signs of love "Love accidentally raises when it is not at allyou wait ... "These are words from a song that was popular ten years ago. But even today, when it sounds from television screens, the heart fades a little and you want to sing along to its performer. So, what is this - love? And how do you understand that it was she who came that big and bright and for life? Everyone is waiting for her, but they are afraid that when she comes she will not be noticed, they will not recognize her and will miss. Therefore, often an easy love some hurry to take for love. So what are the true signs of love? How can you know that the guy fell in love for real, and not just carried away by you? Love is a feeling that only a person experiences. It is a feeling of deep sympathy for a representative of the opposite sex. It is a self-sacrificing attachment when you want to save it from all troubles, take care of it, make a man happy by giving him wonderful children. Love is God's gift. And when it comes, life becomes beautiful! A bright feeling fills the soul and heart, I want to sing, fly, create! This creative feeling: many poets, artists and writers created the best works thanks to their muses, which they passionately loved.

What is love?

Many people are interested in the question, what is the difference between lovefrom love. What are the signs of true love, and what are the signs of falling in love? A sense of love can appear unexpectedly and, as they say, from scratch. You suddenly began to notice in the behavior of the person of the opposite sex something that you are very pleased to see, for example: how he moves, how he smiles, how he turns his head, etc. This brings you to rapture and kindles desire. When you touch it, you have an excitement, a shiver in your body, or an intensified heartbeat. This means that love is based on purely physical sensations. It is fatal, because it can paralyze the will and make it stop feeling the reality of life. If the love is not backed by sexual relations, then it is not durable. Yes, and sex in this case is not a guarantee of a long relationship. When a person is in love, he idealizes his partner, tries in a conversation about him to hide all his known shortcomings. This is noticed by friends and family members, not approving your connection. Love is selfish. Each of the partners tries to get from the other only what is interesting to him. It is accompanied by frequent quarrels, which eventually will prevail in your relationship. And most importantly: falling in love does not tolerate separation, even brief ones. If this happens, then she dies without leaving painful sensations after herself. Both the guy and the girl easily forget each other. signs of love in girls

How to know love

True love exists! And you will surely feel it! After all, every person at the genetic level is familiar with this feeling. He received an invaluable lesson of love from his mother at the time of conception and intrauterine development. And even a very small boy and girl already know how to love. In adults, the main sign by which one can know love is that partners perceive the compatibility of characters, they have common interests and values ​​of life, based not only on physiological attraction. Fell in love, they feel a craving for each other, spiritual closeness and community. When a person falls in love for real, he wants to become better, he has self-esteem and new life goals. He accepts the partner as he is, with his positive and negative qualities. Loving hearts are able to empathize and put themselves in the place of another person. There is no indifference in their relationship. All problems are solved in frank conversations, without insults and insults. A loving guy and a girl complement each other well and positively influence one another. This is seen by family and friends, and therefore they approve of their relationship. In addition, true love is not afraid of separation, even prolonged ones. Trust in each other accompanies their relationship. But at the same time, love is ardent, hot, with a heartbeat and a great desire to be close to a loved one, to give him all of himself without a trace. When you love, the feelings, as they say, hurt more painfully, and make you happier and happier to the very depths! But at the same time, the person is calm and self-confident, enjoying life, because love has appeared in her! Love never stands still, just like life itself. She does not tolerate monotony. In which direction will your feeling move, depends only on yourself. Joy and laughter, sadness and tears - it's all coming and going, when next loved one who understands and supports you in everything. how to know that a man has fallen in love with you

How to find out if a guy loves and loves his girlfriend

A young girl first felt strangeexcitement in the chest at the sight of one young man. She is both pleasant and scary at the same time. What is happening to her? And how do you know that the guy is also really in love? She wants to understand what signs of love a man has. And the woman, too. That's when you can say with certainty that love has come:

  • You met a young man recently, butit seems to you that you have long been acquainted. You want to talk with him, share your thoughts and tell everything about yourself. The guy is also frank with you. So it happens when you meet a suitable person for yourself, and it can be very easy to find out.
  • The guy always takes care of you. If you also worry about him, help him and want to see his smile, then you also love this guy.
  • He avoids quarrels with you, is ready to go to anycompromise. It is very good if you are both willing to sacrifice something for the sake of another, because in some cases it is very difficult to find a compromise in solving a particular issue. So, you are helped by this love.
  • You and the young man have a community of interests, you feel the same way. You both have a similar attitude to love, to life and relationships. This is a good sign.
  • All your thoughts are towards the guy. Whatever you do, whatever work you do, a question constantly arises: how would he do it, but does he like it?
  • You do not notice the young man's shortcomings,idealize it. Despite the fact that my friends told you about the unseemly aspects of his character, you do not pay attention to it, you do not care, he likes it the way it is. But still be careful not to be disappointed.
  • Next to him you feel confident and calm, you trust your secret thoughts to him, you behave naturally, because you hope that he will understand you in everything.
  • He spends most of his free time with you. He likes to communicate with you and you are never bored, no matter what you do.
  • Listening to music, you suddenly notice that love songs have acquired a special meaning for you, touching your soul. This can only mean one thing: a bright and tender feeling has come to you.
  • You are not annoyed by the boy's quirks, his ridiculoushabits. You take all his actions for granted, because he likes to do it. He, too, is ready to justify any of your actions, and any of your successes delight him.
  • The kiss was much more for you than just a kiss. In this case, you experience real bliss, you feel yourself in the seventh heaven with happiness!
  • You start building joint plans forfuture, dream of living together. So you love and are ready to build a family. But it's not worth it to him to make such an offer not to scare the guy away. If he is ready for marriage, then soon you will create a family.
  • Happiness is waiting for you ahead!

    Do not think that you will not notice love,that it will pass by. The world is arranged so that each person meets his soul mate. Just need to see it in time. And if at the sight of a person your soul sings, and your heart is ready to jump out of your chest, - know that this is love for you! Well, if you still doubt and are afraid of making a mistake, read this article again, but already with reference to yourself. And you will certainly understand whether a serious feeling has arisen or you have a simple love. But in any case, know that happiness awaits you ahead! We advise you to read: