tasty shish kebab The majority of such a dish as a shish kebabis associated with the warm season, when a friendly company decides to go out into the countryside and have a good time. However, you should not deprive yourself of the opportunity to enjoy the taste of this food in winter, while at home. After all, it can be cooked in the oven. Believe me, the aroma and flavor of this shish kebab are no different from the one that is made according to the classical method. Therefore, please try to cook it using a proven recipe.

What ingredients and inventory will be needed?

Before you start cooking shish kebab in the oven, it is recommended to prepare food in advance, their list is as follows:

  • onion - 4 pieces;
  • fresh pork pulp - 2 kg;
  • turmeric - 2 pinch;
  • fresh pork lard -1 kg;
  • salt, red and black ground pepper - to taste;
  • dried spice zira - 1 pinch;
  • lemon -1 piece;
  • table vinegar - 2 tablespoons;
  • coriander - 1 pinch.

You will also need the following inventory:

  • cutting board;
  • deep bowl;
  • knife;
  • food foil;
  • large grater;
  • baking tray;
  • the grill from the oven;
  • flat dish;
  • a spoon;
  • skewers:
  • wooden sticks;
  • kitchen potholders;
  • paper towels.

recipes of shish kebab in the oven

Preparation of meat, fat, onions

First of all take the pork and wash itunder running water. Then lay it on the cutting board and use a knife to clean the meat from the veins, grease and film. Now cut it into small pieces. They must necessarily be the same size, to allow you to bake well the shish kebab in the oven and brown all around. Then put the meat in a bowl. Then take the fat and wash it under the water. Then it should be wiped dry with paper towels and put on a cutting board for cutting. Its pieces in size should be slightly smaller than meat. After this, the fat should also be transferred to a bowl. Now you can start processing the onions. First, it is cleansed of the husks, and then washed underwater. Then each onion rubs on a large grater. Once this is done, the prepared onion can be transferred to a bowl with bacon and meat. To make a shish kebab in the oven was delicious, it must necessarily be minced before cooking. To do this, add black and red pepper, salt, spices such as turmeric, coriander and zira to the bowl with the previously cut ingredients. Immediately add the table vinegar and juice from the lemon, which will give the dish a piquant taste. After this, you must thoroughly mix all the ingredients in a bowl with clean hands. You need to distribute the marinade over the meat evenly. Then cover the bowl with a lid and leave in the refrigerator for at least an hour. serving shish kebab

Cooking and serving shish kebab

As soon as the meat is thoroughly marinated,Connect the oven and heat it to 250 ° C. After this, take a baking sheet and cover it with food foil. It is important to spread it with a shiny side upward. Next, place a grate on the baking tray from the oven. Now take the skewers for shish kebab and rinse them under the water carefully. Then wipe them dry with a kitchen towel. Now you can begin to string meat and fat on them, do this one by one. At the same time, it is not necessary to squeeze the pieces too tightly, otherwise they will not be able to be thoroughly fried. Next, skewers with a shish kebab must be placed on a grate. Leave a small distance between them. Now you can start cooking the dish in the oven. Place the pan with a shish kebab in the upper level and close the door. After 10-15 minutes, the lard will begin to be thawed and the meat juice will drain. It is important to monitor the cooking process in the oven. When it will be noticed that the top of the shish kebab is already browned, it is necessary to open the door and turn the skewers with the other side. After a few minutes you will notice how the fat from the fat and meat begins to smoke. To be frightened of such process it is not necessary, after all this is the most important stage. Smoke will allow to smoke meat, so its taste will be the same as if it was cooked on a shish kebab. As soon as you see that the other side of the meat has browned, turn off the oven and turn the skewers again. After a couple of minutes, take out the baking sheet with the grate and set it aside. Take the dish and lay out on it a ready shish kebab. If desired, you can sprinkle it with pre-cut onion rings, chopped greens of dill and parsley. As a dressing for this dish, mayonnaise, barbecue sauce and ketchup are perfect. Bon Appetit! Useful tips During the preparation of such a dish without good advice simply can not do. So, if you plan to make a shish kebab in an electric oven, then set the pan to an average level, and 5 minutes before the meal is ready turn on the convector. It will allow you to better brown the meat. If you have an oven with a grill, then it is recommended to put the pan on the lowest tier, and then (after 10-15 minutes) it is recommended to install it under the grill. To prevent the meat from getting burnt, put a container of hot water for 10 minutes after 7-8 minutes of baking at the bottom of the oven. After the specified time, remove it, and continue to cook the dish further. In addition to pork, you can use lamb or veal to make shish kebab. But you need to choose meat, cut from the top of the thigh, it is better for this dish.