how to make a manicure Many women noticed that manicure at homeit turns out not at all like in the salon. "Can it be professional tools and tools?" - you think. By no means! So how to make a manicure at home? The matter is in a certain sequence of actions. And all the necessary tools for this beauty ritual will always be in your cosmetic bag. With due skill and experience, the manicure at home will be no worse than salon, and maybe even better. Be sure to do a manicure in a well-lit room, at a comfortable table.

Tools for home manicure

To make a house manicure, you need the following tools:

  • a special container for the bath (you can take any convenient pot);
  • soft terry cloth;
  • a stick from an orange tree to move the cuticle;
  • cuticle cutters or special remover;
  • File (it is better to take the one that less injures the nail plate and prevents the exfoliation of the nail);
  • nutritious oil for the cuticle;
  • nourishing hand cream;
  • means for removing nail polish;
  • nail polish;

You probably know that there is an edgingunedged manicure. In the first case the cuticle is cut from the base of the nail with special tweezers, and in the second - it is removed with the help of a remover. What kind of manicure to make, to solve to you, as well as that, and at other kind of manicure there are the supporters and opponents. Before the beginning of the manicure, remove the old varnish from the nails with a soft cloth. how to make a manicure

Manicure - in five stages

The correct home manicure includes: Steamer To make it, you need warm water and a liquid soap. In the bath you can add lemon juice, herbal decoctions, as well as sea salt. These components will soften the cuticle and strengthen your marigolds. The bath should be done about 5-10 minutes. Removing the Cuticle So that the cuticle is not crumbled again, take one finger out of the water. Processed one, take out the other and so on. Before removing the cuticle, the fingers should be wiped off with a terry cloth. We remove the cuticle (if the manicure is unedged - just pushed). Note that you need to carefully and carefully remove the cuticle. If the cut is too deep, then you risk deforming the nail and bringing the infection. Hand massage The correct manicure necessarily involves hand massage. Therefore, do not deny yourself this pleasure. Apply a moisturizing or nourishing cream to the skin of your hands, and nourishing oil on your nails. In order for the cream to absorb better, put on your hands terry gloves. Hold the hands in about 5-7 minutes. Now you can do the massage. Start with strokes of the palms, then open your hands. Pay attention to each finger - razmomnite phalanx and slightly pull each finger. Massaging circular movements rub into the cuticle nourishing oil. Sawing and polishing nails Using a file, give the nails the desired shape. It should be natural, and all nails - have the same length. So that they do not separate and break down, there are several important rules:

  • filing nails is necessary in one direction;
  • do not be too keen to saw the edges of the nails;
  • Only saw dry nails.

Do not use metal files for this purpose.nails. The best - glass, ceramic or on a paper basis with emery chips. For polishing nails, there are soft nail files made of rubber or suede. Application of varnish Before applying the varnish, it is essential to degrease the surface of the nails with a nail polish remover. Then, in order to protect the surface of the nail from overdrying and to prolong the durability of the varnish, the base is applied in two layers. We put the first layer of varnish. To the manicure is not smeared, and the nails were evenly painted, the first layer should be dried for at least 15 minutes. We put the second layer of varnish. The second layer will make the color on the nails bright and saturated. The varnish must be applied with three strokes. One smear is made in the middle of the nail - from the cuticle to the tip. Two others in the form of an inverted "" - on the edges. Remember that varnishes of light shades and with sparkles dry faster than dark and saturated tones and matte varnishes. After the varnish has completely dried, it is necessary to apply a fixer to the nails. It will cover your nails with a protective layer and extend the life of a manicure. Once every three days, apply a new coat of fixer, and your manicure will last for two to three weeks. After painting nails varnish is not recommended for half an hour to wet your hands. From this on the nails can appear bubbles.

Fashion manicure

  • Colorful jacket To make such a manicure, you need to paint the tip of the nail in any shade of metallic, and the base - in your favorite bright color.
  • Lace manicure Cover the nails with a clear varnish, but until it is dry, glue them on pieces of cut lace-shaped nails.
  • Manicure «ombre» This is a manicure with the transition of color from dark to light shade. It's very easy to repeat at home.
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