how to remove fat from your hands Scientists sound alarm - all the earthly populationbegins to recover greatly. Thanks to the technical progress, the girls are no longer forced to carry heavy bags, wash dishes, wash, carry the child in their arms, as was customary two or three centuries ago. Now the fair sex has cars (in extreme cases - buses, taxis), washing and dishwashers, kangaroos, baby carriages. And a host of other devices that, it would seem, were supposed to help humanity, freeing them from their household chores. But in this case there is one problem - beauties have stopped giving the load on the upper body. And, as a result, instead of muscles begin to appear wrinkles, from which it is not so easy to get rid of. Fasting and massages, if the girl has strongly recovered, do not help. So how to remove fat from your hands without harming your health? That's right, you need to perform specially designed by the instructors exercises, go to the gym and eat healthy dishes!

Proper nutrition is half the success

Exclude from your diet all fat,A high-calorie meal, as well as foods containing too many additives. Try to reduce the amount of seasonings, spices and salt used. Morning always start with carbohydrates to recharge your batteries for the whole day. In the evening, such food is categorically prohibited. Try to switch to fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as boiled dishes (chicken fillet, fish, etc.). About sweet drinks and sodas also have to forget. For training, take only purified water, in which there will be no impurities and salts. In everyday life, drink green tea without sugar. If you really want a sweet, eat some honey or dried fruit. How to remove fat from the hands correctly

Sport - all the head!

We are at home

  • Dumbbells

There is no better way to remove fat from your hands thanexercise with dumbbells. Great, if you manage to get a whole set to further increase the load. It should start with a small weight - about 500 g. Otherwise, the day after the workout, you can not even take a fork from the table, so the muscles will ache. If you still can not buy dumbbells, use the usual half-liter bottles of water. First we perform the mahi. Stand up straight, feet shoulder-width apart, arms spread apart. On the account of times - we lower the case to the left, at the expense of two - we level, at the expense of three - we lower it to the right. Repeat two or three minutes. Pay attention to the fact that the elbows do not bend, and the wrists do not relax. The next exercise is lifting. The situation is the same as in the previous case. Only this time, the hands on the exhalation are brought to the shoulders, on inhalation they rise upward. Representatives of the fair sex are recommended to do fifty times in three approaches.

  • Push ups

Push-ups from the wall or floor - another good oneway to remove fat from your hands. However, they must be performed correctly, otherwise there will be no effect from the exercises. It is necessary to follow the setting of the palms, the body, etc. Excellent, if the first time you will be controlled from the outside. And, most importantly - it does not give too much load, even if you perfectly master everything. Otherwise instead of fat, there will be huge muscles that do not give grace and grace to cute and tender girls.

  • Elasticated tape

Tape-shock absorber will allow you to bring your hands inform, help get rid of back and neck pain. The main advantage of this device is that it is almost inferior to conventional home simulators. Plus, with its help you will strain that group of muscles that remains unused during pull-ups and push-ups. Stand on the middle of the expander, hold the ends with your hands (fine if the elastic band is equipped with comfortable handles). Overcoming the resistance, pull the rubber band as high as possible, then slowly lower it down. After completing two approaches 50 times, immediately go to the second exercise. Do not take long breaks, even if you are very tired. Now throw the elastic band behind your back, hands out horizontally. Try to bring your hands together, as if you want to pat. It takes about two minutes to applaud. The first time, if the tape is too tight, you will not be able to bring the brush closer even 10 cm. Do not despair, after a couple of workouts, you can easily overcome such resistance. We go to group lessons

  • Swimming

The load that is given to the hands duringswimming in the pool or the sea, is not comparable to anything. Fat from the top of the trunk leaves within the first two to three months. In this case, you do not acquire a huge muscle mass, which you can earn in the gym. The only negative is the risk of increasing the volume in the shoulders. To avoid such trouble, you need to deal with an experienced instructor.

  • Aerobics

Going to the fitness club, be sure to specify,that you need to get rid of fat on your hands. In this case, the coach will develop for you a set of exercises, the main focus in which will be done on the problematic part of the body. If you want, you can get video lessons to play sports yourself. However, group sessions will still be more effective. How to play sports without harm to health. Whether you train at home or go to group classes, you run the risk of your health. Agree, not all fitness centers are taught by experienced specialists. In addition, the instructor also does not always keep track of each student. As for self-study, it is very difficult for inexperienced beginners to immediately orient themselves in the situation. As a result - stretching of muscles, joint pain, weakness. To avoid unpleasant consequences, it is necessary to adhere to the following rules.

  • We give the load gradually. Do not try to fulfill the norm in the first month, if earlier you never took dumbbells in your hands.
  • Reduce the number of exercises, if after training you have a very bad body.
  • Stop training if you feel discomfort or tingling in the joints, muscles.
  • After training, you should rest. You do not need to sit in the gym every day, otherwise you will simply deplete your body. The best option is to go to classes two or three times a week, preferably in the evening.

How to remove fat from your hands quickly

We do massage

Of course, hand massage is not as effective asexercises with dumbbells. However, if it is combined with physical loads and proper nutrition, then positive results can be achieved much faster. And it is not necessary to go to procedures in expensive beauty salons. Massaging this part of the body can and your homework. Instead of butter, you can ask to use melted honey or a firming cream. Before starting, it is recommended that you take a warm shower to relax your muscles. Do not forget to do the peeling, which will help to remove the cornified particles of cells. Through the cleansed skin, active elements will be much easier to work on fat deposits. Be careful! After a honey massage, small bruises can remain on your hands. They pass fairly quickly - on the second third day. But it is unlikely that you will want to walk first time with burgundy spots on the body. Therefore, after the procedure, apply a special tool to prevent their appearance. Also do not forget to take a contrast shower to tone yourself up.

Surgical intervention

By agreeing to liposuction, you should understand thatafter a while, fat can return. In any case, you need to eat right and lead a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, it is necessary to resort to such extreme measures only when there is no other way of putting oneself in order. Preliminary it is recommended to visit the usual doctor (dietician). He will determine whether you really have excess fat deposits and confirmed that you can not do without surgical intervention. However, in most cases, the fair sex is simply too lazy to deal with this problem on their own. After all, to give up your favorite fast food and start preparing your own food for a couple is very difficult. And that's not to mention sports. But if you take yourself in hand and do not relax, then the positive results will not keep you waiting.