how to let a man know that you like him In our society, it is considered that a manshould be the first to pay attention to the lady he liked, using a variety of ways from banal compliments and flirting to staging any atypical situations. Women are supposed to have a more passive role, which assumes favorable or not very acceptance of the signs of attention from a particular man. However, in recent times, in connection with the increasing prevalence of gender equality in the world or even radical feminism, women have become more likely to independently show sympathy for the man they really like. There is nothing unusual in such a desire for beautiful ladies, but so far not all of them know how to beautifully and elegantly let a man know that they liked him. We can do this in many ways, which we will consider in more detail.

Unobtrusive flirting

A win-win way to show any man,that you really like him, is an unobtrusive light flirtation. However, use this method is carefully and metered, so as not to look in the eyes of the interesting person you are a strong sex is ridiculous or ridiculous. Excessive obsession will not lead to anything good either, so flirting should be subtle and elegant. A lot of young girls at least once in their lives made it clear to the guy that he likes them, with spectacular seductive outfits, "shooting" with eyes and the like. Despite the apparent effectiveness of such actions, men often perceive them not very positively. The fact is that a girl or woman who tries to hint to some man that she likes her, with the help of various bright attributes of her external image and obvious coquettish actions, often looks too naive, which, on the contrary, only pushes away all men from her . In order that you do not get into such an unpleasant situation, you should behave during flirting as naturally as possible and not try to appear as someone you really are not. This is not so easy as it seems at first glance, because women often on a subconscious level want to seem better for the man they like. A great way to track your natural behavior is to take a video of yourself. It's best to ask friends or family for a while to shoot you or, better still, to install a hidden camera so that you do not know that the shooting is taking place. Then you should carefully analyze all the records and try to fix in your head how you behave yourself. It is these reactions that you should have during the flirting of the various cues of the man you like. However, this does not mean at all that you can not slightly embellish your speech, you just do not need to overplay and try to do what in ordinary life you do not. Do not also forget about non-verbal signals, considered one of the most effective for flirting. The simplest manifestation of interest with the help of the so-called body language is the turning of the trunk toward the man you like. With the same success, you can turn in his direction, not the entire body, but only the socks of shoes or one leg, if you sit in a "leg to foot" position. During the conversation, you can casually touch the hand of the man you are interested in, and thereby at the subconscious level make it clear that you like him. You can also try to "mirror" his gestures, repeating the slight inclination of the head, the position of the hands and the like. Such actions contribute to the appearance of the disposition towards you of your interlocutor and a more relaxed flow of conversation. Only it is very important not to overdo it, so as not to look comical. Even the most simple smile can help you express your sympathy without words, and an open eye-to-eye view will make it clear that you are completely absorbed by the man who sits opposite. If you are very shy and think that flirting in any manifestations does not suit you, then know: most women thought the same way until they became interested in this or that man enough to show him that they really like him. Even if you are timid to someone who is not indifferent to you, still try to overcome yourself a little and show at least the most minimal signs of attention. Once you feel at least some response from the man, then show your interest to you will be much easier. how to let a man know what he likes

"Innocent" Friendship

If you want to not just make it clear to him oranother man, that you like him, but also guaranteed to evoke reciprocal sympathy from his side, it is best to just make friends with him. Such friendship is best built on the basis of any common interests, for example, hobbies for dogs, visits to various sports sections, etc. If such intersections are not observed, then you should start to be keenly interested in what a man loves you. Believe me, even if it seems to you that it is impossible to find common ground, it's just necessary to show a little ingenuity and female cunning in order to find out from the friends of the guy of interest or from him all his attachments and passions, and then start building friendly relations on their basis. Over time, such an "innocent" at first glance, friendship can be easily translated into a romantic relationship. Men really like it when a woman is genuinely interested in their hobbies, and they very quickly become attached to their girlfriends. However, it is very important to let the man know in time that you no longer want to be just a friend for him, so that he does not burn out and throw his attention to another lady who is not shy to show interest in him. Friendship with a guy who you like can also be tied up as if by accident, constantly communicating in one company. To do this, you will first have to make friends with a girl from his circle of friends, so she will introduce you to their company; this will allow you to immediately become at least a little "your own person." Another option is to attract a young man of interest to your company with the help of a brother or a friend of your friend. This strategy is a little dangerous to use, because a guy who likes you so much, may well be interested in any other girl from your company or even your girlfriend, which is fraught with the development of serious competition or even enmity. To prevent this, you should immediately let your friends know that you have certain types of this particular man.

Request for help

Most men are very fond of feeling themselvessuch omnipotent defenders of the weak half of humanity, and, if necessary, you can use it for your own purposes. So, if you ask a man who is interesting to you, fix the tap, change the wheel in the car or do any other man's work, it will only play into your hands. A woman who seeks help from a man, as it were, automatically makes it clear that she likes him, because she now chose it among all the stronger sexes. In addition, the man himself in such a situation pays close attention to the woman and often finds it quite attractive in order to continue acquaintance in a more relaxed atmosphere, and then, maybe, and make a romantic relationship with her. Of course, it will be better if before asking for help of one kind or another you will already be at least a little familiar with the guy that you like, as this increases the chances for further development of relations. However, if you wish and an unfamiliar man you can express your sympathy in the form of a request, the fulfillment of which can only be handled by him. With any request for help, it's worth trying to let the man know that you specifically chose it, because you consider him to be the strongest, smartest and resourceful. In addition, you have been told in advance repeatedly that he simply genius knows how to repair a crane in the kitchen, change the wheels in the car, reinstall some program on the computer, etc. Men are very fond of appreciating their abilities, and they, in turn, begin to appreciate that girl who is able to notice their uniqueness.

Sincere laughter

Most men are very fond of giggles whosincerely laugh at their jokes, even if to everyone else they seem not so ridiculous. Every man thinks that he has just an unrivaled sense of humor, and that woman who will constantly confirm this with her open natural laugh will become for him the personification of the ideal companion of life. Of course, with the help of laughter alone, it will be quite difficult to completely captivate a man into your networks, but it is quite possible to let know that you have sympathy for him. If you decided to stick to such a strategy and laugh at all the jokes of a man who is interesting to you, it is very important to follow it to the end and not show that in fact sometimes you are not so funny. For a man, nothing is worse than a humiliated self-esteem, and he will perceive his insincere admiration for his sense of humor. However, if you manage to have a long romantic relationship with a man, then in time you can start a little cooler about his jokes; but at first it will be necessary for some time to correspond to the image of a light and carefree giggle. how to let a man know that he likes you advice

A sincere confession

The most risky way to make thisanother man, that he is interesting to you, is to tell him about it directly. The result of such frank recognition is often completely unpredictable, and not every woman decides to do so. The reaction of a man largely depends on whether you like him or not. So, if a man has obvious sympathy for you or is in love with you, then he will probably take this recognition very positively. Moreover, even if he externally tries to remain unperturbed, then by any gestures, facial expressions and tone of speech, any woman will not be able to understand that the whole situation he really likes. If a man does not have any feelings for you, then his reaction to such recognition will entirely depend on his level of culture and moral principles. An intelligent young man, most likely, will thank you for such a flattering attitude towards him and try to explain as tactfully as possible gently that there can not be any relationship between you. But the man who perceives all women more as sexual objects, will probably try to play a reciprocal interest in order to achieve intimacy from you, or simply offer to spend the evening alone alone. Agree or not to such a proposal, depends only on your own views and beliefs, but in any case, it is worth noting that in most cases nothing good such short-term relationships do not end. You can also use a softer version of recognition, trying to hint to a man about his interest in him, but it should be borne in mind that few of the guys understand such hints. However, if a man himself has long been secretly dreaming to screw up a romance with you, then he can adequately interpret your hint. If you do not have any interest for him, then, most likely, he simply does not understand you, or he will understand absolutely not how you need. Whichever way you choose to express your sympathy for a certain man, you know that the main thing is to act, because, as the saying goes, "under a recumbent stone water does not flow." If you wait a long time that the man that you like, he will pay attention to you, then you can not wait. However, if you are not afraid to show your interest, then you can easily tie beautiful romantic relationships, which eventually develop into a strong family alliance. If you still doubt, then pay attention to the dating history of many "star" couples, in which the decisive role was played by a woman who overcame her constraint and made it clear to a man that he cares for her. Such a beginning of relations has made them even stronger and more trusting, and the husbands of their brave lovers, as a rule, throughout their life with pride and not quenched during the years of their joint life, remember with genuine delight the way their wife first showed her interest. We advise you to read: