self-confidence Since time immemorial, people have been striving for perfection andthey want to achieve complete self-confidence and their own strengths. But what is confidence and how to gain self-confidence? The concept of "confidence" is very closely related to the notion of "knowledge". It would seem that if you have enough "luggage" of knowledge, then you are a confident person. It is not always so. On our way there is a huge amount of psychological obstacles, fears and doubts. Now we will determine how to overcome all these barriers and move on with our head held high.

Do not sit in one place and completely surrender to your favorite business

It is very important on the way to confidence not to be afraidact. Constantly work through your problem, never stop and always finish the job. Sitting at home and just reflecting on your desires, you will not achieve anything, but only exacerbate the situation. It's pretty simple. We need to get together and start acting. Discard all doubts and deal with the matter that you decided to start and necessarily finish. Try to be at the right place for this. Then it will be much easier to act and make some decisions. Everything will go its own way, easily and at ease. Treat everything as simple as possible. This will make it possible to drive away all bad thoughts and engage in what you would like to do. Do not exaggerate or complicate the tasks and goals set for yourself. Relax, turn off the imagination, and all problems will go to the background. ways to gain self-confidence

Do not be afraid, be confident, act

Do not be afraid of anything, overcome yourfears. you will become stronger and more confident in your abilities. Prepare yourself and look at your fears in person. For this, show curiosity, destroy all obstacles and barriers in your head, open to people. When a person is completely open and busy with his own business, he simply has no time to be afraid. To do this, connect your memories and remember all your joys connected with the acquisition of new knowledge and experience. Understand for yourself that all fears are based on a misunderstanding of the problem itself. Do not look at other people and look for examples. They are useless and often negative, and all this leads to misunderstanding and incorrect assessment of the situation. Throw away all thoughts, memories of past and failure. The world does not revolve only around you, and it's not interesting to those around you what you do. They have their own lives and their problems. Actively act. When you are on the move, you become more confident and can easily get out of difficult life situations. For example, during the first time in your life speaking to the general public, you are afraid and nervous. Over time, fear goes away, and you perceive the performance as something ordinary and everyday.

Be prepared for everything and do not listen to others

The way to self-confidence is through training andtraining. If you are in ignorance, what you are striving for, then it will be difficult for you to do something. The fear of something uncharted will excite your imagination, erasing the realities. Getting certain knowledge and skills can greatly help you. After spending a bit of your time preparing, you will be much calmer and more confident in yourself. Do not be afraid of your failures. Even if you stumble, no one will reproach you for this and will not condemn you. The catastrophe will not happen and nothing terrible will happen. You need to soberly and clearly evaluate all the actions you have done, and take out a useful lesson from this. Look at failure as a useful lesson. Get an invaluable experience, stuffing yourself bumps on the setbacks. This experience will be useful to you in the further life and will help you to gain self-confidence. With each setback, you become closer to success, stronger and stronger. The subsequent failures do not frighten you any more, as you easily pass through them. Each failure encourages you, makes you stronger and pushes risk, bringing you closer to your desired success. Do not take TV, radio, advertising to heart. They unanimously dictate to us that life is a complicated thing and that it is difficult to live in this world. The society dictates what to do in this or that situation, what to eat and drink, how to dress and where to go to rest. This is deliberately false information, which is aimed at oppression of the individual. In order to regain confidence, be yourself and take your own deliberate decisions. Decide for yourself, learn, act and go where you want. Do not let someone dissuade you in this and impose your opinion. Be faithful to yourself and do not listen to others

Become stronger in society and assert yourself

In order to strengthen, form the significanceits position in society, set boundaries for society. Do not be silent if something does not suit you or something you do not like. Just express your opinion or discontent. After all, if you silently tolerate, then the bar of respect for you will sink lower and lower. Therefore, clearly define for yourself the scope of permissiveness for others. There is nothing wrong with this, because you do not want to offend a person, but simply point out to him the boundaries that you can not cross, and the fact that you need to show respect. It is very important to find your place in life, to become an expert in this or that sphere, to assert yourself, to receive respect and respect from others. you must look into yourself, listen to your heart and feel what you are most attracted to. Do not compare yourself with someone and do not be equal to other people and someone's achievements. Self-affirmation is vital. This is a natural phenomenon that promotes the evolution of humanity. The decline in the level of culture of the present society has significantly influenced the nobility and general principles of self-affirmation. So do not use vulgar, rude, aggressive and vulgar methods. Strive to develop in all possible ways to improve your well-being. Finally, I want to give a few tips that will help to gain confidence in their abilities:

  • Develop a solid positive in yourself and avoid pessimists.
  • Do not blame anyone for your troubles, hold on confidently.
  • Do not criticize others.
  • Do not shift responsibility for your actions and problems.
  • Stick to your own plans and goals, do not turn off the intended path.
  • Feel free and easy to accept all the setbacks and disappointments.
  • Do not think ill of yourself.
  • Watch your gait, it must be confident, direct.
  • Do not slouch, watch your posture, with all your kind show confidence.
  • Control your speech, intonation, pitch and timbre of voice.
  • Do not be afraid to look at the person directly in the eyes.
  • Show curiosity.
  • Watch your appearance.
  • Plan your day, make your resume and autobiography.
  • Communicate with people and revolve in society more often.
  • Smile more often and smile.
  • Help people.

Answering the question how to gain confidence inand analyzing the above, I want to say that it is impossible to know confidence by thinking, remembering and experiencing. Confidence comes only after active and directed actions that make you feel proud of yourself and your actions.