how to win the heart of a man Well, what kind of young lady does not dream of meeting herthe only man who would love her so that all his life only on his hands and wore? But, unfortunately, our desires and desires of those to whom the heart is drawn do not always coincide ... Yes, here he is, the chosen one, near absolutely! But he does not notice anything. Well, what to do, what? How to win the heart of a man, if he does not pay attention to us? Or draws, but sees in front of him no more than a friend or friend. How to behave in this situation? The answer is one - you will have to make some efforts! The main thing is not to sit back and shed tears. We're on! And then, what good, we will not have time to look back, how his heart will be conquered by some grymzoi. Sorry, girl ... So, let's get started.

How to attract the attention of men

To begin with, let's try to find out whereour beloved works, what are his interests, goals, character and what attracts most of the guy in women. First of all, we need to compile a psychological portrait of our chosen one. And try to look at him from the side. For such a portrait does not need to know all the dignity of a man. It is important to get an idea of ​​how we can attract it, and not to understand what the guy likes. Girls fall in love, because their inner self requires this. And when we are in love, we are impressed with everything in a person: both positive and negative qualities. Naturally, to understand, being in this state, what a good man, and the worse, it is almost impossible. The next step to conquering the man's heart will be choosing the way to meet with the guy. After all, in order for him to notice us, we need to communicate. Well, or at least just regularly appear in the same place where the young man often errs. Therefore, we will have to visit the same places in which a cordial friend walks. It can be some clubs, tennis courts, gyms, finally, just a park where he walks with a dog. We write to a fitness club, learn to play tennis, start a dog ... Everything, anything, just to be loved closer. And nice, and useful to the same. It is possible at the same time to lose several kilograms. Go ahead. We found a place where we can meet a chosen one, but he does not notice us stubbornly. What to do? Do not try to stay close to him and shuffle past him back and forth. Of course, he will notice this kind of meltdown. But the conclusion we need after this is unlikely to do. On the contrary, perhaps. He decides that he is trying to seduce a frivolous werewolf. This is absolutely not necessary. Hence, it is required to be unobtrusive. But at the same time, you can approach and address yourself with some innocent question to your beloved. You can also take advantage of the common female trick - something to drop or even fall near a man. Such a reception, coupled with a request for help, works almost smoothly. Did you get to know each other? Great. Now let's talk about how to communicate with a guy so that he does not slip out of his hands. how to win the hearts of men

Correct communication with a man whose heart we want to conquer

In the event that we are doing the same thing asbeloved, in no way show him that we are better at some issue. Competence in some nuances of business can be shown. But it must be stressed that a man in many ways surpasses. Let him feel more meaningful and more experienced. Strong sex is so fond of feeling superior to the weak! It will be good to ask the elected council for a solution to a particular issue. This will allow him to communicate more often and will look natural and innocent. The main thing in communicating with a young man is to make him feel necessary and understandable. Then he will begin to look for an occasion for communication. It should be remembered that we are going to become a beloved woman, and not just a friend. And do not allow conversations, topics that are discussed with friends, not with loved ones. For example, you should not talk about your former cavaliers or be interested in his past passions. Otherwise, we risk really be in the ranks of only friends. If we did not manage to bypass this topic, we should talk about the past in passing, in no way criticizing the one with whom the rupture of relations took place. The interlocutor for certain will think, that then we shall speak about it negatively as well. And this is not a plus in our favor. Actually, any guy dreams of feeling like a real man. That is the most sexual, the most reliable, the most popular and the most intelligent. And if the girl will continually emphasize this, she, no doubt, he will like. Because next to her, the gentleman will feel himself very significant. Well, let's do him a favor! Let him think that he is almost God in our eyes. Who is worse from this? Moreover, it is not difficult at all. It's enough just to carefully listen to the chosen one with an interested expression. Yes, sometimes he would say yes and be surprised. To demonstrate your intellect in the first stages of acquaintance should not be. The main thing so far - to make communication pleasant for the loved one. We leave our own clever arguments for later. And now just listen carefully, sometimes inserting into the conversation a couple of meaningful phrases corresponding to his subject. Well, usually the strong sex is scared by too smart, reasonable people! Another thought to go, search after it is not known where! Therefore, as often as possible, we report to the guy that the smartest here, of course, he. And in general, flattering, emphasizing its uniqueness. Only flattery should at least in part correspond to reality. For example, you should not tell a frankly ugly person that he is a true Apollo. Probably does not believe and suspect us of lying. It is better to praise courage, masculinity, strength, charm, finally. It will be very good to ask a man for help in something. Well, he is so strong and reliable, and we are completely defenseless, helpless and do not know how to endure the hardships of life! Guys like to help weak girls. Of course, you should not ask your loved one to drag an enormous cabinet to the eighth floor. Help with help, but everything should be in moderation. Perhaps he is not a heavy weight lover at all. It is advisable to choose something more acceptable. That, in what the elect understands and that is able to do. Does he understand computer programs? Let him give us a couple lessons of working with them. Does he like to play poker? We ask him to introduce us. Is he fond of motorcycles or cars? Oh, how long have you wanted to learn to drive a vehicle! And so on. It is desirable to find yourself the same hobby as a loved one. Read something on this topic, and then ask him a couple of silly questions. Let the man shine with knowledge. It's great if this hobby involves a joint pastime. Some kind of general sport or trips to nature will allow us to get closer in the shortest possible time. The main thing is that the hobby is not a purely masculine affair. We'll give the guy a small but pleasant service. Maybe he collects something? So find and give a rare copy for the collection. It seems to have happened to hang around at home. Or does he enjoy fishing and hunting? Then we'll buy an inexpensive tackle or a suitable souvenir and present with an easy smile. Like, here, found in the pantry. And suddenly come in handy! In the end, if a loved one is a colleague or studies in the same institution with us, you can simply give him support in working on a project or task. So, accidentally. The very most interesting. Either to cook something delicious and treat them to several people at once, among whom will be our dear friend. Only first you need to know his culinary preferences. It's not that we'll bring trepanga with cuttlefish into the collective, but the guy can not stand the Chinese cuisine. Only throw money away! An excellent solution to the question of how to win the heart of a man is a crowd of admirers, to whom we are allegedly surrounded. It will be enough to pair a couple of calls from different guys in the presence of a loved one and one or two bouquets of fresh flowers, so that he begins to look more closely at us. After all, a woman claimed by a strong sex automatically turns into an object of hunting! The main thing in this case is not to overdo it with the number of pseudo-boyfriends. Not every man wants to get lost in the crowd and become one of many. But in general, before starting the actions to conquer our knight, you should find out what type of girls he prefers. Perhaps, the guy likes elegant blondes, and we are a pretty big brunette. Well, well, you have to repaint yourself and have a little diet. And then climb into a beautiful dress and appear to the man in the eye. If we manage to look spectacular, he will certainly pay attention to us. In the same case, if the acquaintance with the young man has lasted for many years and the image has changed, it is already difficult to surprise him, we will try to become mysterious and unpredictable. We will change the habitual way of relations, we will sometimes refuse meetings, disappear, we will change jeans and sneakers for an elegant outfit and so on. Such changes in the behavior and appearance of a woman usually her male friends have to taste. And, finally, the most important. We will always be optimistic, cheerful, positive-minded. It is unlikely that a gloomy hysteric will be able to settle firmly in someone's heart. You want to get rid of this as quickly as possible. Therefore, even if the soul is at winter, before meeting with your favorite ice, you must melt it with all your might. Well, when it does not work, we'll postpone the meeting until the spring comes. We advise you to read: