relax In the life of every person, there are ups and downsfalls, moments of joy and happiness, which are sometimes replaced by resentment, disappointment and bitterness. It's not always all right at work, in the family and in a love relationship. As a result, troubles and adversity, stress, accumulated problems and negative reactions affect human health, physical and emotional. The burden that we ourselves and the external stimuli that surround us, painfully beats the human body. As a consequence, you may experience frequent headaches, insomnia, loss of appetite or, conversely, a constant craving for food. If you do not take yourself in time, learn to relax and stop stress, you can get seriously ill. Therefore, do not brush aside the accumulated problems, "flush" them in alcohol or try to forget yourself in other, not very healthy ways. Of course, external stimuli exist and they can not escape anywhere from them - the bosses on duty ought to scold you from time to time, love relationships are not always cloudless either; but you can learn to react to everything not so painfully. To do this, use simple methods that will quickly remove the accumulated fatigue. Having mastered such techniques, you will save yourself from the occurrence of neuroses, psychosomatic diseases and other health problems caused by nervous exhaustion of the body. We will tell you what are the ways to relax and how to apply them in practice.

What is the threat of stress and why should we fight it?

If you do not know how to relax, we willwe will prompt. In fact, there are a lot of ways: meditation, taking a bath with aromatic oils, performing special exercises, massage and many others. It is better, of course, to try out a few techniques to choose the most suitable for you. After all, every person is a bright individuality: quiet quiet music and a cup of hot tea help someone to relax quickly, and someone needs stronger means. However, today we will not talk about medications and antidepressants. They should be used only as prescribed by the doctor and only in emergency cases, for example, with a serious nervous disease. In order not to bring your body to psychosomatic disorders and neuroses, you should learn how to pre-contract the stress that begins to gain momentum. Scientists have long proven that the negative emotions that a person accumulates in his body, subsequently have a destructive effect on the person. Especially people who are restrained are subject to this, they hide their feelings under the guise of coldness and indifference. If a person does not cry, does not swear, does not show his emotions in any way, then, as psychologists say, he is at risk, that is, he is the first candidate to see a psychotherapist. Men who by their nature are not as emotional as women, are more likely to suffer losses, as they are unable to throw out emotions. Therefore, when accumulated experiences can not be restrained, they often start drinking or doing some rash or unusual actions. Studies conducted by scientists on the impact of negative emotions on human health have shown that they have the property of destroying the liver, in some cases are the causes of cancer development. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to manage your emotions. How to relax each person chooses independently: type a hot bath, turn off the light, light the candles, listen to calm music. You can also go to the forest or other deserted place and scream out the whole negative. Very well help physical activity: go in for sports, sign up for the gym or run in the morning. In the process of strength exercises in the human body, a hormone of joy is produced. Perhaps you noticed that after swimming, yoga or other sports, the mood that used to be "below the waterline" improves significantly. If you are tortured by their reproaches, the boss offended a friend or a quarrel with a loved one, do not save the indignation, but throw it on paper. To do this, draw a picture quickly or write everything you think about at the moment. Another great way to quickly relieve the tension is the Japanese. In this country, in virtually every office there is a special room reserved for purification and discharge of negative energy, in which there is a scarecrow. Thus, coming into this room and beating a rag doll, in its place introducing a leader or another offender, a person is freed from anger, anger and other destructive emotions. Take this note! It is not at all necessary to buy a scarecrow - in its place can be an ordinary pillow. relax

The technique of "switching attention" and relaxation

If you feel that negative emotionsoverwhelm you, in no case do not give in to them. Try to shift your attention to something else: think about the pleasant moments that have happened to you, about your favorite people or do something useful. For this purpose monotonous calming work, for example, knitting, embroidery, gardening, drawing, modeling and the like will do. Immersion in such activities distracts a person from bad thoughts, thereby bringing relief and gives an opportunity to look more calmly at the problem that has arisen. Quite quickly and effectively relieves tension, pacifies and soothes the bruising of the beads. They are made of ivory, wood, glass, stone, especially in Greece and the East. Why do not you buy such a thing? In order to distract from unpleasant thoughts, you can make for yourself an individual "switch". Any beautiful picture, a picture of your child or lover - in general, anything you like. Every time, as soon as you feel nervous tension and approach of stress, look at this image and think about something good. Regularly performing this simple exercise, which in time will become a habit, you will learn how to quickly switch from negative to positive. In the modern world, a person receives a tremendous load on his body and psyche. This is facilitated by constant stresses, time pressure and blockages at work, financial problems, quarrels with loved ones and health problems that almost everyone is experiencing today. The media - newspapers, television, radio - often report sad events. In general, troubles surround a person from all sides, but do not get hung up on them. To relax and drive away the negative away, we recommend to master the relaxation technique. There are many, but the general idea is to clear your thoughts. Choose a time when you will not be disturbed, left alone, turn on quiet music, light candles and take a comfortable position, you can use scented sticks or oils. Mentally imagine how all the troubles leave you, think only of the good. The highest degree of relaxation is complete purification, that is, your mind must be completely free. However, to achieve such a state is rather difficult - it will take time. Some people can quickly relax using a good book or movie, music. Sit in a quiet environment, think about the pleasant, perhaps, so you can rethink these or other things, find a way out of this situation. Psychologists are also advised to go to bed, because in this state the human brain and body are resting, so give them such an opportunity. No wonder they say that the morning is wiser than the evening. Having learned to control your emotions, you will not only become more reserved and keep your peace of mind, but also protect yourself from possible psychosomatic diseases.

Relax with the help of water procedures

Very well contribute to the relaxation of waterprocedures for which warm water is ideal. Learn a special breathing technique, put on a circle and lie on the water, then relax. Doing exercises, you will get rid of stress; the sense of restraint will disappear, and a deep reassurance will come to replace it. To achieve higher results, include the appropriate music - it can be a calm melody or, for example, the sounds of a forest, a waterfall, nature, birdsong. Water is most suitable for training exercises, many are specially engaged in the pool, which reduces the burden on the joints. Such forceful exercises are considered sparing, unlike those that are conducted on land. But to relax, it is not necessary to leave the house. A relaxation session can also be held in your bathroom. Let's start our relaxation session by taking a warm shower with a relaxing gel. The duration of it should not be big - it will be enough for three minutes. Next, we proceed to skin cleansing using a scrub with the content of seaweed. We will spend no more than 5 minutes on this procedure. And only after complete cleansing the skin can take a bath. Here it is worth choosing sea salt or aromatic oils. The temperature of the bath should be about 37 degrees. For the purpose of relaxation, you can add lavender, rose or magnolia oil to the bath. It is important to note that aromatic oils should be added when the bath is already on and the tap is turned off. For a good effect, 5 drops of oil will suffice. You can also use oils of Moroccan cedar, juniper berries and cardamom, which have an anti-cellulite effect. Deep cleansing of the skin will give the oils of chamomile and tea tree. And with heaviness in the legs and swelling can help a bath with a wintergreen. When taking a bath, do not just lie still - you can and even need to do a light massage of the whole body stroking movements with a terry mitten. The whole procedure for taking a bath should not last more than 25 minutes. After taking a bath, apply any moisturizer to the body. It can be milk, emulsion or lotion. And, of course, do not forget about the energy drink you prepared in advance from fresh fruits. Such procedures, performed at least once a week, will help you to remove excessive fatigue, completely relax and feel in good shape. how to relax

Relaxation and wellness

Take the rule of regularly visiting the sauna -once or twice a week will be enough. This will relieve muscle tension, recover from physical exertion and get a charge of vivacity. These procedures are especially good during the winter: you not only improve your health, but also protect yourself from respiratory diseases. The sauna helps to relax, stimulates metabolism and removes toxins from the body. Steamed, you can do some stretching exercises: the results will be much higher than if done under normal conditions, since the muscles after the procedures will become elastic. It is recommended to use aromatic oils: eucalyptus, cedar, chamomile, juniper and others. Do not add them in their pure form - a small amount dilute with water and sprinkle with a mixture of wooden shelves and sauna walls. That relaxing and warming procedures have passed with advantage for an organism, it is necessary to adhere to some rules:

  • Before visiting the sauna (at least two hours before it) do not eat.
  • If you have a cold, better give up dataprocedures. In addition, there are a number of diseases (for example, cancer) in which visiting a sauna is strictly prohibited. Therefore, if you are registered with a doctor, consult about this issue.
  • Do not enter the bath wet, do not allow too much moisture.
  • Do not stay in the room for too long, as this can lead to an increase in viscose blood, which threatens with serious consequences.
  • After the sauna, cool a little, and afterwards dive into the pool or take a cold shower. A sharp temperature drop is life-threatening!
  • During the session, do not eat, however, drink as much as possible drinking water. The fact is that a sharp weight loss without replenishing the water reserve can negatively affect your health.

After a sauna it is recommended to make a relaxingmassage, girls can undergo an anti-cellulite treatment using a special cream or oil. Bath treatments positively affect the whole body as a whole: increase its protective properties, relieve stress, prevent colds and flu. Today, unfortunately, visiting a sauna for many has become a kind of fun pastime with a drink. Naturally, in this case, no useful effect can be said. Go to the bath with a broom, essential oils, still water, properly and qualitatively rest, and then you will be healthy and vigorous, quickly getting rid of fatigue! Now you know how to properly relax with the help of various methods and techniques. Choose them based on their preferences, opportunities and the effect they have on you. In case of constantly growing and not falling down nervous tension, you can take a course of special massage or, for example, acupuncture; if that does not help, then it's best to see a doctor. After an appropriate examination and identify the causes of an excited condition, the specialist will prescribe the necessary treatment for you. Naturally, it is impossible to completely protect yourself from the outside world and to avoid stresses, but they need to learn how to manage. Try not to overwork, go to bed on time, spend the weekend with benefit: walk in nature, breathe fresh air, read books, listen to calm music. To get distracted from the negative, you need to concentrate on something else. To do this, engage in knitting, embroidery, beading or master the technique of "switching". Take for a rule to leave all professional troubles and problems at work, do not carry them home! Returning after a hard busy day in your apartment, change clothes, dial a bath, turn off the light and light the candles, immerse yourself in the water and relax, thinking about nothing at least for a while. Do everything possible to your body as much as possible resting, and then you will always have the strength to deal with stress. We advise you to read: