1 In winter we spend hours in a hot bath,We put on ourselves a ton of moisturizing cream and do not part with hygienic lipstick. That is, we are doing everything wrong! I will tell you about the most common mistakes of cosmetic care and how to avoid them.

Applying moisturizer before going out

This is one of the most dangerous cosmetic errorscare in winter, which we all do. The water and hydroelements that enter the cream instantly crystallize. As a result, the skin begins to turn red and flake off.

  • How to correctly: To apply a cream for an hour - one and a half before an output or exit on street that he has had time to be absorbed. It's not as difficult as it seems, just include this procedure in your daily morning routines, like brushing your teeth or drinking a cup of coffee.

Permanent application of hygienic lipstick on the lips

The composition of most lip balms includesdyes and fragrances that dry the delicate skin. A popular ingredient in balsam - mineral oil creates a dehydrating film. On this, in principle, and expect manufacturers - the lips begin to peel more and you often use balm.

  • How to correctly: A good moisturizing lip balm is sufficient to apply one to two times a day. So it can be oil in its pure form. Before using a moisturizing balm, it is advisable to make a light lip peeling: a soft toothbrush or your usual face scrub.

Oily skin does not need moisture

With the onset of winter, the owner of oily skinthey sigh with relief: at last the summer sufferings are over, and the face no longer shines. And they start to ignore moisturizers. In fact, when you go home from the cold, a sharp temperature drop provokes increased fat separation.

  • How to correctly: Whatever happens, the oily skin needs to be moistened and sooth in winter. Use a light cream, change the usual gel for washing on soft milk. One - twice a week make a mask of white clay, it removes excess fat and deeply moisturizes.

In frosts you need to take a hot bath every day

Certainly, the bath is the most accessible and pleasantwarming procedure. But if you overdo with the water temperature and the duration of the procedure, you can damage the protective hydrolipid layer of the skin. Also, if you are in a hot bath (38-39 degrees) for more than half an hour, you may feel nauseated, weak and dizzy.

  • How to correctly: To warm up, it is not necessary to "boil" in boiling water. Take a warm bath no more than 2-3 times a week for 15 minutes. Take care that water does not reach the level of the heart. Stir in the water warming essential oils, such as eucalyptus, cloves or lavender.

Intense peeling against skin peeling

Do you know why in winter your skin becomesrough and rough? Because it protects itself from frost, it builds up the upper stratum corneum. Therefore, in frosts it is better to refuse aggressive peelings, they only damage the epidermis and injure the face.

  • As correct: Change aggressive peeling on a light creamy structure. Do clay and mud masks with essential oils, they moisturize and delicately purify the skin.

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