different recipes stuffed with peppers Stuffed peppers, properly cooked, can be served at the festive table. They will become a real decoration of any dinner, if the hostess decides to stuff the peppers with meat. stuffed pepper recipe

Preparation of products

To use the classic simple recipe, you need to stock up the following ingredients:

  • Bulgarian pepper is large - 10-15 pieces;
  • Pork, beef or chicken - 1 kg;
  • Large carrots - 1 piece;
  • Onions large - 1 piece;
  • Rice - 1 glass;
  • Chicken Egg - 2 pieces;
  • A little vegetable oil for roasting;
  • Salt;
  • Tomato paste - 3 tablespoons;
  • Black pepper ground;
  • Fresh greenery.

First of all, it is necessary to prepare the Bulgarianpeppers. It is necessary to cut off the stems from the vegetables and rinse the middle of the peppers thoroughly, removing the seeds. With meat remove excess fat, film, skin and cut the product in small blocks. Of course, it's easier to buy minced meat. However, homemade minced meat, with the addition of onions, will be much juicier. The bulb is peeled and then cut into several small pieces. Now you need to make minced meat, skipping meat and onions through a meat grinder. To it add chicken eggs, to taste the ground pepper and salt, the crushed greens. During this time, you can cook rice. Brew the croup preferably in a large amount of water, previously rinsed. If you cook rice in a small volume of water, it can turn into a mess. The boiled croup is thrown into a colander and washed again under a stream of cool water. Carrots should be rubbed on a large grater, and the remaining bulb should be chopped in small cubes. All the ingredients for the dish are prepared, and you can stuff the peppers. simple recipe for stuffed peppers

How to get a fabulous dish

Stuffed peppers, unusually delicious,If cooking is done in the oven. The temperature regime should be maintained within 180-200 ° C. It is better to warm up the closet beforehand. During this time, we stuff the peppers. In a heated frying pan in vegetable oil, fry the chopped onion and mashed carrots. Do not get carried away and bring the vegetables to a strong degree of roasting. The onion should turn golden, and carrots should acquire a bright orange shade. Add the tomato paste to the frying pan and stir the ingredients continuously for a couple of minutes. Minced meat is combined with roast and cooled rice and fill the peppers with the resulting mass by about ¾. During cooking, the Bulgarian pepper becomes smaller and pushes out the filling. Therefore, it is not recommended to make blanks filled with minced meat to the brim. Pepper stuffed with meat, put on a baking sheet, smeared with a little oil, and sent to a preheated oven. The pepper is not prepared for long. After 30-40 minutes the dish will be completely ready. You can diversify the recipe if you make an original sauce specially for this dish.