Shoe care. How to recognize good shoes Good and expensive quality shoes do not mean,that it does not require care. On the contrary, shoes made of leather require care of it as never before. How to determine that the shoes are made of leather? Leather shoes, especially , is not cheap, and this must be taken into account whenchoice. If you are offered cheap and say that shoes are made of genuine leather, then, most likely, you are deceived. Natural skin can not be hidden from experienced eyes. The edges of the skin are usually not podvorachivayut, and this is noticeable. A leatherette is a cloth covered with dermatome. If the cut of the artificial skin is not tucked, then the edges of the fabric will be shaggy and can not be hidden. Therefore, manufacturers of footwear based on leatherette, knowing this, tuck the edge of the material. The skin is thicker than the leatherette, so it is not pushed at the edge, and it does not make any sense. After all, the edge of the skin is as durable as the middle, and any part of the natural skin. Thus, any footwear that is made of genuine leather can be recognized if you look at the cut of its edge (they usually are on the sides, can be worn on the toe, etc.). the untouched edge speaks in favor of a genuine leather, and the tucked up testifies that the skin is made of leatherette. Leather shoes require constant care for it. After buying, it is recommended to soak the skin with any fat specially designed for this. After this treatment, the skin will become softer, resistant to wear, will not crack and break, water-repellent properties will appear. Over time, such actions need to be repeated. Do not forget about the usual shoe cream. It will not only give the shoes an attractive look, but also protect against premature wear. Care for leather shoes will extend the life of its shoes several times. So do not forget about it.