free relationship sex Free relationships, sex without obligations. Today this concept is becoming more and more fashionable and common. What kind of relationship is this? What do they mean by themselves? Initially, this concept was based on the main meaning - freedom. Hence the name. People loved each other, but remained free. They did not control each other. Trusted. Notice, there is nothing about adultery or free sex. Lovers remained true to each other, although they did not consolidate the marriage and did not have children. Usually, such attitudes developed among students who still have to study and study. What kind of family is there if a guy barely scratches a trifle with a glass of compote in the dining room, and in order to reduce his beloved to the cinema, he saves for weeks. But that was before. What now? Today, under the phrase "free relations" is hidden a lot of different fates and feelings, which should not be so called. Young men ... Why are there young men! Men who do not want to create a family and commit themselves, drag the girls in love into a false captivity of such relations, hoping for greater favor, without giving anything in return. Do their friends want such love? Hardly. Most likely, a young woman secretly dreams that a man, seeing how wonderful and economic she is, will fall in love and marry, forgetting about her priorities. The man uses the established position, without even thinking of changing the status. After all, for them is the key in the phrase "free relationships" and sex without obligations. Moreover, it is often not with one girl, but with several. And what? He did not promise anything to anyone. All honestly. But is it fair? No. Moreover, it is not only the man, but also the woman, that lies in such relations. Now the male half of the audience angrily exclaims: "And what is the fault of a man? He is honest and pure! "Of course, male solidarity is a great thing, but answer me the question: how many words are formed" free relations "? Of the two. So, for the man the key word is "free", and the concept of "relationship" he forgets in principle. So let's figure it out: is it possible to call throwing between several women a relationship? Hardly. As for women, they in the phrase "free relations" see just the relationship. Let the lying and kosobokie, similar to the game in one gate, but the relationship. Yes, and her friends will boast of what. To spoil a little. Let them envy. In fact, there is nothing to be jealous of. Psychologists say that people are not happy with free relations, who are not sure of themselves and their partner's feelings. They seem to pre-insure themselves against love failures, stating: "Well, then they are free, this relationship! What do you want? "And what do they want? Ironically, love, family and understanding. free relations

Female initiator

But not everything is so categorical. Not all women want to marry. Some are themselves initiators of these most notorious relations without obligations. Moreover, they are just doing it sincerely. Such women do not hold in their bosom a stone in the form of upcoming changes or love triangles. They are just tired of being wives. And they enter into free relations usually within a year after the divorce. We can say that this is how they heal the wounds of the soul and prove to themselves with the help of the novel that "there is still powder in the flasks". Be that as it may, they do not use men for their own purposes. Just once in their life they want to play by their own rules:

  • No dirty socks;
  • Male fumes from the morning;
  • Huge pans with food (how much does a woman need?);
  • Enough mask and depilation behind the closed door in the bathroom;
  • Long live the living flowers in the vase without reason;
  • Yes, pleasant gifts will come with us only because we are women, and not because someone came yesterday at 3 am with lipstick on the collar;

In fact, this list can be continuedinfinitely. But it fits for a woman in one short phrase. Free relations. Do they then grow into marriage? It depends on how long the woman was previously married, the reasons for the divorce and who is next to her at the moment. But experience shows that today more and more women value personal freedom more than a stamp in their passport and do not hurry to bind themselves with any obligations. Very often free relationships are sought not only by a divorced woman, but also by a married man. Such a union is usually delayed for many years. Especially if the female half already has children. Then a woman can afford not to have a stamp in her passport and divide the man from the other. Here the main thing, strangely enough, is the lack of strong feelings for either side. If one of them falls in love, a gradual violation of the contract begins, and the relationship ceases to be free. And then completely cease to be. After all, as we remember, only one side loved. Another supporters of free relationships are divorced men. Those who throughout their lives have learned to prepare, maintain order, wash and even preserve. Now let's recall situations from life: who usually gets such wealth? That's right, this is torn off. Those who for a few years so spoil the blood to her husband, and instill such hatred of marriage that the man then all relationships are only free and sees. As a rule, it is not possible to drag such a treasure into the registrar's office. But you can persuade cohabitation. Therefore, dear ladies, do not be afraid if your boyfriend at the sight of wedding cars shivering podzhilki. Be tolerant, and you will be rewarded. Finally, let's figure out: how do open relationships differ from free ones? In an ideal - anything. But in practice it depends on who enters them. Because, you can say one thing, and build relationships quite differently. We advise you to read: