how to fall in love with a guy How to fall in love with a stranger? Weird question. Let him fall in love, why do something for this? But it also happens that many young people wish to get acquainted and make an appointment. And the one who really likes does not want to do this at all. In a word, men go jamb, but everything is not what it takes. But you really want happiness! What to do? How to fall in love with a guy in one day? You can fall in love with yourself. You just need to know a few secrets and be able to use them. Now we will uncover these secrets. So, we proceed ...

We fall in love with a guy. Secrets

Before trying to win the love of someguy, we'll take into account that men do not understand hints and do not notice trifles. In addition, they love the eyes, and if something does not like the girl, the guy will not pay much attention to her. Do not stop his look and the "gray mouse" or "blue stocking." In order for the young man's eyes to linger on the girl, she must look extraordinary, but not defiantly. Do not try to attract his attention with extravagant behavior - many young men repel it. Behaving better is rather restrained and, at the same time, confident. And having met with a guy, try to interest him in some conversation, the topic of which will be fairly clear to both. Have you talked? Well, here's the first step to deciding how to make a guy fall in love, done. Now we are making the second step - we try to remain a mystery to him. Do not rush from the first hours of dating to spread all about yourself. We intrigue him, giving out information in small portions and as if in passing. We do not tell obsessively about all our attachments or hobbies, until we learn how he relates to this or that hobby and occupation. Little it is, suddenly he does not like, for example, girls, bikers, but like cross-embroidered young ladies. Or vice versa. Therefore, first of all - intelligence. Frankness (or lack of it) will be later. The third step to conquering the heart of a guy will be to refuse a meeting at the time that he will offer. The meeting must be postponed, referring to employment and urgent matters. Yes, it is not easy, because you want to see him again, but you have to! Waiting for a date will heighten the interest of the young man and make him think about us all the time. And this will only strengthen the love. Well, now, the time has passed, and we finally met. Now we proceed to the fourth step of accomplishing our task. Carefully find out what he is interested in, what he cares about and takes the most. If we understand these issues, then we start talking about them. If not, we will keep silent for the time being, but later, at home, we will try to gather as much information as possible about the hobbies and hobbies of the young man. And then at the next meeting we will have more topics for discussion. This is a very important factor in winning the heart of a guy - men like it when a girlfriend shares their interests. Divided interests? Half a dozen and more have already been done. However, we need to remember - it's impossible to completely give oneself to just his hobbies. From a girl we love, one day we can easily turn into a friend girl. To prevent this from happening, you must also have your own world of hobbies, in which he can also look. It is necessary to constantly develop, replenish the backpack of knowledge and work on yourself to always remain unexplored and attractive. In this case, do not openly show the young man how much he cares about us. Let him always have a little bit of doubt in our love. Make him a little jealous of us, from time to time we will cancel meetings, referring to employment and so on. The main thing is to do everything in moderation, otherwise it will not be long to push it away and lose it. We will try to make sure that each of our meetings with the young man was unforgettable, unlike the previous one. We pay attention to the guy, but we try to be nenazoylivoy and independent. We are moderately capricious and do not impose too high demands on the young man. Do not make him a runaway boy. He, maybe, will agree to such a role, but we can lose interest in him. Why kill your own feelings? After all, they deliver so much pleasure! Here, perhaps, and all the basic tips in order to win the heart of a young man. Yes, it will take time, but what can you do? Some girls, reflecting on how to fall in love with a guy in 1 day, believe that it is enough to look very sexy and then have sex with him. This is a mistaken opinion, although sometimes such a trick works. In most cases, inaccessibility is more effective. Therefore, let us be chaste at least the first time. This will only benefit us. In general terms, how to fall in love with a guy, we already know. Now let's see what subtleties exist in this matter. how to fall in love with a guy in 1 day

Special tricks of winning a guy's heart

One of the main principles of love in general isthat fall in love not in the person, but in his image. So do not try to be perfect, it's almost beyond anyone's power, it's quite ideal to seem. Or not ideal, most importantly, match the image that exists in the mind of the guy. In general, before trying to fall in love with some guy, we'll think about whether we are in love with him ourselves. If not, then why all these efforts - to seem like someone, to correspond to some image and so on? In order to amuse your own ego? It's not worth it. Because sooner or later the young man will turn up, who will do the same with us. This is the law of life. How to determine if we really are in love with a guy, or does it just seem like it? The state of falling in love is characterized by excitement at the appearance of a sighing object, rapid heartbeat, involuntary reddening, fever, incredible embarrassment. At night, we are troubled by insomnia; we dream of this young man, he constantly stands before our eyes. If all these signs are available, then go ahead. We begin to fall in love with him. No, you should not try. In order to act as confidently as possible, we must try to become unusual. But not outwardly - it's intrusive and often repels - but internally. It's unusual to argue or get carried away by something unusual. No, to overdo the stick and deliberately show off, pretending to be a "taaak original" is not worth it. This usually does not like anyone. You just need to find something that is more to your liking and learn to think independently without relying on stereotypes. Even if these thoughts are somewhat naive, they are still more interesting than someone else's thoughts. So, we met, interested the guy, and he called us a meeting. How to fall in love with a guy even more right on the first date? We need to create an opinion from him that we have the opportunity to meet with other young people. And that we are still facing a choice. In general, we have something to do. No other young people and classes? Fantasize. For the sake of winning the heart of a guy you can. The main thing is that he has a feeling that we can be taken away. How to make a guy think about us all the time? A very good method is perfume. We choose spirits with a thin and rare smell and try to make this smell stay on the clothes of the guy, on his things, notebook, phone and so on. Then this smell will accompany him everywhere, constantly recalling us. In order to become the most attractive for a guy, we try to forget about our shortcomings, thinking mainly about the merits. This attitude is transmitted to other people at the subconscious level, so the young man will also notice in us mainly the virtues. We will be positive, active, confident. Let the energy be the key. Flaccid infantile people do not like the male sex. We constantly develop, we try to be versatile. At the same time in an interview with a guy we listen to him more than we say. Do not copy the habits and manners of the famous beauties. We try to find our own style - he will be remembered by a young man more than the style of Angelina Jolie. We train gait. It should be light and elastic, and posture - straight. How do you like the guy? We set ourselves a goal and go to it. Whole nature likes strong sex. More read, but not clever. There is no need to pour a crooked quote from books, it is better to develop your own thinking. Dressing moderately sexually and in no case is vulgar. Make-up too should be not striking, moderate. And the clothes and make-up are changing, but not cardinally. Then we will be for a young man always familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. We play roles, try on all kinds of images. But do not overreach, remaining recognizable. We smile more often and talk less about ourselves, my beloved. Let the guy himself ask. Talking to him, look into the eyes. Then you can, as if embarrassed, drop them or take them aside. Praise the young man, make him compliments, doing it subtle and sincere. Intentional flattery of men is well felt and opposed to it. We develop a sense of humor and do not fear irony about ourselves. It captivates. We do not think all the time about how we look. It is better to be natural than constrained and mannered. Do not talk badly about other people and do not let the same guy. This causes respect. Let's be loving. Usually men love women who are related to the love of animals, children, other people. We openly express our emotions, but we do it sincerely, not theatrically. Let's throw aside arrogance. It does not paint anyone. Do not lie to either boy or other people. If you do not want to admit something, it's better to keep silent. In general, when meeting with a guy it's better not to set a goal for him to fall in love. Such goals are pressured into the psyche, fettered, limited by actions and changed behavior. It will be much better if we meet a young man to make friends with him. Do not think that then he will cease to perceive us as a girl. Does not stop. Unless, of course, we begin to behave in a patsan way. A little coquetry, a bit of weakness, talk not only about motorcycles and football, but also about a pretty dress, and everything will be as good. These girls can only have a friendly attitude to the guys, the guys to the girls - never. And if he became friends with us, then, somewhere in the soul stretched, like a woman. In general, the whole essence of the ability to fall in love with a guy can not be determined by any particular action. Well, it's silly to think that blindly following the advice, you can always win the hearts of the guys. The essence of all of the above is primarily to learn the skills of subjugating guys, constantly training these skills. Improving them, we will in time like more and more guys, without making any special efforts. So we increase self-esteem, learn to tell the guys compliments, study male psychology, learn to listen and support the initiative of the stronger sex. And we can transfer communication with them to a whole new level. And then we will definitely know how to fall in love with a guy in 1 day! We advise you to read: