steak ribai recipe It's no secret that steak is a dish of the Americankitchen. There is even an opinion that this is the only truly American dish. Because each person who came to the continent from Europe brought with him the most favorite recipe of his national cuisine. Even ancient Romans and Celts were able to cook meat. The preparation of this American steak is an art that obeys certain rules, which makes it in its own unique dish, characteristic for this country. Its recipe is both simple and complex. Fattening on meat of steers of special meat breed Angus Aberdeen in the USA is under the control of the state. This is not a bit of the beef that is used to the average Russian consumer. Bulls are fed with grain feeds. Meat from this is obtained "marble", with interlayer fat between the fibers of meat. When cooking fat melts and impregnates muscle fibers, giving the steak the desired juiciness.

What kind of meat is suitable for a rib-steak?

For a rib-steak take an exceptionally piece of meatfrom the area under the scapula of the carcass, where the muscle tissue is adjacent to the rib. Here there are different types of muscles, and on the cut ribay it turns out as if composed of different pieces of meat with a layer of fat in the middle. The figure is similar to the eye, why the name in translation into Russian is "eye-on-edge". This rice is not cooked from paired and frozen meat. But, since Russia does not have its own tradition of growing such meat, it is possible to buy ready-made meat for fast freezing or refrigerated steaks in elite supermarkets. At the same time it is cut by pieces of the necessary thickness, strictly from 3 to 5 cm. Is it difficult? Expensive? But it's worth it ... steak ribay with vegetables

And how can you fry this lovely piece of meat?

In steak houses, meat is cooked in a stove-chasper. A specially trained person constantly maintains the necessary temperature. From his work depends half the success when preparing the perfect steak. Ordinary Americans use a grill when cooking a steak at home, that is fry meat on a grate over hot coals. You can cook a ribbon steak in a grill pan or a conventional frying pan. When cooking the house is very good to get a thermometer to measure the temperature inside the dish with a probe that can be stuck in a piece of meat, thereby ensuring the necessary degree of its frying. First, we determine what degree of roasting should be achieved. There are seven:

  • "Blue" - very quickly fried, to form a layer of coagulated protein, so that no juice flows. The temperature inside the piece is 46-49 ° C.
  • "With blood" - fried at 200 ° C for 1-1.5 minutes. on each side, the temperature inside is 50-55 ° C.
  • "Weak roast" - at 200 ° C fry 2-2,5 minutes on each side, the temperature inside - 55-60 ° C, bright pink juice.
  • "Medium roast" - fried at 180 ° C for 3-3.5 minutes on each side, meat temperature 60-65 ° C, light pink juice.
  • "Almost fried" - at 180 ° C for 4-4.5 minutes on each side, the temperature in the piece is 65-69 ° C, the juice is transparent.
  • "Roasted" - cook, like the previous one, after roasting bake in the oven, the temperature of the piece is 71-100 ° C, a little transparent juice.
  • "Highly fried" - roasting, baking in the oven. The temperature of the meat is 100 ° C, the juice is not secreted.

Steak cooking

From theory to practice

To prepare the dish you will need:

  • Ribey steaks - packing can be different, the quantity at will; if they are frozen, you may need to defrost to 24 hours right in the package, in the refrigerator;
  • Black pepper - 2 tsp;
  • Salt - about 0.5 tsp.

And that's all, nothing good is needed for good meat. Well, the correct cooking recipe, of course, will help not to spoil it when frying. Completely thawed piece should be left to lie at room temperature for half an hour-hour, so that it is evenly warmed inside and out. Grind black pepper and pour on a flat plate. So, we decided to what extent we will fry meat? We put a frying pan on the fire and heat it to 200 degrees. Immediately turn on the oven, if we cook roasted meat. In the meantime, salt the steak and roll the sides (not the broad plane, but the sides of the piece) in the freshly ground pepper. And lay the rib-steak in a frying pan. The grill pan has special ribs on the bottom, they will leave a striped pattern on the meat. In order to get a typical "steak" pattern for an American steak, the grill will have to rotate the piece in the middle of frying by 90 ° on one side. Turn over and also, with a turn if desired, to fry the meat on the other side. The time for roasting on each side is selected according to the desired degree of roasting. It is usually done from medium to strong frying. If the last two degrees are selected, the steak after frying in a frying pan must immediately be transferred to a preheated oven to 200 ° C on a grill for a few minutes. Meat to get from the oven and be sure to let it stand under the lid or deep dish. Swallowing slobber, wait for about five minutes, until the rib-steak rests and the juice in it is evenly distributed. Then, anticipating, cut the meat into thin slices and ... enjoy. steak with asparagus

And another time, use a different recipe

To prepare meat in this manner it will be necessarygrill. So tempting smell of haze from a toasty rib-steak and so beautifully puffed up a barrel of tomatoes, that in the summer, on the lawn at home, any Russian citizen is quite ready to feel like a one hundred percent American. Well, if there is no grill, lawn or snow, we will manage the options in a skillet. We are still from Russia and are not accustomed to this. The recipe under the name "Tomahawk" requires such products:

  • Ribey steak on the bone - about 400 g;
  • Cherry tomatoes on twigs - 2 branches;
  • Garlic - 2 heads;
  • Champignons small several pieces, to taste;
  • Butter for roasting;
  • Several bulbs are shallow;
  • Red wine;
  • Vinegar;
  • Whiskey - 15-20 ml;
  • Sea salt, sugar, pepper black peas - to taste.

Steak salt with sea salt and pepperfreshly ground pepper. Then fry over hot coals to the desired degree of roasting. If there is no thermometer under the hands, the degree of roasting with good accuracy can be defined as follows. Connect the tips of the thumb and index finger, without tension. Press several times on the cushion under the thumb, from the palm of your hand. Meat of such rigidity will roughly correspond to the degree of weak frying. Thumb and medium - medium roast, large and nameless - almost fried, large and little finger - fried. Meat put on a plate for "rest". While cooking vegetables. At the heads of garlic, cut off the tops, bake the garlic on the grill. Cherry tomatoes to hold over the coals, sprinkling with salt and sugar. Champignons quartered, fried with shallots, salt, pepper in butter. When the juice is isolated from the mushrooms, remove them, and add red wine and vinegar to the juice. Sauce should be kept on fire until thick. On the steak lay the fried mushrooms with onions. On the sides of the steak put the heads of garlic and twigs with tomatoes. Whiskey will be needed for serving, to surprise and please guests or loved ones. When everything is already beautifully laid out on a plate, you need to pour a little whiskey around the steak and set it on fire. Alcohol quickly burns, leaving a subtle subtle aroma and a slightly noticeable taste of meat. It is said that the flambé recipe appeared in France through the fault of one careless cook. But the king liked it so much! Try too, not all the same kings indulge in exquisite cuisine. Marinated steak riba

Let's try to marinate the steak before cooking


  • Ribey steak - 400 g;
  • One lime;
  • Soy sauce - a tablespoon;
  • Olive oil - 2 tablespoons;
  • Chile-sauce, black pepper, bay leaf and salt - to taste.

The recipe is somewhat nonclassical, the steak on itthe homeland is cooked just like that, without marinade. But to try something new is always useful. At least in order to decide how it will taste better. For marinade, mix lime juice, soy sauce, butter and chili sauce. Mix everything and add salt and spices. Pre-pour the defrosted steak into the marinade, roll the meat well in it and leave it for a couple of hours at room temperature, turning the piece from side to side after a while to make a good mop. To fry a steak on a grill or a frying pan to the necessary degree of roasting. Put the meat on a plate for rest and cook for a garnish and decorate the dish for any vegetables. You can fry in a frying pan, where meat was roasted, quarters of Bulgarian pepper, cherry tomatoes, garlic heads or thick onion rings - anything you want. Serve on a plate and absorb, purring and rumbling with pleasure. Here is another recipe for steak riba in marinade - for those who like the garlic smell of roasted meat. Products:

  • Ribey steak weighing about 400 g;
  • Yogurt unsweetened - half a cup;
  • Lemon or lime juice - 0.5 tbsp;
  • Garlic - two teeth, but to taste;
  • Paprika powder, black pepper, salt - to taste;
  • Chopped fresh or dried herbs: parsley, celery.

Mix all the ingredients for cookingmarinade. Garlic for this press through the press. Pour marinade evenly into meat and wrap it in a film. Leave in the refrigerator for the night. Before cooking, preheat the oven and heat the frying pan. Quickly fry the meat, about 2 minutes on each side, until ready to bring in the oven. You can use any pickle marinade for meat to marinate - every housewife has a secret. The main thing is not to make a cult from the original dish. In violation of traditions, new masterpieces are always born.

If there is no time to pickle

If you simply do not have the strength to wait an extra few hours,until the meat is marinated, or unexpected guests at the doorstep, and the steaks just had time to defrost, what to do in this case? The recipe for a rib-steak in a cowboy style, with Argentinian chimichuri sauce, will help. Need to take:

  • Ribey steak with a bone - this is called cowboy;
  • Salt, pepper to taste.

The sauce recipe requires ingredients such as:

  • Fresh parsley - about 200 g;
  • Garlic - 5 large teeth;
  • Green onions - 50 g or more;
  • Pod of red pepper, spicy;
  • Oregano - 1 tablespoon;
  • Wine vinegar - 3 tablespoons;
  • Olive oil - half a cup;
  • Salt -1 tsp;
  • Black pepper - to taste

For a herb sauce and a pepper pod with small seedscut or grind in a blender, add oregano and black pepper, salt, vinegar and butter. Let it brew, but for now take up steak. Shake the frying pan and fry the steak to the desired extent. Put on a plate and let the meat rest for about 5 minutes, covering it with foil. If desired, cook grilled vegetables for garnish. Serve the meat on a plate, pouring top with Chimichuri sauce. Another recipe will help feed the guests or the households with something new again. Cooking products:

  • Steak ribay - two for 450 g;
  • Butter - 100 g;
  • Cognac - 2-3 tablespoons;
  • Lemon peel;
  • Salt, coarse black pepper;
  • Freshly frozen pods;
  • Shallot;
  • Fresh thyme - 2-3 sprigs;
  • Vegetable oil - 2 tbsp;
  • Boiled potatoes - 1 kg;
  • Yolks of 2 eggs;
  • Parmesan - 50 g;
  • Muscat, salt, pepper - to taste.

We will leave the defrosted steaks on the table towarmed up. Let's turn on the oven. We crush the potatoes in puree, mixed with yolks, grated cheese, season and salted. Put it in a pastry bag and cook potato crispy cakes for a side dish. We lay the baking tray with baking paper, we will remove cakes of any shape from the pastry bag, bake at 200 ° C. In the softened butter gradually add cognac, carefully mixing each portion. Let's rub the zest and add it to the butter, add salt and pepper. Lay out on foil, form sausage and cool. Frozen pod peas quickly boil for 5-7 minutes, we throw it back to the colander. Grind the onions and thyme. Fry them in oil, then add peas. We'll set aside and keep the garnish warm. We will fry on steaming frying pan steaks, we will give a rest and we serve with a garnish from vegetables and potato cakes. For meat put a piece of cognac oil, let it melt away, impregnating the meat with a cognac aroma. Well, all to the table! Bon appetit, lovers of fried!