face mask for bath To be young and beautiful, modernwomen resort to different ways. Very popular are visits to beauty salons, where professional cosmetologists perform a series of certain procedures for skin care. However, this pleasure is not cheap. Not everyone can afford it. Therefore, many women are looking for an opportunity to take care of themselves and maintain youthfulness of the skin. One of these methods is face mask in the bath. Such procedures are much more effective than those that are simply carried out at home. But they are quite accessible.

On the benefits of baths for the skin

As you know, bath procedures are useful for everythingorganism. However, they have a particularly beneficial effect on the skin. Regular visits to baths and saunas contribute to the health and elasticity of the skin. This is due to the fact that during the procedure the pores are opened, the skin naturally gets rid of toxins and contaminants. To achieve positive results, the bath is recommended to be visited once a week. It is necessary to stay in the steam room for no more than four hours and go there in three sets, the first of which lasts only 3 minutes. In order to increase the effectiveness of bath procedures, they should be combined with various masks and scrubs. mask for the face in the bath

Basic rules of skin care in the bath

The procedure for skin care begins even foroutside the bath. Before entering the steam room, thoroughly clean the face of make-up and dirt. To improve sweating it is recommended to drink a glass of herbal tea, better than lime or mint tea. Such a drink will help to remove the slag. You can take such a tea in a thermos and drink it between visits to the steam room. Alcohol in a bath is strictly not recommended. Maximize sweating and eliminating toxins with special face masks in the bath. Such cosmetics are usually made on the basis of sea salt or salt. Remember that they are not applied immediately, but between the first and second approaches to the steam room. Initially, the skin should tune in to natural horsemanship naturally. The second stage of the face care procedure in the bath is deep cleansing of the skin from the keratinized cells, which prevent a sufficiently effective removal of toxins from the dermis. To do this, apply all kinds of scrubs, which are made on the basis of coffee, nuts, sugar, salt and nut kernels. You can use other natural ingredients. Mask-scrub is applied to the face between the second and third visits to the steam room. To better rub the composition into the skin, you can use special massage gloves. So, after the preparatory stage, when the skin is completely cleansed and steamed, it is ready to apply the mask and take useful components. The range of cosmetics for the face for the bath is very wide. Any woman can choose for herself the most suitable mask that meets the requirements and type of skin. They are made on the basis of all possible components: yeast, oatmeal, honey, eggs, kelp and many others. They are quite accessible, but very effective. It is important to know that any mask for a bath is prepared immediately before use. The choice of cosmetics is made in accordance with the age and type of skin. face mask in the bath

Face masks for baths

Preparatory masks

  • Mix in equal parts sea and cooksalt and natural honey. Apply a lot on the face. There is no need to rub it. With this mask, go to the therma for 25 minutes. It can be used for both the face and the whole body.
  • It's no secret that honey is quite allergenicproduct. Therefore, an alternative to it can serve as butter. Before use, it must be melt, then mixed with sea salt in a 1: 1 ratio. Lubricate the face of the resulting composition with a thick layer and go to the steam room for a quarter of an hour.
  • Salt is an effective remedy, but it is enoughaggressively affects the skin. Therefore, this ingredient is not desirable to use for the manufacture of masks for owners of thin sensitive skin. Salt in this case can be replaced with the juice of black radish. So, mix 2 tablespoons of natural honey and black radish juice and apply the composition to your face. If you want to use such a mask for the whole body, increase the number of ingredients. Soak 10-15 minutes in a therma, after which rinse the remnants of the product with warm water.
  • The above masks perfectly prepare the skin for the basic procedures of deep cleansing, nutrition and moisturizing. Therefore they are obligatory for care of the person in a bath. Masks - facial scrubs for bath

  • Mix in equal proportions honey and cinnamon beforeForm a homogeneous gruel and apply to the face on massage lines, lightly rubbing into the skin. Cinnamon consists of small particles that contribute to the mild exfoliation of cornified cells. Massage the skin for a few minutes, then wash off the mask first with warm, then slightly cool water.
  • Take ½ cup oatmeal and soak ina small amount of water, add in them 3 tablespoons cream of any fat content and the same amount of milk. Apply to the face a ready mix, then rub into the skin for three minutes. Leave the mask on the face for 10-15 minutes, then rinse.
  • For the next mask, you need dried skinorange. Grind it with a coffee grinder, then mix with warm water in such a way that a messy mixture is obtained. Owners of dry and sensitive skin can use milk instead of water or add a small amount of cream or sour cream to the mixture, as well as 5 to 7 drops of olive oil. Gently rub the mixture into the skin for about 5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.
  • Two tablespoons of coconut chips mixed withthe same amount of milk powder. In dry ingredients, add 3 tablespoons of any base oil. Choose it depending on the type of skin. For oily skin, grape seed oil, jojoba, almond and currant are suitable. Good moisturizes dry skin oil of wheat germ, apricot kernel and avocado. Blend the mixture on the face, lightly rubbing into the skin, soak for 7-10 minutes, then rinse.
  • 5 tablespoons chopped orange peelmix with 5 tablespoons of sugar. For masks, it is better to use brown sugar, but normal is also allowed. Pour in a mixture of 6 tablespoons slightly warmed oil - the base, chosen for your skin type in accordance with the recommendations outlined above. The resulting composition should be used as a regular scrub.
  • Masks - scrubs for a bath clean pores, saveskin from keratinized particles that prevent the filling of the dermis with oxygen and better assimilation of nutrient components. After applying mask-scrub for a bath, the effectiveness of nutritional, moisturizing and rejuvenating cosmetics is increased several times. Masks for the face for a bath

  • Pour out the juice of one lemon and pour it into 20 gdry yeast. Must be a mushy mass of such a density that when applied does not drain from the face. Yeast and lemon have a positive effect on oily skin and regulate the work of sebaceous glands.
  • 30 grams of cottage cheese mix with 2 tablespoonsspoons of sour milk and the same amount of carrots and olive oil. The received weight a thin layer put on the face and sustain 10 - 15 minutes. Lactic acids have a beneficial effect on the skin, giving it freshness and elasticity.
  • Whisk the yolk of one egg, add onea tablespoon of any base oil, a few drops of lemon juice and a teaspoon of natural honey. Mix all the ingredients until smooth and apply to the face for no more than 30 minutes. Then carefully remove the mask with a moistened swab in a warm water and rinse your face.
  • Whisk egg yolk with one dining rooma spoonful of sour cream and the same amount of aloe juice. Apply mask to face for at least 20 minutes, then rinse. Thanks to the tanning agents in the composition of aloe, the use of this mask allows to obtain the effect of light lifting.
  • Dry algae and milk mix in equal proportions. Apply to the skin with a thin layer. Wash off after 20 - 25 minutes. This mask moisturizes and whitens the skin well.
  • A good whitening effect is lemon andcucumber. Slice of citrus fruit just wipe the skin, and cucumber before the application, grind on a fine grater. You can add a little vegetable oil - the basis.
  • Take two tablespoons of cottage cheese and sour creamand one tablespoon of sea buckthorn oil. It can be purchased at any pharmacy. Mix the ingredients thoroughly and apply on face for a quarter of an hour. This mask will vitaminize the skin and give it a fresh, attractive look.
  • In the bath you can use any cosmeticmeans, both bought in the store, and made independently. However, alternate nourishing and moisturizing masks. After visiting the bath and carrying out procedures, try not to be under the open rays of the sun. During this period, the photosensitivity of the skin increases significantly, since the protective fat layer is washed off. Therefore, after bathing procedures, take care of the skin carefully. Regularly lubricate your face with a protective cream. After the bath it is recommended to rest easy, drink herbal infusion to compensate for the loss of moisture. Visiting the sauna at least once a week will bring not only pleasure, but also help to preserve youth and beauty. Thus, you can easily combine business with pleasure!