy to marry

    Despite all the persistence of men and reluctanceto bind ourselves with official relations, we can still make them take a decisive step and offer us a hand and a heart. How to do it? We disclose small secrets that will help you to visit the salon of wedding dresses as soon as possible and choose the right outfit for the most important event in your life. Heavy artillery By "heavy artillery" we mean strong support in the form of his beloved mother. Believe me, any man subconsciously looking for a life partner woman, similar to his mother. All you need to do is to become a friend of his mother and enlist her support. As soon as your future mother-in-law appreciates you and loves you, she will begin to persuade your son with great zeal that you are just an ideal wife for him. In order to implement the plan, you need to learn as much as possible about his mother: tastes, habits, hobbies. If she is a lady of Puritan education, then you should meet her in a modest dress, constantly blush and smile shyly. If she is a fatal woman dressing in luxurious, expensive outfits, then you need to show your taste and style in clothes, and also be able to talk on topics of interest to her. But the most important thing is to make it clear that you love her son without a doubt and are ready to do anything to make him happy. Addition to the family Perhaps this is one of the most effective ways to drag a guy under the crown. Practically in any man there is such a thing as responsibility, and the fact that his girlfriend is waiting for a child can push him to action. Just do not forget to consider that your marriage will be successful only if you really love each other, otherwise after a while you risk remaining a mom, one bringing up your child. So a hundred times think: "Do you need it?", As they say in Odessa. And in any case, do not blackmail a man, coming up with a non-existent pregnancy. It's only in a fairy tale wedding - a happy ending, in life it's just the beginning of a relationship between a man and a woman. Guys can not stand when they are forced to do something forcibly - and even more so if by deceit. Even if you achieve yours and marry - believe me, your "lived happily ever after" may not happen. Are we worse than others? To understand the men's fear of marriage is quite possible: loss of freedom, ever-crying children, a wife in an old robe and curlers ... Try to introduce into your general circle of acquaintances married couples who have long been happy in marriage. Looking at the men who "survived the shock" caused by the official marriage, and remained not only alive, but also quite happy with their fate, his fear of marriage will quietly subside. Try to stay for him always seductive and refined, even if you worked twelve hours a day and you have the first days of premenstrual syndrome. Let him understand that family life will not make you a homemade klusha, and he will be able to continue to love and enjoy life just like your friends, but in a legal, official marriage. By the way, try not to drag it to the weddings of your friends and acquaintances - for most men this is a difficult test, after which they flatly refuse to celebrate their own wedding. Perhaps the most important argument of a woman who wants to get married is a sincere, deep love for a man and a desire to stay with him until the end of his days. If your feelings are mutual, sooner or later a man will give in to your desire to create an official union, and you will start a new, wonderful stage in your relationship. If, in spite of all your tricks and efforts, he remains firm, like flint, and does not even want to hear about marriage, then think: is it worth your choice to spend on him the precious years of your life? Maybe it's worth giving him the freedom he admires and looking for happiness elsewhere? We advise you to read: